59 Gifts For Your Husband To Fit His Personality

No one knows your husband better than you. When it comes to finding the most personalized present, you’re the expert. Whether you’re on the hunt for a birthday, anniversary or holiday, handmade or customizable presents are the best way to break free from the usual go-to gifts. These projects and gifts also make excellent first Father’s Day gifts, celebrating his first big holiday as a proud dad. Include photos, phrases and names to transform traditional items into sentimental treasures he’ll cherish for years to come.

Always be sure to pair your homemade gift with a loving card. You can come up with what to write in a Father’s Day card with our pointers. Most importantly, use the next holiday or milestone to celebrate everything that makes him unique, whether it’s his love of cooking, a passion for craft beer or an unwavering dedication to his family.

1. Adventure Travel Tags

gifts for husband adventure travel tags

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Heading out for a second honeymoon? Gift these leather tags before you go that make your luggage stand out from the rest. This is an excellent gift to pair up with a set of tickets for a surprise journey.

2. Wine Tasting Collection

gifts for husband wine tasting collection

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If you married a wine connoisseur, create a gift set of personalized etched wine glasses. Include a sleek decanter, two wine glasses and even a cheese board for your next tasting.

3. A Clean Shave

Each of his morning shaves will be a success with this homemade, completely natural pre-shave oil. Combine grapeseed oil and your choice of earthy essential oil into a small glass bottle and craft a customized label.

4. Wedding Photo Block

gifts for husband wedding photo block

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Feature your engagement or wedding images in a stylish photo block to deck out his desk at work. He can rotate the block every day to switch up his view.

5. Trip Back in Time

gifts for husband trip back in time

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Commemorate your best travel memories from the past year by mounting an image of you or the kids from your recent journeys. Include a message on the front of the image with the destination and year you traveled.

6. Personalized Bottle Opener

gifts for husband personalized bottle opener

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Cheers to your anniversary, a birthday or Father’s Day with this customizable bottle opener. They also make excellent groom’s gifts if your big day is on the horizon.

7. Celebratory Shot Glasses

gifts for husband celebratory shot glasses

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Add a rustic and personalized touch to each of these tall, frosted shot glasses as an excellent Birthday gift. Pair with your husband’s favorite spirits.

8. Floral Photo Tray

gifts for husband floral photo tray

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Bring him breakfast in bed or serve dinner at his birthday party on this photo-adorned serving tray. The dark floral border matches the elegance of your wedding day depicted in the center of the piece.

9. Legendary Growler

gifts for husband legendary growler

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He’ll want to bring this customized growler on every one of his brewery visits. Set inside stainless steel, this stylish addition to his homebrew or brewery collection shows off his legendary status at home.

10. Concert Shadow Box

gifts for husband concert shadow box

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Showcase your concert and festival memories by adding all the tickets, wristbands and programs to a framed shadow box. Is your husband a musician? Add his guitar picks and sheet music for a special touch.

11. Rustic Romance

gifts for husband rustic romance

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Snuggle up with this wedding anniversary gift idea that includes your initials set within a modern rustic design. Go a step further by choosing a pillow design that features one of your wedding photos.

12. Pumpkin Spice Soap

Looking for a fall birthday gift for your husband? Make your own spicy, earthy soap wrapped up in a personalized label. Pair with other pumpkin and spice-scented body scrubs or shaving creams.

13. Heartfelt Photo Collage

gifts for husband heartfelt photo collage

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Looking for an unforgettable first Father’s Day gift? Gather images of your marriage and early days as a dad into a heart collage and frame in natural wood in the color of your choice.

14. Collage Frame

gifts for husband collage frame

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This circular frame holds up to six romantic images from your past. Include three words that sum up your incredible marriage in the center for a unique collage. Send it over to his room the morning of the wedding as a surprise groom gift.

15. GOT Serving Platter

gifts for husband got serving platter

Source: Bre Pea

Serve a dinner fit for a banquet on this Game of Thrones-themed barbecue platter. Use a stencil and permanent maker to add the familiar phrase and bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes to set the ink.

16. Adventure Flask

gifts for husband adventure flask

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Looking for the perfect groom’s gift to greet him on his wedding morning? Etch the phrase “whiskey + adventures” on the front of this sleek flask and pair with a bottle of his favorite spirit.

17. Goals Journal

gifts for husband goals journal

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Honor his dedication and creativity by gifting him with a motivational journal. He can keep all his fresh ideas and schedules in order in this personalized book dedicated to him.

18. World’s Greatest Dad

Choose a spot to display how much you appreciate dad right in the center of your home. Use a bright and colorful sheet of crafter paper and attach to a clipboard to hang on the wall.

19. Adventure Journal

gifts for husband adventure journal

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Are you heading on a journey in the next year? Prep for your big trip together by gifting him a journal fit for a world traveler. Bundle it together with other travel-themed gifts.

20. Pet Photo Book

gifts for husband pet photo book

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Have you raised a few furry family members together? Showcase your years with your dog, cat, bird or lizard in a pet-themed photo album and gift to your husband on your next anniversary.

21. Mr. And Mrs. Catch All

gifts for husband mr and mrs catchall

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Does he need a spot to set down his keys at the end of the day? This rectangular glass catch all will act as a loving reminder every time you both arrive home from work.

22. Craft Beer Torch

After drinking that hard-to-find bottle of craft beer, transform it into a classy tiki torch with an outdoor wall attachment for a porch or patio. Create a set of torches to create a new look for your whole outdoor space.

23. Personalized Cutting Board

gifts for husband personalized cutting board

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Cater to his inner chef with this family-themed cutting board. High-quality natural wood includes your family name, initials and an artistic flourish of your choice.

24. Breakfast for Two

gifts for husband breakfast for two

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Pair a homemade breakfast with a new set of personalized plates to pamper your husband on his next birthday. Create a breakfast-themed gift basket with a DIY mug, photo placemat or homemade serving tray.

25. Patterned Kitchen Utensils

gifts for husband patterned kitchen utensils

Source: Decor Asylum

Use a wood-burning wand to etch your own unique patterns into the handles of a new wooden spoon and spatula. Create a chef-inspired basket for your next anniversary gift.

26. Growing Your Love

gifts for husband growing your love

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Gift your new husband a young plant or flower in a personalized planter with your new family initials and a loving phrase. Choose from an assortment of colors and pair with seeds or some newly planted flowers.

27. Poker Night

gifts for husband poker night

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The next time you invite the neighbors over for a competitive night of Texas Hold ‘Em, break out your personalized deck of cards with a symbol from your wedding and the date you got hitched.

28. Family Board Book

Handmake your very own family photo board book that your husband can show to the kids during storytime. Transform a small clipboard book with printed photos, handmade decor and short stories about dad.

29. Playful Dinner Plates

gifts for husband playful dinner plates

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Make dad an incredible dinner or have the kids bring him breakfast in bed on these personalized plates. Add a fun phrase and choose his favorite colors to make it all about him.

30. Music Lovers Duvet

gifts for husband music lovers duvet

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Wake up each morning to the song that reminds you of your wedding day or when you first met. Print a selection of song lyrics across a duvet cover and give as an unforgettable homemade anniversary gift.

31. Good Old Days

gifts for husband good old days

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Celebrating a big anniversary? Dig through your favorite prints from the past and bring them back to life by setting them in a vintage frame. Choose a personalizable frame to include a collection of images or a message of your choice.

32. League Of Their Own

Quote one of his favorite movies while showcasing his love of the great American pastime with this “League of Their Own” themed poster. Choose a large wooden frame to match the tone of the baseball bats.

33. Easy DIY Bottle Opener

Add stripes, polka dots or your own personal design to a clear clipboard to transform into a necessary kitchen tool. Replace the clip with a small mountable bottle opener and gift with your hubby’s favorite six-pack of craft beer.

34. Leather Bracelet Set

gifts for husband leather bracelet

Source: Curly Made

Handcraft a set of masculine leather bracelets from a series of red, black and brown leather. Mix and match the clasps and knotted designs to create a whole set.

35. Matching Snuggle Shirts

Looking for a great first Father’s Day photo opp? Iron on matching clothing transfers that read “papa bear” and “baby bear.” Be sure to set up a Father’s Day photo shoot once you’ve surprised him with the gift.

36. Happy And Hydrated

gifts for husband happy and hydrated

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Perfect for the dad that spends all day running around, this personalized water bottle will keep him cool all day long. Add a motivational phrase in front of a watercolor design or include a photograph of your favorite memories.

37. Feather Bookmarks

gifts for husband birds of a feather

Source: Elsar Blog

Laminate a collection of small feathers in a rectangular piece of laminating sheet. Punch a hole at the top and add a rustic piece of twine. Pair with a book that he’s had his eye on.

38. Designer’s Wreath

gifts for husband designers wreath

Source: Elsar Blog

Break free from the traditional holiday wreath and give him a homemade Christmas gift that matches his style and passions. For the guy that loves to design, build and construct, deck out the wreath in rulers, protractors and rolls of tape.

39. DIY BBQ Sauce

Looking for the best Father’s Day gift as you head into summer? Fill a glass bottle with your favorite homemade BBQ sauce recipe and attach a custom label with your very own family brand name.

40. DIY Beard Oil

Natural oils can do wonders for keeping his growing beard looking sharp. Combine avocado, jojoba and earthy essential oils into a small bottle and add a handmade label.

41. Honeymoon Memories

gifts for husband honeymoon memories

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Relive the sights and memories of your honeymoon by compiling a photo book with your favorite images. Include captions, stories and a timeline of your journey together to keep alongside your wedding album.

42. Cactus Headphone Holder

Help him avoid the inevitable headphone tangle with an easy DIY gift. Trace and cut two colors of craft foam into the shape of a cactus with a loop in the center to safely secure headphone wires from day to day.

43. Driftwood Beach Decor

Head to your favorite beach spot and collect a piece of natural beechwood for a blue wall hanging. Wrap varying tones of wool yarn around wooden shower rings and connect with small eye pins.

44. Framed Cityscape

gifts for husband framed cityscape

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Did you take a trip to an amazing city as a family? Enlarge a print of the cityscape and frame within a window pane to create the appearance that you’re forever on vacation in your favorite spot.

45. Stay Fit Juice Glass

gifts for husband stay fit juice glass

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Design a set of glasses to reward yourselves after heading to the gym together. Etch a collection of motivational phrases to the front of each mason jar and pair with your favorite smoothies and juicing recipes as a gift set. Alternatively, you can also make personalized pint glasses to enjoy your smoothies.

46. Gold-Rimmed Mug

gifts for husband gold rimmed mug

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He can sip his favorite hot beverage in a personalized mug lined with gold and adorned with his favorite images. Add a fun phrase that sums up his humor and gift with a homemade hot chocolate mix.

47. Wedding Candle

gifts for husband wedding candle

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Ideal for the first-anniversary gift, print your favorite wedding image on the front of a scented or unscented candle for him to illuminate at home or at work.

48. Wrapped Canvas

gifts for husband wrapped canvas

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Create your own photo collage on canvas with a loving message to commemorate your incredible years together. Do you have a favorite phrase, quote or song lyric? Feature it in the center of the ring of photos.

49. Photo Paper Weight

gifts for husband photo paperweight

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Looking for ways to uniquely showcase your wedding photos? Nestle an image of your big day inside a glass heart paper weight with your initials and wedding date as a lovely anniversary gift.

50. Travel Mug Cozy

Keep his coffee toasty and his hands cool by knitting this tea cozy. The cozy is easy to add or remove in a hurry, making it a great accessory for running off to work or hitting the road with a fresh cup.

51. Loving Lyrics Paper Weight

gifts for husband loving lyrics paperweight

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Remind him of your wedding song every time he sits down at his desk. Encapsulate lyrics from your first dance inside a globe paper weight or choose from a variety of shapes and sizes.

52. Photo Magnets

gifts for husband photo magnets

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Tell a story on your refrigerator door by designing a set of glass or wood grain magnets for you and your husband’s next anniversary. Include photos and phrases that highlight your marriage.

53. Hanging Photo Collage

gifts for husband hanging photo collage

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How do you sum up the first magical year of marriage? This DIY gift delicately displays every blessing since your marriage with feather accents and a loving phrase of your choice.

54. Family Fun Phone Case

gifts for husband family fun phone case

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Commemorate your favorite family trip by printing the best photos on his phone case or a phrase that sums up your adventures together. Give as a Father’s Day gift with a great image of him and the kids.

55. The Cat Collection

gifts for husband the cat collection

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As a unique birthday or anniversary gift, honor your favorite family kitty with a collection of photo albums or matching office accessories like mouse pads. Weave the story of your relationship as you both grew with your feline friend.

56. Monogram Cheese Board

gifts for husband monogram cheese board

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Bring out the cheese and chocolate on a wood and marble cheese board adorned with your family initials. This unique gift makes a great addition to a kitchen filled with personalized family items.

57. Family Table Runner

gifts for husband family table runner

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Plan a romantic meal at home for your husband to celebrate the next big occasion. Surprise him with a woven table runner that features your favorite engagement photo or wedding image.

58. Glitter Photo Magnets

Add some sparkle and glam to your kitchen by framing photos in a pocket of glitter. Slip each image into a rectangle of vinyl and fill it with glitter about a quarter of the way up the bag. Back each one with a large magnet and pop it on the fridge.

59. King Of The Grill Apron

When summer rolls around, he’ll love sporting this customized grilling apron with a playful printout. Pair the apron with a hand-painted platter and a new set of grilling tools.

Personalized gifts elevate your holiday or celebration to a whole new level. Not only will your husband remember the thought and care put into the unique gift, but you’ll have a meaningful experience designing or picking out the present itself. Explore all your personalized gift options today to reinvent the gift-giving experience in your family.