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Hi Thanks for looking at my photos! Buying my pictures is very simple and they get to you in a few days! I'm taking senior,family and kids photos also, outdoors mainly. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD and share this link with others! Thanks Chad


# Bearcats vs Raiders 2/26/13

# Mandan rodeo 09-11-11
If you ran the barrels this day I think you'll really like some of these!

# Mandan tourney2012-02-27
If a person or team wants all the photos burned to a disc email me and we can work out a reasonable price as well.

# Mandan vs Legacy and Grant County vs New Salem basketball girls in Elgin 2/14
Mandan vs Legacy Grant County vs New Salem

# Mcquades 2012
The quality of my photos is MUCH better than what you see here on shutterfly. Go to my Facebook page to see what they really look like, make sure to click on them!

# # 1 Beulah vs #2 North Star

# # Glen Ullin Rodeo 6/12/2011
If you need a photo cropped more or touched up please let me know. They view of them you get on shutterfly just doesn't do them justice!

# # Mandan Horse and Saddle club Rodeo
Sorry about these, I had thought I had posted them a long time ago! It took some time to work on them since there are a BUNCH! Hope you like them! I'm on Facebook as well just look up West Dakota Photography!

# 2011 shots
Here are some of the photos I took this year. Thanks again everyone!

# 2012 bearcat boys

# a Hebron Rodeo 8-1-10
Here are the pole bending photos from Hebron! I work on each and every one so it takes time. I will have the barrels and roping pics up as soon as I can! Thanks! email me and let me know what you think!

# a Tri County Glen Ullin Rodeo
If you know anyone that might like these PLEASE forward them this link,its hard to find so thank you for getting the word out for me! Hebrons will be up in a couple of days. http://www.shutterfly.com/pro/westdakotaphotography/Hoops/GlenUllinRodeo1

# Glen Ullin rodeo 8/27/11
These photos were taken by my 12 year old son! Just thought I'd post them since there are some good ones, looks like he may have a future!

# Hebron Barrel racing
Lots to choose from!

# Hebron Rodeo 7/15/12
If there's an event you'd like me to photograph just let me know where and I'll try to make it there and shoot it for ya! And just a reminder, the quality of these photos is MUCH better than what you see

# Hebron Roping
If you know of anyone that was in this event that might want to look at these photos please email them this link! Thanks Chad

# Senior and family pics
Its time to schedule your Senior and family photos this summer! Give me a call and we'll set up an appointment! Senior photos are $200 Family $75 Weddings $650-850 depending on the size of the party. $25 extra for out of town traveling costs minimum.

##Senior photos
If you need senior, family or children photos let me know! I'll take all you want for one low price, and best of all I give you a cd with every single one of them on it! Just take them to a place like Bob's photo and have them printed!

##Senior pics and more

#Senior and family photos 08

14 Dist. games
Killdeer vs Hazen Beulah vs Dickinson-- If you know anyone that might like these by all means forward them this link to my site. Thanks!

2011 Pirate softball
6/13/2011 Mandan Great evening for softball!

5th and 6th grade girls basketball at Horizon middle school. If you know anyone that might want to see them please pass these on. I'm on Facebook as well just look up West Dakota Photography!

Beulah vs Glen Ullin Hebron I know these photos can be hard to find so please forward this link to teammates, friends and family, thanks! I'm on Facebook as well just look up West Dakota Photography!

JV tourney in Glen Ullin Glen Ullin Hebron Beulah Hazen Trinity If you know anyone that might like these please forward them this link! Thanks "its hard to find!" I'm on Facebook as well just look up West Dakota Photography!

5th and 6th grade girls Optimus touney at Mandan High School. Panthers vs The Splash I'm on Facebook as well just look up West Dakota Photography!

Glen Ullin A squad vs New Salem on Parents night. I'm on Facebook as well just look up West Dakota Photography!

Bearcat girs vs New England A & B squad action 2-7-11 I'm on Facebook as well just look up West Dakota Photography!

A,B, boys and girls BB and gymnastics 09
Also some little ones gymnastics in there as well!

Baseball GU vs New Salem 7-6-10

baseball pee wee

Baseball practice 2010
Lots of photos here, if you know anyone that might like them PLEASE forward them this link! Thanks! http://www.shutterfly.com/progal/album.jsp?aid=768a5498cf387ff45f40

Baseball Tourney 7-28-11
There are allot of photos here, if you need any worked on such as cropped just email me and let me know which ones and I'll get it done for you! The photos may appear grainy on shutterfly but are very clear when printed also!

Baseball vs Center

Bearcat basketball Jan 2013 Boy and Girls

Bearcat Boys vs Bowman ABC
A,B and C action, also some snowball canidates photos.

Boys C & B squad
C & B vs New Salem Dec 2008

Championship night Region 7 2013
Boys Class B region 7 Championship night in Dickinson 02/28/13

District 14 boys tourney 2nd night
Richardton vs Trinity Killdeer vs Hazen

District 14 Championship night
Trinity vs Killdeer Richardton vs Beulah Hazen vs GUHS

District tourney Linton
I'm reposting these, if you know anyone that wants these please let them know!

Flag football

Girls vs Hazen
Also a couple photos of the little tikes gymnastics. I'll try to get more of them on the 12th!

Girls BB

Glen Ullin Baseball

Glen Ullin Baseball 2011

Glen Ullin Harvest Fest

GU Merchants softball
Few from Mcquades

GUHS boys vs Mott Regent
I found a Verizon cell phone charger for a car on the bleachers this night. If it's yours email me and I'll get it to you.

GUHS girls vs Beulah

GUHS Girls vs Grant County

Hazen vs Beulah
Fun game to watch in a packed gym!

Little guys flag football

ND Kids Golf Tour 1
Sorry for the wait! Here's half of the golf tour championship photos for you! Thanks for you patience, and please pass my web link on to others that you think might like to see these, its hard to find! Thanks again! Chad

ND Kids Golf Tour 2
Here is the other half of that day. Great to see all the young folks enjoying the day on a beutiful course there in South Heart! These photo may look grainy on shutterfly due to the compression but they are in fact very clear!

pee wee baseball
I will be posting more photos as the kids have more games. If you know of parents in other towns that might like these plese let them know about my sight.

Raiders football

RT vs Killdeer
Some fun basketball to watch this night! There are some photos of the kids dance team and also the B squad game that went into overtime in here. Along with photos of that great varsity game! 421 photos total!

The 7th & 8th boys vs Flasher

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