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He has always been someone you could go to for advice and he’s reminded you to enjoy the simpler things in life. With that in mind, you don’t have to over complicate things when it comes to perfect gift idea for Grandpa. Incorporate your idea with the little things he enjoys in life, like a nice glass of wine, a game of cards or curling up on the couch for a family movie. Just make sure to follow it up with some quality time as he enjoys getting use out of it.

Gift Ideas For Your Grandpa

Big Initial Wine Bag on

Big Initial Wine Bag

With his classic, retro attire, your Grandpa has always had a sense of fashion and style in the way he dresses. Next time you visit him for the holidays, make sure his favorite bottle of wine is dressed up to match in the Big Initial Wine Bag.
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Ceramic Mugs on

Ceramic Mugs

Between the breakfast coffee, an afternoon cup of tea or a nightly hot cocoa there are plenty of instances when you and your Grandpa can share a conversation with the help of a quality ceramic mug. You can also personalize the Colorful Love Mug with photos from all of your favorite memories so that you have some fun topics to reminisce about.
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Calendar Magnet on

Calendar Magnet

Your Grandpa loves to stay up to date on all the important days throughout the year. With this personalized calendar magnet on the refrigerator, you’ll keep him up to speed and bring some extra joy to his life every time he gets a little hungry.
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Pillow on


Provide your Grandpa with a little added comfort when he goes to lie down after a long day. Whether it be the family name, a picture back from his Navy days or his favorite saying, you’ll have plenty of options to think about if you decide to get him a personalized pillow.
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Playing Cards on

Playing Cards

Next time Grandpa sits down to play a high stakes game of Poker or Blackjack with his best buddies, make sure he has every fair advantage possible. When he opens up the hard case and breaks out his personalized Gallery of Four Playing Cards, everyone at the table will be reminded of what is really at stake.
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Woven Photo Blanket on

Woven Photo Blanket

Make sure that Grandpa is warm and cozy the next time he curls up on the couch to watch his favorite movie with a woven photo blanket. You’ll make him feel extra loved when the movie reaches its climax if you pick out the best shot from your last family reunion to customize on the Photo Gallery Woven Photo Blanket.
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Photo Puzzle on

Photo Puzzle

Spending a rainy day afternoon with the family as they put together a large jigsaw moment is a special memory for any grandparent. Add his favorite photo of all the cousins to the Family Sentiments Puzzle so that no matter who is there, Grandpa will be able to relive the memories of his pride and joy.
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Photo Book on

Photo Book

When it’s all said and done, our lives are a cumulation of the experiences we have shared with our precious loved ones. By gifting your Grandpa a photo book, you’re essentially giving him the ability to look back on some of his fondest memories at any moment of the day.
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