19 Thoughtful 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Your silver anniversary is all about showing appreciation for your partner. By selecting a gift that helps you reflect on the past and show excitement for the future, you’ll hit all of the right celebratory notes. If you need help finding a unique 25th-anniversary gift idea, browse our list. Each gift provides a heartfelt way for you to express your everlasting love and commitment to your spouse.

Gift Ideas

1. Wedding License Throw Pillows

Commemorate your 25th wedding anniversary with the documents that made it all official! With just some photo transfer paper and your wedding license, this pillow becomes a cozy part of your home. Include your marriage license or the movie ticket from your first date.

2. Charming Marriage Heart Map

Mark all your adventures together with heart-shaped map cut outs. Pick locations that are special to you, like your hometowns, where you proposed and where you tied the knot. All pulled together in a frame, this is an ideal 25th wedding anniversary gift idea.

3. Elegant Seashell Necklace

Elegant Seashell Necklace Gift

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Diminutive and classic, this easy DIY shell necklace gives the gift of nature in just a few steps. If you proposed or got married on a beach, choose a shell from that location for an extra-special impact.

4. Alphabetical Love Note Books

After a quarter of a decade, it’s easy to list 26 reasons for your love. Personalize and loop together these A-Z cards as an excellent 25th wedding anniversary idea. Include reasons like how they make you laugh, their generosity and an end note on how you can’t wait to experience another 25 years together.

5. Metal Wall Art

Metal Wall Art Gift

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Enhance your current wall decor with the Modern Love Metal Wall Art. Not only is it a fresh and modern gift idea but it’s one of the many ways you can show your spouse how much they mean to you. You can make it even more special by scheduling a 25th-anniversary photo shoot to find just the right photos to include.

6. Handmade Love Journals

Let your love note writing skills shine through with these handmade books–a simple yet elegant craft for a huge milestone. Jot down your favorite memories of your spouse—even the little things count like when they helped you move apartments or made you laugh after a long day at work.

7. Family Plaque

Plaque Gift

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Make your spouse feel like a shining star this anniversary by gifting them with the Monogram Emblem Desktop Plaque. By choosing photos that highlight some of their happiest moments, you’ll design a gift they can’t wait to share. Whether they display it at home or at work, they’ll love sharing the memories you’ve created over the years.

8. Spooning Anniversary Display

Simple and memorable, this adorable “spooning” display is a playful way to show your love. And most importantly, it only requires minimal crafts and supplies. as a sweet celebration of your marriage.

9. Custom Bracelet

Custom Bracelet Gift

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Give your spouse a charming accessory that completes each outfit they put on. The Silver Emmy Bracelet, stylish yet modest, is the perfect anniversary gift that allows you to recount 25 beautiful years of marriage. Whether you create charms with photos of all the special people in your life or iconic milestones, you’ll design a timeless gift they’ll treasure forever.

10. Smartphone Case

Smartphone Case Gift

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If your partner is one who can’t be found without their phone, get them a gift they’ll appreciate. The Initial Heart Grid Samsung Galaxy Case is a simple and sweet way to express your love. With custom details like upbeat family photos, your wedding date or monogram, you’ll design a one-of-a-kind gift full of meaning.

11. Customized Silver Cufflinks

Give a gift that’s both classy and personal. These silver anniversary cufflinks are a unique way to show your love after 25 years. Pick a photo from your wedding day and your wedding monogram. Or make it even more special with photos of your family, like your kids or family pet!

12. Custom Plate

Custom Plate Gift

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The most treasured anniversary gifts are the ones that include a personal touch. With a unique set of Fine Diamond Print Plates, you can feature photos of you and your spouse throughout the years. It’s a perfect way to create conversation around the dinner table.

13. Photo Book

Photo Book Gift

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One of the best gifts in life are the memories we create with our loved ones. With 25 years of unforgettable moments in the books, you have an abundance of memories to include. Whether you select standout milestones like your wedding day or the growth of your family, you’ll see all that you and your partner have accomplished. The best part is that you’ll both be excited for what’s to come!

14. Custom Necklace

Custom Necklace Gift

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On your 25th anniversary, give your spouse a gift as beautiful as they are. By customizing the Silver Megan Necklace with their birthstone or a photo of the two of you, you’ll create a gift that they’ll never want to be without. Such a loving way to celebrate 25 years with the person you love most!

15. Rustic String Art on Barnwood Panel

String art is a unique and simple way to customize any 25th wedding anniversary gift. Choose an elegant repurposed panel of wood, nails and twine to shape the perfect design for your spouse.

16. Ornament

Ornament Gift

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Who said ornaments are just for the holidays? The Gallery of Four Horizontal Pewter Ornament can be used as eclectic wall art or to adorn leafy plants. One way to commemorate your anniversary is by choosing photos that show what you have come to appreciate most about your partner. This subtle and thoughtful level of personalization will make this a gift for the ages.

17. Photo-Transferred Message

Warm up your home decor with a daily message of love. After choosing a message and layout of your choice, simply transfer the image onto a hand-painted, rustic choice of wood. Pick a quote that expresses your gratitude and reminds them how much you care for them.

18. Silver Fingerprint Necklace Charms

Elegantly stamp your signature fingerprint onto a hand-sculpted silver necklace charm. This DIY gift begins with simple clay and finishes as stunning personalized jewelry. Get the whole family involved and stamp everyone’s fingerprints to create a unique charm necklace.

19. Fleece Blanket

Fleece Blanket Gift

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Throughout a quarter century together, one thing is for sure: you and your spouse have come a long way. Retrace your journey with the To The Moon Collage Fleece Photo Blanket by highlighting a few of your favorite photos. Each time your spouse bundles up in this cozy blanket, they’ll be surrounded by all of the people they love.

Even if you’re not a traditional silver fan, there are many ways to express your love on your 25th anniversary. Get excited to spending the next 25 years with personalized gifts like a thoughtful photo book.

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