25 Photo Book Storage Ideas That’ll Inspire You

Life is about making special memories — and if we can capture those wonderful moments, life is even sweeter. That’s why it’s so meaningful when we create photo albums full of our vacations, family fun and snapshots with friends. Our albums encapsulate what we love and appreciate about our lives and those around us. It’s likely you’ll need a dedicated space to store all of your albums, though, and we’re here to help. We’ve come up with 25 photo book storage ideas to fit every style — from coffee tables to bookshelves.

If you want to design a new photo book for a vacation, wedding or another special event, be sure to browse our collection of photo book ideas.

1. Window Shelf

travel photo book with layflat and personalized collage design

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Place your family albums on a deep window sill, so they’re tucked out of the way but are easy to access. The best part? You’ll have excellent lighting when showcasing your favorite snapshots and summer beach photos.

2. Color-Coded Wall

Bring energy to your living room or bedroom with a vibrant album wall. Group your books by color for a lively, rainbow display.

3. Single Shelf

square personalized photo book display

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Turn a simple shelf into a stunning display. Create an arrangement with a photo book, candle and indoor plant. Your photo album doubles as decor and easy-access entertainment.

4. Zig-Zag Shelf

zig zag shelf

Source: Red Ember

Construct a space for your photo books using hardware and piping. Angle your shelves to resemble a zig-zag for an unconventional feel.

5. Storage Ottoman

fathers day photo book used as a coffee table photo book

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Find a stylish ottoman for your living room that also offers storage. Keep your photo books inside, then pull them out when you want to look through family memories or your special best friend album.

6. Layered Shelves

Looking for easy ways of storing photo albums? Stack shelves along a wall or in a corner to make space for dozens of photo books.

7. Wooden Chest

photo books covers with softcover design

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For a classic, timeless storage solution, consider a wooden chest. You can store your large photo albums inside, then use the top as a display table when guests visit.

8. A-Frame Design

Warm and cozy, this A-frame set of bookshelves adds character to a living room or den. Fill your shelves with photo albums along with your favorite paperbacks and hardcovers.

9. Eclectic Wall

eclectic book shelf

Source: Rikki Snyder

Want a unique way of storing photo albums? Gather eclectic pieces, like chairs and globes, to build shelves and ledges for your books.

10. Coffee Table

graduation photo book with hardcover design and high quality photo book pictures

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The best photo album storage ideas allow you to readily view your memories. Place a handful of albums on your coffee table, next to your coasters and candles.

11. Painted Wood House

Ideal for a kid’s room or playroom, this painted wooden shelf can be home to your photo books. Match the shelf’s color to other accents in the room, like your wall decor and bed linens.

12. Rolling Bookshelf

A bookshelf that’s mobile allows you to change the location of your photo albums over time. Attach casters to an existing bookshelf, then place other accent pieces next to your photo albums, like vinyl records and favorite books.

13. Wooden Bench

year in review with layflat photo book design

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Looking for tips on how to store photo books? Aim for a simple approach, like placing your albums on a bench in your bedroom, bathroom or family room.

14. Book Ledges

Make your photo albums easy to access, so you can look through favorite memories at any time. Place a row of single shelves vertically on a wall—resting a couple albums on each one.

15. Book Bin

Design a trendy wooden bin that’s table-height. Paint the top portion in a solid color and keep the legs in their natural wood tone for a chic modern look. You can store plenty of photo books in this unique furniture piece.

16. Diagonal Tree

Infuse texture into your decor with an angled book holder. With perpendicular and parallel shelves, you can store several photo books in a slender space.

17. Photo Book Ladder

yellow ladder shelf

Source: She is Red

Ladders have long been a decorating tool in the home—displaying everything from blankets to tea towels. Fill the rungs of your ladder with photo albums, storage bins or a combination of both.

18. Concrete Sphere Bookends

Go the DIY route with splatter-painted concrete bookends. These playful accent pieces will keep your photo books upright and ready for viewing.

19. Floating Bookshelf

Bookshelves don’t have to look super traditional. Consider unique bookshelf ideas, like this floating arrangement, to add personality and character to your space.

20. Photo Ledge

Install a high ledge to run across the length of your room. Rest your photo albums on the shelf, then decorate with framed photos and art prints.

21. Repurposed Frames

Create unique storage spots for your photo albums by adhering wood pieces to the backs of picture frames. Organize your albums both vertically and horizontally to build visual diversity.

22. Industrial-Styled Shelves

Build shelves with a modern industrial look using pipe pieces, hardware and wooden boards. Line the shelves with your favorite photo albums. Add potted plants and art prints to blend the space with the rest of the room.

23. Letter Shelf

Personalize your storage with a shelf that represents your first or last name. Stack all of your favorites on it—from photo albums to board games.

24. Animal Holder

Add personality to your space with a book holder that resembles an animal. Choose a design that matches your other decor—whether that’s a farmhouse rooster or a quirky cat.

25. Storage Bench

Whether you’re tight on space or want a practical way for storing photo albums, consider placing book bins underneath a bench or futon. You’ll have a way to stow your albums without adding more shelves to your walls.

Designing a space to store your special memories is priceless. It allows you to relive favorite moments or tell guests about a recent trip. Need a gift idea for someone in your life? Check out these cute photo album ideas.