20 Unique 4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

While flowers are the traditional theme for your fourth anniversary, you don’t have to bring home a bouquet of red roses. Instead, think outside of the box and find a meaningful way to express your love on this special occasion. If you don’t know where to start, browse our list of fourth wedding anniversary gift ideas. Each gift showcases a creative way to incorporate flowers while adding a sweet and personal touch.

Gift Ideas

1. Cutting Board

Cutting Board Gift

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Looking for a gift that’s representative of your marriage after four years? The Floral Accent Cutting Board, strong and beautiful, is a fitting gift idea that symbolizes your partnership. With the custom engraving and floral details, you can find a thoughtful way to memorialize your fourth wedding anniversary.

2. Towel Set

Towel Set Gift

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Share a charming reminder of what you value as a couple with this sweet gift. By customizing with a family photo, monogram or quote, your love for each other will be the center of the Fruit and Vegetable Tea Towel Set. Whether your spouse uses them as a decorative element or when cooking, you’ll create a gift full of meaning.

3. Adorable Succulent Gift Sets

Adorable Succulent Gift Sets Gift

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Clever, simple and loving, explore these playful succulent tag ideas for a garden-themed fourth anniversary gift. Pair with their favorite succulent with other gardening essentials, like gloves and a protective sun hat.

4. Garden Stone

Garden Stone Gift

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If you have a budding garden that your partner spends all their time in, this Floral Garden Stone will become a permanent fixture. Not only is it a significant way to celebrate your anniversary, but by etching an affectionate quote, your spouse will think of you each time they see it.

5. Table Runner

Table Runner Gift

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Does your partner love throwing a good party? If so, give them a gift they can’t wait to show off at your next family get together. The Floral Leaves Monogram Table Runner creates a stunning centerpiece that can be personalized with the initial of your last name. No matter the gathering, your gift will stand out and be a subtle reminder of what’s most important–your blossoming family.

6. Lavender and Eucalyptus Sachets

Celebrate the calming power of natural scents with these easy-to-sew lavender and eucalyptus sachets. Your spouse can use them in their dresser drawers, gym bags or purse to keep everything smelling fresh. They make a beautiful and practical gift for this flower-themed anniversary.

7. Painted Mason Jar Herb Garden

Rustic with a touch of gold, this hand-painted mason jar project provides a year-round flowers and herbs to the garden lover and chef in your life. Combine it with cooking lessons for the two of you to take together or a subscription to a meal kit delivery service.

8. Photo Book

Photo Book Gift

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The hectic nature of life makes it all the more important to stop and smell the roses. Simple things like your first date, proposal or first vacation can seem like distant memories. This anniversary, help your spouse remember all of your firsts with a photo book. After a night of reminiscing, your early years as a couple will seem like yesterday.

9. Lavish Floral Hair Combs

Lavish Floral Hair Combs Gift

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Festive floral hair combs are coming back into style. Handmake these personalizable combs for a night out celebrating your anniversary. Include other hair products, like a blowout bar gift card, to complete the whole package.

10. Duvet Cover

Duvet Cover Gift

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This anniversary, give your bedroom an unexpected makeover. By making the Watercolor Floral Duvet Cover the main focal point, you’ll create a springy vibe evocative of a season full of love and new growth. What better way to celebrate four years of happiness than with a cheery surprise that will be treasured for years to come!

11. Stylish and Modern Air Plant Display

This modern, minimalist art project also makes a perfect fourth wedding anniversary gift. Mount delicate air plants on uniquely shaped wood slices for a stylish wall display. This is perfect for the spouse who doesn’t prefer a large bouquet as a gift.

12. Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain Gift

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Surprise your partner the morning of your fourth anniversary with a gift they’ll notice. The unique Romantic Floral Shower Curtain is sure to make a statement they’ll never forget. The blossomy florals offer a refreshing vibe that will be appreciated each day. Don’t forget to add custom details like your initials to make this gift even more meaningful.

13. Origami Bunny Planter

Both unique and easy to make, show off your paper-folding skills with this origami succulent planter, all started from just one origami bunny. It will make a lovely addition to your spouse’s desk or dresser.

14. Elegant Succulent Wine Bottle Planter

Whether hand-cut or purchased, a wine bottle planter is a lovely way to deck out the kitchen in cozy succulents, while also serving as a great fourth anniversary idea. Include an easy to care for plant, like cactus or succulent, so they can enjoy the gift all year long.

15. Flower Pot

Flower Pot Gift

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For your fourth anniversary, create an experience that celebrates your flourishing partnership. Whether you spend the day exploring a flower festival or botanical garden, giving your spouse the Carved Heart Flower Pot will show just how much thought you put into the day. To top it off, choose beautiful flowers, like petunias, to plant once you’re home.

16. Nature-Inspired Print Art

Nature-Inspired Print Art Gift

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Celebrate your love of nature inside the home with this modern and easy DIY diptych art project. Immortalize a favorite plant or flower from around the home for extra personalization.

17. Personalized Pillow

Pillow Gift

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If your spouse enjoys lounging on the weekends, give them a gift that will soon become a favorite. The comfy Floral Rustic Antler Pillow creates a stylish and cozy environment whether in your bedroom or living room. The roses, symbolic of your fourth wedding anniversary, add a loving touch when combined with your initials.

18. Fleece Blanket

Fleece Blanket Gift

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No movie night or picnic is complete without a cozy blanket that sets the mood. With the Dark Floral Fleece Photo Blanket, you can add your favorite memories to create a warm vibe. Each time your spouse curls up in this blanket, they’ll be reminded of the love that surrounds them.

19. Rustic Wood Shim Window Planter

Rustic Wood Shim Window Planter Gift

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Embrace the fourth wedding anniversary’s theme of fruit and flowers with this DIY window box planter. Artfully compiled of layered wood shims, it can be personalized to fit anywhere throughout the house.

20. Love Note Seed Paper

Here is an eco friendly gift that continues to bloom way after gifting it for your flower-themed anniversary. Follow this simple recipe to make seed paper, acting as both a love note a garden for the warm weather ahead.

Think outside of the traditional bouquet of roses with these flower inspired fourth wedding anniversary gift ideas. Express your excitement for the years to come with gifts that are as unique as your love, like personalized home decor or a thoughtful photo book.

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