Top 25 Unique Wedding Registry Ideas

Creating your wedding registry is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process. It’s when you and your partner can sit down and plan out exactly what you’ll need and what could be beneficial to have when starting your new life together. So, what should you put on a wedding registry? Of course, you may want to add those common wedding registry items such as dinnerware and bath towels, but don’t hesitate to get creative and add unique personalized gifts to your wedding registry checklist. If you are in need of inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of the best unique wedding registry ideas at a variety of price points to guarantee a wedding registry list you’ll be excited about.

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Unique Wedding Registry Must-Haves

If you have already started your wedding registry checklist, odds are you have a multitude of kitchen and home goods already added, but don’t forget about these essential items with a unique twist that you may not have initially thought of. We’ve provided you with some tips and suggestions to help you figure out what to register for if you are registering for the first time, and ensure that your registry contains all the latest wedding registry must-haves.

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1. New Cookware

If all your pots and pans are still from your early college days, a popular wedding registry gift idea is new cookware! Search for cookware that fits your space and cooking preferences. A simple 6-piece set may be enough if you only need the essentials. If you love hosting Thanksgiving-sized dinner parties, a larger 10+ piece set may be necessary. Splurge a little for the good stuff—it’ll last you decades.

You can also add some custom pot holders to pair with your new pots and pans. There are some items that are essential in every kitchen, no matter what kind of cook you are and no matter your experience level. Everyone needs utensils and accessories like spatulas, cutting boardsplates, and pot holders. And what makes these items even better? A personal touch.

2. Tool Set

Tackling new home renovations once the honeymoon is over? Then a toolset is a must-have on your wedding registry list. When it comes to hanging up your new home décor or putting together that bedframe you ordered online, tools are essential items to have in your home.

3. Not Your Average Kitchen Gadgets

You may already have a new toaster and food processor on your wedding registry checklist, but there may be other kitchen gadgets that you haven’t thought about that can be put to good use. Whether it’s an electric egg maker for a quick and easy breakfast or an air fryer for a healthy alternative, think outside the box and pick items you and your new spouse will utilize for years to come.

4. Personalized Wall Art

photo tilesWall art may not seem like a necessity, but when you can turn your cherished photos into show stopping pieces of art for your home, it may be worth adding to the list. Personalized wall art such as a customized canvas print or a customized photo tiles are nice additions to any newlywed’s home.

5. Cookbook

Since you will most likely be receiving all sorts of cookware, kitchen utensils and fancy dishes on your big day, you will want to put them to good use. A cookbook is a perfect way to get you and your new spouse in the kitchen together to whip up delicious meals and find new signature dishes for your next dinner party. Loved ones can even create you a custom cookbook filled with stunning food photos, memories, and notes, and to ensure your favorite passed down recipes live on!

6. Personalized Home Décor

Decorate your new place as a couple after the big day by adding personalized home décor. Add accessories like a customized wooden cutting board for the kitchen or a personalized fleece blanket to snuggle up with your person to make it feel more like a home you can both call yours.

7. Wedding Photo Book

A rustic-style wedding photo book.Remember all the happy moments from your wedding by adding a wedding album to your wedding registry. It won’t be a gift you can physically receive on your big day, but it will be a beautiful keepsake to look forward to getting later on. If you need inspiration or general layout ideas, you’ll find everything you need in How To Make Your Own Wedding Album With Tips And Ideas.

Nontraditional Wedding Registry Ideas

Looking for truly unique wedding gift ideas? Once you’ve covered the basics, start thinking outside the box and add unique gifts to your wedding registry that are exclusively fitted to you and your partner. There’s a whole world of registries beyond housewares and table linens out there. Your wedding is truly one of the only times when you can let people know exactly what kind of gifts and presents you would like them to get you courtesy of a wedding registry. While some couples scurry to a major department store or a home goods specialty store, other couples are eager to do something less traditional. Think outside the box with our roundup of alternative wedding registry ideas.

8. Honeymoon Fund

Whether you’re saving up for a week in Bali or an Alaskan cruise, donations to a honeymoon fund is an easy way for wedding guests to contribute to your big day while staying in their budget. Don’t forget to add activities like a couples massage or ziplining excursion to make the trip even more memorable.

9. Donate to Charity

If you are already stocked up on dinnerware and don’t need any more sheet sets or bath towels, consider signing up for a charitable registry. That way, wedding guests can send the amount of money they would have spent on a gift to a charity (or more) of your choosing.

10. Meal Kit Subscription

Cooking may not be you or your partner’s forte, which is why takeout or frozen meals are your go-to options. However, cooking together is a great way to spend quality time with your new spouse. Make cooking fun and easy by adding a meal kit subscription to your wish list so you can turn a bothersome chore into date night.

11. Fund a Down Payment on a House or Remodel

Plan to move into a new place or have lots of remodeling to do after the wedding? An incredibly smart and unique wedding registry idea is to ask wedding guests to contribute to a down payment on a house or to a remodeling budget.

12. Camping Gear

If the ideal romantic getaway for you and your partner is the great outdoors, camping gear is an obvious choice to add to your list of wedding registry items. Whether it’s a large tent and air mattress to achieve the quality sleep needed for a day full of hiking or a portable coffee maker to accompany an epic sunrise, there’s a multitude of products to suit the beginner or seasoned camping couple.

13. Museum Membership

A museum membership is the perfect wedding registry idea for couples who love museum date nights. . Every museum offers a membership which grants discounts on admission, early entry to special shows and more.

14. Pet Items

dog next to personalized pillow For the couples who are also pet parents, registering products specifically for your furry friend is completely acceptable. Ask for a pet subscription box or gift card to cover necessities like food and litter or pet-themed presents that show off just how much you love your fur child.

15. Tabletop Games

A solid relationship is based on fun and a little friendly competition, which is why tabletop games make excellent registry gifts for you and your fiancé. Adding board games, personalized play cards and custom puzzles are a sure way to turn Friday evenings into game night at your place.

16. Couples Classes

Taking a couples class ensures quality time with your new spouse while also learning something fun and new. Whether it’s surfing lessons for the honeymoon or a cooking class to prepare for future dinner parties, these gift ideas will create memories you will cherish.

17. Gaming Console

If your idea of date night contains veggie dip and video games, a unique gift to add to your wedding registry checklist is a new gaming console. If you consider yourselves a “gaming couple,” a new console or video game to start off as newlyweds is a fun way to spend quality time together doing something you both love.

18. Glassware

champagne flutesIf Friday nights means the start of happy hour at home, personalized glassware are a wedding registry must have. Add your initials or wedding date so every time you pop open a new bottle of bubbly you’re taken back to your special day. Register in advance so you can even use your new flutes on your wedding day during all the wedding toasts you’ll be receiving.

19. Wine Subscription

For couples who drink wine on the regular, a wine subscription is an up-and-coming wedding registry gift idea that you will not regret adding to your wish list. Not only will you get to taste new wines and develop new palates, but it can also save you a lot of money in the long run!

20. Bar Cart

To display your champagne flutes and specialty wines, a bar cart is a unique wedding gift that will be the perfect addition to your new home together. Choose styles ranging from stainless steel, wood and glass to find a piece that fits you and your partner’s style.

21. Wedding Ornament

Gifting a personalized ornament is a thoughtful wedding gift that creates a memorable keepsake for years to come. Add a photo of you and your significant other or engrave your wedding date so every time you hang it on the tree you are reminded of the day you tied the knot.

22. Luggage Set

Planning to spend the next years of your marriage traveling the world? A luggage set is a must-have on any adventurous couple’s wedding registry. Search for a luggage set that fits your style and contains items that will be useful on any trip—near or far. To ease your travel experience, personalized luggage tags make spotting your bags at baggage claim that much easier.

23. Custom Coffee Mugs

Start off your morning as newlyweds with a fresh cup of coffee out of a custom coffee mug. Whether you want a ceramic mug to add to your collection or need a travel mug for those long morning commutes, showcasing your favorite photos to remember your wedding day is a great and affordable wedding registry item.

24. Personalized Jewelry

Keep your big day close to your heart by engraving a necklace or cuff to display your wedding date or initials. Personalized jewelry may be more of a bridal registry idea, however, it makes the perfect wearable gift that will last a lifetime.

25. Holiday Decor

For those couples who love to go all-out during the holiday season, assorted holiday decorations are a must-have on the wedding registry. Whether it’s a custom Christmas pillow or a spooky jack-o’-lantern assortment for Halloween, make your home the place to be on any given holiday.

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How To Share A Saved Project On Shutterfly

With Shutterfly, you can add personalized products to any registry list and share those saved projects to people who booked to purchase that item! Share your travel photo books, calendars, scrapbook pages, and collage posters, with family and friends. Just choose the projects you want to share, and the people to see them. We’ll send out an email inviting them to view your projects on Shutterfly. Family and friends can easily view your shared projects without being a member.

To share a project:

  1. Sign in to your account and go to the My Shutterfly page
  2. In the “My Projects” section, click “All projects” to see your saved projects.
  3. Locate the project you wish to share. You can use the dropdown menu in the upper left corner to filter by project type, or the adjacent links to sort by most recent or oldest.  Saved projects are displayed 20 per page.  Move between pages (if needed) using the navigation arrows in the upper right corner.
  4. Click the “Share” associated with the project you want to share.
  5. On the next screen, create a title and description and click “Send”
  6. Choose whether you want to share your project by posting it to your Blogger or Facebook account.  Alternately, click “Get embed widget code” for the HTML code needed to post to any blog or Web site – or simply a link to view the shared project.

Closing Thoughts

Whether your registry is unique or traditional, a wedding registry should always reflect you and your significant other. A great way to ensure you get the perfect gift (and give your wedding guests peace of mind) is by personalizing the Shutterfly products you register for ahead of time. Then, you can share those projects with people who book to purchase that item. So now that the registry is done, it’s time to send out those save the dates and wedding invitations! After the ceremony, be sure to send wedding thank you cards to all of your guests in gratitude for your gifts.

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