45 Gift Ideas For A Six-Year-Old Boy And Girl

Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or just because, there are plenty of reasons to look for gifts for a six-year-old boy or girl. Whatever the reason, there’s nothing greater than seeing a child’s face light up with joy when they unwrap their gift.

To help you in your search, we’ve compiled this list of more than 45 of our favorite gifts for the special six-year-old in your life. From fantastic unicorn and dragon toys to fun tools for school, you’re sure to find something perfect for the littles on your shopping list here.

1. Noteworthy Gift

Waterbottle and notebook.

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Six-year-olds are just learning how to read and write. A notebook will give them their own place to practice this life skill. It makes a wonderful gift when paired with a set of pencils and a backpack to keep them all together.

2. Bean Bag Chair

Colorful kids bean bag chair.

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What kid doesn’t love to relax on a bean bag? Personalize the chair with a colorful ombre pattern and add your little one’s name for fun room decor. They can lounge around after school with their favorite book.

3. Spring Break Bingo

Here’s a fun way to keep your littles entertained during their spring break from school. Spring is a perfect time of year for your kids to play outside. With this game, they’ll have a reason to go out, explore and learn about their natural surroundings.

4. Jungle Room

Giraffe picture next to stuffed animal.

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Your six-year-old is outgrowing the baby stage and would love some “big kid” room decor. Choose a theme, inspired by their favorite things, and then decorate their room. A cool framed giraffe print and gold figurine fit perfectly into this jungle theme.

5. Rolling Shoes

If your little one doesn’t stop begging to go to the skating rink, a pair of sneakers with wheels on the heels will allow them to keep the active fun going every day. Pick a pair in their favorite color and maybe even get ones that light up.

6. Amusement Park

Six is a great age for kids to start going to amusement parks. They’re old enough to enjoy rides and activities while still too young to try out anything too crazy, like rollercoasters. Surprise them with tickets and plan a visit as a family.

7. Lawn Dominoes

Give your littles a reason to play outside with this fun set of giant lawn dominoes. This rough-and-tumble game is a perfect summer gift that encourages kids to get away from their screens and log some quality playtime outdoors.

8. Dream Big

Dream big bedding and pillow.

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Encourage your little one to dream big with moon-and-stars-themed bedding and decor for their bedroom. From duvet covers to picture frames, you’ll find everything you need to make their room out of this world.

9. LEGO Cap

If you’re shopping for a kid who loves LEGO, they’ll really love this baseball cap made with real bricks. Now they can build something or spell out their name with the popular toy bricks and then wear it proudly.

10. Under The Sea

If your six-year-old is fascinated by all things under the sea, why not redecorate his or her room with an ocean theme? Sea blue walls, a ship’s wheel mirror and lots of sea-worthy art will definitely make a splash.

11. Cat’s Cradle

Cat’s cradle is a classic game that’s great for boosting creativity and honing their strategy and motor skills. Gift them a basic string and a book of tricks so they can practice all the time.

12. Popsicle Kit

If they’re a kitchen master in training, popsicles are a fun treat that’s easy to make. A set of popsicle molds will let them make whatever flavors they want in cool shapes.

13. Mason Jar Nightlight

Fun and functional, this is the perfect present for a child who is afraid of things that go bump in the night. A solar-powered mason jar automatically comes on when the lights go off. Decorate it with your kid’s favorite things, from fairies to unicorns or anything in between.

14. Custom Clipboard

Dinosaur clipboard.

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Help your little one stay organized with a one-of-a-kind customized clipboard. Now they can work on homework anywhere! Combine it with a personalized backpack, pencil case, and set of pencils for a complete back-to-school gift set.

15. In Control

If your kid loves to play video games, try your hand at sprucing up their game controllers. Kick up the coolness factor—and give them a way to tell their controllers apart—by customizing them with color-shifting paint.

16. Upcycled Storage

Painted crate shelves.

Source: Upcycle That

Keep your kids organized with a set of shelves upcycled from crates. They’re an attractive and affordable storage solution for toys, books, clothes, and shoes. All you need are some crates and creativity!

17. Unicorn Hobby Horse

A classic hobby horse is a little more magical when it’s a unicorn! With its rainbow fur and a sparkly gold horn, your little one will love galloping around and playing a game of make-believe.

18. Mermaid Sequins

Shopping for a kid that’s going back to school? Encourage them to read and write with these eye-catching, too-cool mermaid sequin covers for their school books. They’re so much fun; everyone will want one!

19. Custom Story Book

Personalized storybook.

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Books are great gifts for kids. Now you can take your gift-giving up a notch with a personalized book that puts them at the center of the story. From dinosaurs to ballerinas, you can find the right story to suit their interests. Your child will love seeing their name in print.

20. Slip And Slide

Summer always arrives before we know it, and a slip and slide is a classic gift for kids of any age. Set it up in the yard for a birthday party or just because to stay cool and active all summer long.

21. Take Off The Training Wheels

Riding a bike is one of the most quintessential parts of childhood. If they’ve been practicing with training wheels for some time, upgrading their ride to fit their new height without training wheels is one of the most adventurous gifts they could receive.

22. Let Your Garden Grow

This is the perfect age to start tending to a garden and taking on the responsibility of helping things grow. Start small with a pot or section of the yard to plant seeds and water regularly.

23. Donut Caterpillar

Donut caterpiller.

Source: Elsar Blog

What an adorably unique way to display treats at your child’s next birthday party! All the kids will get a kick out of it. Made with donuts and candies, this cute caterpillar is anything but creepy and crawly.

24. Color-Me-Mandala

Decorating their own clothes is a really fun summer activity for kids. All you need is a blank t-shirt, some transfer paper and a set of fabric markers to make this mandala wearable art project.

25. Lunch Box

Kids holding lunch boxes.

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Encourage your kid’s self-expression by packing their school lunch in a stylish, custom lunch box. Choose from any number of whimsical designs to fit their interests and personalize it with their name for a one-of-a-kind treasure they’ll be proud to show off.

26. Character Ice Tray

Do they have a favorite book or TV show, or even just a favorite animal? Find an ice tray in the shape of their go-to so they can always have a little treat in their drinks.

27. Constructing Greatness

Nothing is more classic than a set of building blocks. If they’ve had a knack for construction ever since they were little, a set of their favorite blocks or a newer set with a fun feature—like magnets—will boost their creativity and keep them building.

28. Cookie Press

A cookie press is a fun way to spark their creativity in the kitchen. With interchangeable designs, they can create fun shapes and colors for a day of baking bliss.

29. Snuggly Teddy Bear

Teddy bear toy.

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A teddy bear makes a perfect present for a six-year-old boy or girl. Kids can snuggle the bear during quiet time, use it as a pillow during naps and engage in games with their new buddy.

30. Name Backpack

Personalized kids backpacks.

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If the six-year-old on your shopping list already has enough toys, then consider a personalized backpack to take with them on adventures. He or she will have a cute place to keep all those toys in order.

31. It’s Slime Time

It’s no secret that kids love to get their hands dirty. That’s why slime is such a fun toy for six-year-olds. Now you can take it a step further and give your child a make-you-own-slime kit that includes the recipe and all the supplies they’ll need to make their own ooey-gooey slime.

32. Tee-Ball

When they’re not on the baseball diamond, a tee-ball kit for the yard will let them practice without the pressure. It’s a great way to remind them that sports should be fun.

33. Otterly Adorable

A plush toy is a great get-well-soon present for a child that’s under the weather. Extra soft and squishy toys give them something to hug for comfort. A plush otter holding a heart is “otterly” adorable!

34. Harry Potter Wand

Perfect for your kid’s Harry Potter themed birthday party, DIY magic wands are simple to make and fun to play with. Design a different one for each of your kids or as party favors at a birthday.

35. Tall Tails

Little kids love to play dress-up—whether they’re pretending to be fairies, princes and princesses, pirates or mermaids. Encourage their active imaginations by making your kid his or her very own mermaid tail blanket.

36. DIY Squishies

Squishies are a trendy sensory toy for kids of any age. Did you know you can make them yourself? This DIY project is a fun rainy-day activity you can do with your kids.

37. Unicorn Bookends

Most kids are just learning to read at age six. Books make wonderful Christmas, birthday, and even Valentine’s Day gifts for kids. Once they’ve amassed a great book collection, they can keep them neat and tidy with a cute set of bookends.

38. Study Space

Encourage your school-aged child to study by building them their very own study space. A desk and chair, pencil cups, and kid-friendly decor pair perfectly with a chalkboard wall. Mount a hanging paper roll where they can draw or write important messages.

39. Bird Feeder

A bird feeder is a great way to have nature lessons and teach kids about responsibility. They’ll have fun being in charge of filling it up and keeping it clean, plus they’ll be able to learn a lot about the various types of birds as they come for a snack.

40. Skates

Do you have a local skating rink? If your kiddo loves to do laps, a pair of their own skates will encourage them to stay active. Whether they love rollerblading or the classic four-wheel skates, they’re sure to love them.

41. Swing Set

Nothing is more childlike than a swing set. Whether you have tons of space in your yard or you’re more cramped, there are varying sizes of swing sets available to keep the fun alive.

42. Shark Soap

Shopping for a kid who loves sharks? Their jaws will drop when they see this homemade soap—with a shark inside! This is an easy project you can do yourself or get the kids in on the fun.

43. Grow Your Own Geodes

Here’s a cool science project that’s both educational and exciting for your littles. By teaching them how to grow their own geodes, they’ll learn about how crystals form, how liquids convert to solids and evaporation. Then, they’ll have a cool crystal to keep when the project ends.

44. LEGO Soap

Bathtime will be a blast when you give you six-year-old some of this too-cool LEGO soap. All you need is a mold and some simple soap-making supplies to make a gift that will encourage your kid to wash up!

45. Dragon Wings

If your child is a fan of fairytales, they’ll love this adorable DIY dragon costume. Complete with shiny scales, webbed wings, and a tail, this costume is both cute and comfortable.

Whatever you choose to give, kids will appreciate a gift that’s given from the heart. Remember to wrap their presents in fun wrapping paper and send it along with a handwritten card.