Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

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Life is just better when you’re both together and in several instances your friends and family have referred to you as “two peas in a pod”. Because Valentine’s Day is widely considered to be the most romantic day of the year, you are motivated to get a gift for him that will really make a statement. If you’re thinking about something that goes beyond the typical cards, chocolate and flowers, then have a look through the list we compiled of romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for him.

Perfect Pair Heart Decanter on

Perfect Pair Heart Decanter

If you are planning on going out for a romantic dinner on this Valentine’s Day, then you can surprise him with a gift that will accompany his favorite bottle of wine. The hand blown Perfect Pair Heart Decanter is one-of-a-kind, just like the love that you share. Personalize it even further when you include your favorite inside joke or saying that always makes him smile.
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Make Your Own Statement Wine Glass on

Make Your Own
Statement Wine Glass

The conversations you both have shared over a bottle of wine never seem to reach a dull point and you’ve found that he makes you think in ways you never have before. Evoke that same emotion when you give him a pair of the Make Your Own Statement Wine Glasses. The etched personalization on the side will let him know how much you look forward to the next topic you explore together.
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Playing Cards on

Playing Cards

There’s something about the simplicity of when you both are together playing a game of cards, that all the little worries in life seem to disappear. The Gallery of Two Playing Cards are a fun anniversary gift idea that will become an easy way for relax after a long day of work. Choose up to nine photos to display on the back of each card.
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Mason Jar on

Mason Jar

For your special Valentine, get him a gift he can use any day of the week. No matter if it’s for his orange juice in the morning, an afternoon iced tea or an evening beer after work, custom mason jar is a anniversary gift that he’ll get plenty of use out of while feeling loved every single time.

Perfect Pair Cutting Board on

Perfect Pair Cutting Board

After spending a week traveling through France last summer, you have both developed quite the palette for the finer tastes in life. With his newfound interest in pairing wine with gourmet cheeses, he’ll be thrilled to receive this Perfect Pair Heart Cutting Board. Made out of marble and mango wood with your names laser engraved into it, it’ll be sure to turn some heads.
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All We Need Is Love Magnet on

All We Need
Is Love Magnet

This simple anniversary gift idea will bring joy to him throughout the day. Find a romantic photo of both of you, like the selfie you took together atop the ferris wheel or the sunset at the beach, and feature it on the All We Need Is Love Magnet. Whether it ends up on the refrigerator or at the office, it will be a subtle reminder of how special the bond is that you share.
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Brushed Watercolor Stars Candle on

Brushed Watercolor
Stars Candle

A scented candle will create a soothing ambience in any room of the house, ranging from the dining room all the way to the bedroom. When you include a custom photo and combine it with various scents and fragrances like ocean breeze, grapefruit blossom and lemon essential oil, the Brushed Watercolor Stars Candle is a gift idea will completely awaken his senses.
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Photo Book on

Photo Book

Gather up photos from your most romantic moments throughout your relationship, and catch him off guard by compiling them into a sentimental photo book. Whether it be those goofy photo booth strips from your first date, or the candid image taken where the love is palpable, this anniversary gift idea is one that will be enjoyed by him forever.
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