15 Sweet 45th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

After 45 years of marriage, you’ve seen the evolution of Mom and Dad’s relationship. They’ve been your example of a loving couple and you can’t wait to celebrate these noteworthy years. Using sapphire for inspiration, we put together a list of 10 unique 45th-anniversary gift ideas. You can even include special personalization that will have Mom and Dad beaming from ear to ear.

Gift Ideas

1. Handmade Crystal Pendants

No stone is the same, making this DIY anniversary necklace idea a purely unique yet straightforward anniversary present. Pick a stone like their birthstone or one in their favorite color for maximum surprise.

2. Photo and Stone DIY Coffee Table

This photo-filled coffee table is perfect for DIY savvy gifters. Layer your tabletop with favorite memories and beautiful crystals before sealing it with epoxy resin. Include photos that are special to you, like landscapes of your wedding day or your favorite local park.

3. Photo Book

Photo Book Gift

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Revisit all of the happy memories you have of your parents in a photo book. You can start by retracing their early years of marriage all the way up to the present. This walk down memory lane will help them appreciate the life they’ve built together and all of the loving people that surround them.

4. Jewelry Accessory

Jewelry Accessory Gift

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Throughout the years, Dad has probably amassed an impressive amount of collectibles. Help him keep track of his treasured possessions with a Keepsake Box. By customizing with a photo of him and Mom on their wedding day, this will be a meaningful gift that he won’t mind keeping close by.

5. Fleece Blanket

Fleece Blanket Gift

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If your parents are a practical pair, give them something they’ll put to use. The soft and cozy Simple Stripe Monogram Fleece Photo Blanket is a gift that will keep them warm year-round. Whether they’re bundled up at a grandchild’s football game or relaxing on the couch, they’ll be glad you thought outside of the box.

6. Delicate Gemstone Hairpins

These timeless gemstone hairpins emit shear elegance. Personalize them with your wife’s birthstone for an extra easy touch. Pair it with a gift card to their hair salon or their favorite luxury hair products for an at-home pamper day.

7. Custom Necklace

Custom Necklace Gift

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Help Dad pick out a custom gift that Mom adores. By personalizing the Rose Gold Sara Necklace with a photo or an initial charm, he’ll design an anniversary gift she never lets out of her sight. A sweet gesture like this is a one way to let Mom know she’s still appreciated even after all these years.

8. Canvas Print

Canvas Print Gift

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One of the greatest joys your parents have experienced is watching you start your family. This makes the Artisanal Collage Canvas Print a great way to reminisce on the growth of your own little tribe. Whether you schedule a photoshoot or choose Mom and Dad’s favorite photos, they’ll appreciate the thought that went into this gift.

9. Stylish Seafoam Glass Earrings

Delicate and chic, these seafoam blue drop earrings are easy to make and eye-catching all at once. Their elegance make them a perfect 45th wedding anniversary gift. Include a matching bracelet or blouse in a similar color that they can wear for your next date night together.

10. Catch All Tray

Catch All Tray Gift

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Do your parents misplace their wedding bands often? If so, the Timeless Border Monogram Catch All Tray will come in handy. This functional and stylish storage option can be kept on their nightstand or dresser so their rings are always nearby. They’ll appreciate personal details like a custom monogram that is symbolic of their beautiful partnership.

11. Glass Ornament

Glass Ornament Gift

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This year, when your parents get ready to deck the halls, give them a gift that commemorates years of wedded bliss! The handcrafted Anniversary Love Etched Glass Ornament is an elegant way to congratulate them on yet another year of marriage. You can make it extra special by adding a monogram or personal message that they will never grow tired of reading.

12. Pillow

Pillow Gift

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After almost half a century together, it’s safe to say your parents are meant to be. Create a gift that shares this exact sentiment in an endearing way. With the Tinted Overlay Pillow, you can add custom details like a charming photo or words that send the message they’ll be together forever.

13. Custom Bangle

Custom Bangle Gift

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Give Mom an anniversary gift she’ll never want to be without. By customizing the Rose Gold Sumi Bangle with photo charms of her adorable grandchildren, you’ll design a gift she’s proud to wear. A thoughtful way to celebrate 45 years of memories filled with the people she loves most.

14. Marbleized Silhouette Photo Art

Marbleized Silhouette Photo Art Gift

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Transform a favorite portrait into an elegant marbleized silhouette. Choose an image from your wedding day or an outline of loving family scenes, along with the date or a favorite saying. Your spouse will appreciate the extra thought put into this piece of wall decor.

15. Photo and Love Note Book

Sending messages of love is a perfect 45th wedding anniversary idea. This charming notes and photo book alternates multi-colored paper, photos and fabric paper for complete customization. Pick photos off your smartphone of you and your spouse enjoying the everyday, like that favorite dish you made together last week or the weekend trip to the farmer’s market.

45 years is something to celebrate and what better way than with a gift as unique as your relationship. Whether you got the traditional sapphire route or think outside of the box, these ideas above are sure to impress. Don’t forget to personalize your gift—if you’re in need of more ideas browse our customizable home decor.

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