35+ Gifts for Whiskey Lovers and Bourbon Aficionados

Whether they love a good glass of scotch, bourbon or Irish whiskey, personalized gifts for whiskey lovers run the gamut from chic, gold-foiled coasters and hand-cut decanter labels to personalized cards. The perfect gift for the whiskey connoisseur appreciates how a simple rocks glass or classic tumbler can heighten the experience of trying a new vintage.

Drinking a hard-to-find whiskey only needs a simple, minimalistic style to pair with its refined taste. And for those more interested in a playful whiskey cocktail—consider all the fun ways to accessorize their next happy hour or dinner party. Create a DIY cocktail Christmas ornament or check out some Shutterfly hacks when adding family photos to a photo coaster set. Check out our collection of handmade gifts for whiskey lovers that pair perfectly with their favorite bottle.

1. Personalized Whiskey Flask

matte black flask that says whiskey and adventures

Source: Shutterfly

A classic gift for your best man, adorn a sleek whiskey flask with a personalized message, a set of initials or even your wedding date. The body of the flask comes in stainless steel, copper or matte black.

2. Gilded Agate Coasters

A fine glass of whiskey requires an appropriately fancy coaster to go along with it. Add a rim of gold paint to the rough edges of a circular agate stone. Mix and match shapes and sizes as a unique gift set of whiskey accessories.

3. Seaside Whiskey Decor

glass bottle with a dried starfish glued on the front

Source: Amy Horany

Transform a distinctively shaped whiskey bottle into some seaside-chic decor. Remove the label with a dishwashing brush and fill with green beach reeds, seashells and small starfish.

4. DIY Marble Coasters

Create your own signature marble design by combining black and white sculpting clay and swirling in your desired pattern. After it’s baked, add sticky craft felt to complete the coaster.

5. Hand-Stamped Bar Tags

These hand-lettered bar tags are perfect for both a retro or modern bar cart. Hammer words like “whiskey” or “scotch” with 10mm metal stamps. Add a small metal chain link to drape over the bottle or decanters.

6. Leather Decanter Labels

crystal decanters with stamped leather tags

Source: DIY in PDX

For a softer bar label look, ink-stamp the spirit’s names onto patches of colored leather. Add a small length of ball chain and clasps for easy placement. Pair with a whiskey sampler or decanter set for a complete l gift set.

7. Painted Leather Coasters

This neat painting trick involving oil, water and black Sumi ink creates a naturally marbleized look on a hand-cut swatch of leather. Package these coasters up with a set of rocks glasses as a great whiskey or bourbon gift.

8. Chalkboard Rocks Glasses

Party guests will never confuse their glasses again with these hand-painted chalkboard rocks glasses. Add chalkboard paint with the use of a stencil onto a matching whiskey set. This gift set also works well for tasting glasses in a whiskey sampler.

9. Cocktail Ornaments

Celebrate this Christmas Eve with a cocktail right off the tree and a personalized Christmas card. Gift a pre-made cocktail inside a large plastic bulb, and add instructions for mixing and assembling with a festive tag.

10. Colorblock Coasters

Simple but super stylish, cut a set of seven hexagonal pieces of wood and paint with alternating colors within the same palette. These make for a lovely whiskey accessory when grouped with their favorite vintage.

14. Custom Tea Towels

bottles wrapped in a patterned tea towel and tied with twine

Source: Shutterfly

At your next housewarming party, wrap up a whiskey connoisseur’s favorite bottle with a personalized tea towel. Add a family photo, personalized design or important date across this decorative and practical home accessory.

11. Bourbon BBQ Sauce

This homemade Jack Daniels-infused barbecue sauce pairs perfectly with a summer gift set. It combines ketchup, sugar and molasses, a collection of spices and a full cup of Jack Daniel’s.

13. Mason Jar Cocktails

For easy-to-assemble party favors for your bridesmaids or groomsmen, combine the ingredients of your favorite whiskey cocktails in a mason jar with instructions for making the celebratory beverage. Add a fun paper straw, instruction card and festive twine.

15. Personalized Serving Tray

serving tray with a photo of palm trees and a cup of cashews

Source: Shutterfly

Add a collection of family or group friend photos among an artistic layout to the base of a classic food and beverage tray. Gift to a couple of whiskey lovers at their wedding or at the purchase of a new home.

16. Concrete Cocktail Coasters

Concrete spruces up quite nicely with simple gold and silver patterns for a modern home design. Add your own personal touch to each coaster, and package them up with additional whiskey accessories.

17. Stenciled Slate Coasters

Fill a hand-cut stencil with gold permanent marker to create a fun and personalized message on each cocktail-ready slate coaster. Add a Father’s Day, birthday or housewarming message to gift for every celebration.

18. Bouquet of Spirits

Bundle together a playful whiskey sampler with several miniature bottles topped with faux daisies. Attach each floral wire stem to a ball of foam and pop into a flower pot or gift box.

19. Gilded Cocktail Glasses

Spruce up a set of inexpensive crystal cut glasses with a thin, gold rim. Food-safe gold paint works perfectly in conjunction with painter’s tape. Pair these with whiskey accessories such as whiskey stones or fancy drink stirrers.

20. Handpainted Floral Tumblers

tumbler glasses painted with cherry blossoms

Source: 365 Designs

This step-by-step tutorial guides you through a cherry-blossom adorned glass design with gloss paint. Gift as a mother’s day gift for the cocktail, wine or whiskey lover alike.

21. Whiskey Bottle Place Cards

When coated in versatile chalkboard paint, mini liquor bottles make for perfect place cards at a holiday dinner or wedding. Create a set of 6 or 12 and package together as a housewarming present.

22. Galaxy-Inspired Coasters

Repurpose marble hexagonal tiles into star-filled images of the colorful galaxy. Combine your chosen collection of alcohol ink paints in color-blocked shapes using painters tape for a unified look.

23. Leather Flag Stirrers

tumbler glasses with peaches and whiskey

Source: Brittany Bly

Every whiskey cocktail looks a bit more inviting with reusable, handmade drink stirrers. Cut small, flag-shaped patches of leather and glue to the end of thick wooden dowels. Bundle together a collection for a whiskey-inspired gift set.

24. Tropical Leaf Decanter

Combine several green and blue tones of polymer clay into decorative palm leaves and attach them to the side of a round decanter. Fill with your friend’s favorite whiskey before a dinner party.

25. Goldleaf Coaster Set

slate coasters with gold leaf design

Source: Wonderwoon

Repurpose any set of plain marble coasters with a coat of chalkboard paint and a layer of scattered gold leaf for a customizable set.

26. Infused Whiskey Collection

Around the holidays, create a cozy blend of fruit and spices to make a jar of infused whiskeys. Add a handmade label with instructions of how to best enjoy on a winter afternoon.

27. DIY Wine Rack

diy rustic wooden wine rack

Source: Handfie

Crafty with carpentry? Follow this guide for constructing a rustic-chic wine rack, ready to hold both whiskey collections and a few wine glasses or tumblers. Gift to a new homeowner or as a personalized wedding gift.

28. Monogram Drink Tiles

hexagon shaped coasters with marker monograms

Source: Drawn To DIY

For a quick and affordable whiskey gift set, add a variety of monogram styles to the white hexagonal tiles and pair with a collection of whiskey accessories.

29. Gold Foil Rocks Glasses

tumbler glasses with cherries and whiskey

Source: Amy Christie

Revamp the simplest of small glass sets by rough-brushing glue up the sides of each tumbler and layer with gold foil. Package with the sought-out bottle your whiskey connoisseur loved one will adore.

30. Personalized Photo Coasters

photo coasters with glasses of whiskey

Source: Shutterfly

When marking an anniversary or other life milestones, gather a collection of nostalgic coasters to tell a story through a personalized coaster set. Match them up with new rocks glasses or tumblers for a cocktail-ready gift set.

31. Handcut Whiskey Bottle Candle

Preserve the bottle of a fine whiskey by cutting off the top with a glass cutter and filling with natural wax and wick. Add a bit of cozy fragrance or spice to customize for each home.

32. Gold and Marble Coasters

rose gold striped coasters and moscow mule cups

Source: Birds Party

A customized look for whiskey lovers, add a personalized touch of gold to any wooden or marble coaster. Choose a look of stripes, line the edges or mix and match for an interesting gift set.

33. Whiskey Tobacco Soap Set

For a warm, earthy soap set for the whiskey lover in your life, combine whiskey and tobacco fragrance oil with a set of skin-softening additions like shea butter, cocoa butter and walnut oil. Wrap up with butcher’s paper and decorative twine.

34. Pastel Frosted Tumblers

tumblers frosted with pink paint

Source: Vicky Barone

Mark off the bottom of each tumbler with painter’s tape into to off-center squares. In layers, add two sections of white and pink frosted paint for a soft look. Gift with the ingredients of a fruity whiskey cocktail!

35. Personalized Wood Flask

Convert a plain metal flask with wood-grain sticky paper and a fine-tip painter’s marker. After adding the wood-inspired cover, write your gift recipient’s name at the base of the classy flask.

36. Mason Jar Glass

Great for outdoor summer evenings, cut a hole in the lid of a large mason jar and pair with a reusable straw. Bundle this DIY craft with your favorite scotch or bourbon gift collection.

37. Bedazzled Flask

When prepping for wedding festivities with your bridesmaids, gather together to create these bedazzled and colorful hip flasks, decked out in easily glued gems and tons of glitter.

Whiskey-inspired gifts can be adapted for nearly all occasions, whether marking a huge life milestone or even picking up a travel souvenir. Create a truly personalized design by creating their whiskey gift by hand, adding your own twist on a classic design.