Common Envelope Sizes For Your Wedding Stationery Suite

With the incredible amount of detail that goes into your wedding stationery suite, well thought out color schemes and designs make for a cohesive and professional look. Nearly every piece of stationery in your suite will require an envelope so we put together the ultimate guide on envelope sizes to fit every card you’ll mail out for your wedding. 

Stationery that usually require envelopes include invitations, RSVP cards, save the dates and thank you cards. Many couples, especially those hosting an elaborate or destination wedding, will also include an itinerary, wedding details, registry cards and bridal shower invitations. For those, we also include the common or ideal sizes for the card and its respective envelope.

Envelopes For Your Wedding

Chart with different envelope sizes.

Paper, stationery and envelopes are standardized and measured by a set of three series’ including the A, B and C series. Although the C series is known to be the international standard for envelopes, most sites and vendors for wedding and party envelopes use the A series as their standard of measurement. Wedding card and envelope sizes will be labeled somewhere between A1 through A10 with a few exceptions for specialty sizes. 

The chart below lists common card and envelope sizes for each one of your wedding stationery needs including bridal shower invitations, RSVP cards and invitations. The most common size for wedding invitation envelopes is A7 (5.25 x 7.25) which fits perfectly with a 5 x 7 invite but below, you’ll see that there are plenty of other sizes to fit your needs. Once you’ve chosen your ideal envelopes and cards, you’re ready to check off another item from your wedding checklist.

Envelope Sizes Chart

Common FlapsEnvelope Size (in)Card Size (in)Recommended Uses
Baronial/Pointed6 ¼ x 8 ½6 x 8Invitations and thank you cards
5 ¼ x 7 ¼ (A7)5 x 7Invitations, thank you cards, save the dates
Lined envelope
4 ⅝ x 8 ⅞ (#9)
4 ⅜ x 8 ¼
4 x 8Bridal shower and engagement party invitations
Square5 ½ x 5 ½5 x 5Save the dates, bridal shower and engagement party invitations
4 ⅜ x 5 ¾ (A2)4 x 5Bridal shower and engagement party invitations, save the dates, RSVP cards and thank you cards
3 ⅝ x 5 ⅛ (A1)3 x 5Save the dates, thank you cards and RSVP cards
4 ¾ x 6 ½ (A6)4 x 6Invitations, save the dates, RSVP card, thank you cards
5 ½ x 8 ⅛ (A8)5 ⅜ x 7 ¾Wedding, bridal shower and engagement party invitations, save the dates
5 ¾ x 8 ¾ (A9)5 ½ x 8 ½Wedding, bridal shower and engagement party invitations
Straight6 x 9 ½ (A10)5 ¾ x 9 ¼Wedding, bridal

Choosing The Right Wedding Envelopes

married couple in their wedding getaway car.

Choosing the right envelope design for your stationery will depend on the size, theme and overall aesthetic of your wedding. Honing in your vision will make your selection process much easier so we recommend gathering a few ideas and inspiration before you go shopping. 

Wedding Size

Having a small, intimate wedding can give you some wiggle room when it comes to your stationery budget. If this is the case, invest in some good cardstock and envelopes for an elegant suite. If your budget is a bit more limited, set a minimalist tone by going with a clean design and standard invitation and envelope sizes. 

For a large grand ballroom and classic romantic wedding, making an impact is easy with oversized invitations, envelopes and accompanying cards. We also recommend including additional information in your suite by adding fun stationery like a song request card, an RSVP card with your wedding’s dinner choices and a details card.  


Go for wedding cards and envelopes that beautifully match your theme. If you’re going for a rustic chic, barn or minimalist modern wedding, your stationery sizes should complement the look you’re going for. For these and other similar themes, we recommend staying within your standard sizes like a 5×7 invitation and 3×5 RSVP card. 

For a more elaborate theme, embellished and large stationery make for an eye-catching choice. Many large envelopes also come in various finishes including opaque, glitter and metallic. 

Wedding Stationery With Envelopes

wedding stationery on a table.

Below are common wedding cards and invitations that typically require an envelope. You’ll want to include an envelope both to complete the look and also differentiate between the various types of cards. A good rule of thumb is to use a different colored envelope for the cards that require a response such as an RSVP, song request or desired dinner card. 


Your invitations should be the largest card in your suite. This is where you will announce your union, date, time and venue. Make an impression by sending an invite of at least 5×7 inches. Invest in a heavy cardstock and a thick envelope to protect your invitation and any other stationery you’ll be sending along. 

Save The Dates 

Save the dates will be the second largest piece of stationery. These are sent before your invitations as a quick announcement to let your guests know of your wedding date. Save the dates are especially important if you’re planning a destination, summer or holiday wedding. For this card, a 5×5 or 4×5 card works perfectly. 

RSVP Cards

The size of your RSVP cards will depend on the information you want to include and whether you want your guests to respond online or by mail. If you’re just looking to send a wedding website URL, email or phone number to contact, a small 3×5 inch card will suffice.  

For an RSVP card that requires a response in the mail or additional information like your dinner choices, send an RSVP card that’s 3.5×5 or 4×5 inches. 

Thank You Cards

Thank you cards can be as small or big as you’d like. If you’re adding a long personal message, a 4×5 or 4×6 inch will be enough to write something special for your guests. A common thank you card size, however, is 3×5 inches. 

Additional Invitations

Additional wedding invitations can include bridal shower, engagement party and rehearsal dinner invitations. For these, unique sizes like a square 5×5 or a vertical 4×8 looks beautiful and adds some versatility to the rest of your stationery. 

Wedding Envelope Ideas

wedding envelope with a wax seal.

Make your envelopes stand out with some unique details and treatments. The ideas below can be applied to many different themes and work with various budgets so keep your wedding binder handy to collect some inspiration. 

1. Wax Seal

For a vintage and elegant envelope, wax seals are the perfect option. Going for a generic seal like a fleur de lis or a heart can be a budget-friendly way to seal your envelopes. A custom made seal with your initials, wedding date or signature flower will be a bit more costly but look beautiful and make your wedding all the more unique. 

2. Laser-Cut Design

Laser cut envelopes can include tons of different shapes and designs. Whether you’re going for traditional lace details or contemporary geometric shapes, this option is sure to fit your style. 

3. Lace Applique 

A lace applique or wrap is great for traditional weddings. Play around with your color scheme and choose a lace that will complement your envelope. We also recommend inserting your invite and lace envelope in a larger, protective envelope to keep your stationery from getting damaged during transport. 

4. On-Theme Stamp

Stamps or stickers are another cost-effective way of decorating and sealing your envelopes. Pick a design that goes with your color scheme or theme for a cohesive look. For a destination wedding, a well-known bloom, item or landmark from your location will help set the right tone. 

5. Tied Ribbon

One of the most common ways of sealing a wedding envelope, ribbons can look both stylish and classic. Punch two holes at the closure of your envelope to tie a beautiful bow or use it to create a sewn look by intertwining the ribbon on the edge of your envelope. 

Large Mailing Envelopes For Your Wedding

wedding album on a table.

As mentioned above, stationery can be easily damaged during transport so oftentimes, couples decide to mail their stationery and decorative envelopes in a larger envelope to protect them. Below are some popular sizes and their widths to help you choose the envelope that will hold your stationery.

Large Envelope Sizes Chart

Common TypesEnvelope Size (in)Expansion (in)
9 x 121
Booklet10 x 124
10 x 131.5
10 x 152
Document12 x 181.5

Additional Envelope Sizes And Types

Flat lay with wedding envelope, ribbon and flowers.

Besides designing beautiful stationery, your wedding will also require mailing a few more business-type documents so below are some additional envelope sizes that can be useful. These documents can include checks to your vendors, your marriage license application and contracts. 

Additional Envelope Sizes Chart

Common UsesSeries/NumberSize
3 ⅝ x 5 ⅛
4 ⅜ x 5 ¾
4 ¼ x 6 ¼
4 ⅜ x 5 ¾
5 ¼ x 7 ¼
5 ½ x 8 ⅛
5 ¾ x 8 ¾
6 x 9 ½
#6 ¼
#6 ¾
#7 ¾
#8 ⅝
2 ⅛ x 3 ⅝
3 ½ x 6
3 ⅝ x 6 ½
3 ¾ x 6 ¾
3 ⅞ x 7 ½
3 ⅝ x 8 ⅝
3 ⅞ x 8 ⅞
4 ⅛ x 9 ½
4 ½ x 10 ⅜
4 ¾ x 11
5 x 11 ½

With so many envelope sizes out there, it’s hard to know which sizes are specifically made to fit your various wedding and party stationery. With our guide, you’ll be able to easily select an envelope size for each one of your cards to mail them without a hitch.