18 Creative 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Experience the same joy you felt on your wedding day by making your third anniversary just as special. Whether you stick to the traditional theme of leather or decide glass is more your style, we have a variety of third wedding anniversary gift ideas to help you celebrate. From personalizing a wine glass with your initials to designing a custom frame with your favorite photo, you’re sure to leave a lasting impression.

Gift Ideas

1. Glass Prints

Glass Prints Gift

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Every couple has a few candid photos that remind them of the happiness felt in that moment. Choose your spouse’s favorite and include it in this Hand-Lettered Love Flat Glass Print. The luminous glass makes the photo translucent, allowing light to shine through. It’s a thoughtful anniversary gift that your partner can proudly display on their desk at work.

2. Hand-Stained Bottles

Furnishing the home is a fabulous third wedding anniversary idea. Light up your kitchen with these hand-painted faux-stained bottle crafts. Let sunlight shine through them on a windowsill or add twinkle lights during the holidays for unique Christmas decor.

3. Elegant Etched Glass Drink Set

Cheers your three amazing years as newlyweds with this easy-to-make etched glass and decanter set. Customize the design to your personal style, like polka dots, chevron or your initials in a fancy script.

4. Hugs and Kisses Plate

Glass Plate Gift

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Cooking a romantic dinner for your anniversary? Surprise your spouse by upgrading your table setting with a pair of XOXO Love Grid Glass Plates. By selecting personal photos that showcase standout moments from the year, you’ll create an eye-catching and sentimental gift. It’s a great way to celebrate three years of wedded bliss!

5. Personalized Glass Casserole Dish

With just a handful of materials, personalize your loved one’s baking pans with this simple etched glass gift tutorial. Pair it with their favorite baked good, like a pan of brownies fresh from the oven.

6. Cookie Jar

Glass Jar Gift

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If you and your spouse can’t seem to keep your hand out of the cookie jar, find a cute way to store your must-have snack. A personalized glass jar is a delightful anniversary gift idea that you can personalize with your name and wedding year. By adding your personal stamp, everyone will know to steer clear of these sweet treats!

7. Personalized Vase

Glass Vase Gift

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Your wedding anniversary isn’t the only time you can infuse a little romance into your relationship. When you create a tradition of bringing home flowers, your spouse will be smitten with you all over again. The Perfect Pair Heart Glass Vase is a sweet way to show off fresh blooms. Plus, it will be a constant reminder of your third anniversary, where this tradition all began.

8. Wine Glass

Wine Glass Gift

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Does your husband or wife love wine? If so, help them sip in style with this Stacked Love Initials Wine Glass. Instead of sifting through the cabinets, this will become their go-to glass. Once they see the charming details like your initials and wedding year, they’ll appreciate the effort you put into designing a gift especially for them.

9. You + Me Tree Trunk Jar

Hot glue provides endless design fun. As a third wedding anniversary gift idea, artfully design a customized you + me tree trunk and fill it with heart-shaped treats. Include their favorite sweets or, for the health conscious partner, some homemade granola.

10. Festive Gold Champagne Flute Set

Timeless and festive, design your own gold-painted champagne flutes to toast three beautiful years together. Break them out year over year for a new anniversary tradition and serve the same champagne you popped on your wedding day.

11. Whimsical Beach Glass Mobile

Sea glass is an exquisite way to incorporate the traditional glass theme for third wedding anniversary gifts. String them to piece of beach wood to make this lovely sea glass wind chime.

12. Paper Weight

Paper Weight Gift

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After a long day at work, your spouse will need a reason to smile. Give them a simple reminder that you are with them, even on their toughest days, with the All You Need Is Love Paper Weight. This pretty in pink paperweight will not only add style to their workspace, but it will take them back to a day they’ll never forget—celebrating your third anniversary!

13. Smartphone Case

Smartphone Case Gift

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Does your spouse have a hard time keeping track of their phone? If so, take this opportunity to gift them with the Simply Yours iPhone Case. You can get creative by adding a monogram or customizing the case with a silly nickname only you know. One thing’s for sure, the meaningful photos you include will make the phone unmistakably theirs.

14. Mercury Glass Vase Tutorial

Transform common vases into chic mercury glass containers with just a few steps. Fill them to the brim with flowers for a stunning third wedding anniversary idea. Pick flowers that you incorporated on your wedding day or display a portion of her dried bouquet.

15. Photo Book

Photobook Gift

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Take your spouse on a walk down memory lane by highlighting your third year of marriage in a photo book. From the adventurous road trips you’ve taken to the fun hobbies you’ve picked up, there’s not a moment you want to forget! After a night of reminiscing, you and your spouse will feel just as happy as you did when you said your I do’s.

16. Decanter

Decanter Gift

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If your spouse enjoys the finer things in life, surprise them with a one-of-a-kind gift that symbolizes the growth of your relationship. The His Hers Ours Decanter is a symbolic way to retrace your journey as a couple—from individuals to partners who share everything in life. With the hand-blown glass, each decanter is unique and won’t be found anywhere else.

17. Personalized Frame

Personalized Frame Gift

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After three years of marriage, your bond is solid. Make a statement that expresses this sentiment by showcasing a heartfelt photograph in the Love Is All We Need Personalized Frame. Whether your spouse chooses to set their frame on a nightstand or on top of your dresser, warm feelings will come to their face each time they see it.

18. Geometric Mirror

Use these safe and easy-to-follow glass-cutting steps to gift a stunning geometric mirror with gold trim, perfect for an elegant and stylish anniversary present. Hang it in your living room or bedroom for a unique piece of wall decor that’s equal parts style and function.

Bring back the butterflies with these unique third anniversary gift ideas. Whether you go with the classic leather theme or think outside of the box, your partner will love the extra thought you put into it. Decorate your space with even more thoughtful and personalized decor like a .

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