54 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids

When heart-shaped candy boxes take over store shelves and romantic comedies headline movie marquees, it can only mean one thing: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! February 14th is a special time of year to celebrate love—not only with your significant other, but also as an entire family! Get your kids excited to spread the love by working on creative Valentine’s Day crafts together.

For inspiration, we’ve pulled together 54 fun Valentine’s Day ideas for kids that are perfect for every age from toddler to preteen. Whether they want to create a simple butterfly pencil valentine for their classmates or a handprint heart tree to hang in your home, they’ll love all of the ways they can be creative this year—and, to make it even simpler to create Valentine’s Day crafts without running to the store, check out our free Valentine’s Day printable crafts.

While spending time with your little boy or girl, don’t forget to have them choose their favorite Valentine’s Day cards to give to their classmates!

54 Valentine’s Day Ideas For Kids

1. DIY Valentine’s Day Box

DIY Valentine's Day Box

Source: Shutterfly

Help your kids craft a DIY Valentine’s Day box to collect all of the Valentine’s Day cards from their classmates! They’ll love the chance to get creative with the colors and materials they can use.

2. Valentine’s Day Printable Ideas

Valentine’s Day Printable Ideas

Source: Shutterfly

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day crafts that you can easily make with minimal supplies, download and print these free Valentine’s Day printables. Your kids will love to spend time together making crafts for your home, their classroom or a Valentine’s Day party!

3. Tic Tac Toe Valentines

Teach your kids how to play tic-tac-toe with these cute valentines. After playing, they can have the chocolate candies as a Valentine’s Day treat.

4. Paper Heart People

This Valentine’s Day craft is easy for kids to do, and the results are adorable. Cut out red paper hearts and attach accordion strips, then finish with fun googly eyes.

5. You Rock Valentines

This rocking Valentine’s Day activity is tons of fun for kids. Have them decorate smooth rocks with glittery paint and attach the rocks to a heart-shaped valentine.

6. Special Delivery

Transform empty juice cans and paper towel cardboard tubes into valentine mailboxes and let your kids decorate them with tinsel, glitter and stickers. They’ll love to open their own mailbox filled with valentines!

7. Fishbowl Valentine

If you’re looking for a valentine for your kids to take to school, check out this adorable fishbowl valentine that contains fish-shaped crackers. It’s the perfect alternative to candy.

8. Wooly Valentine

Use white felt, black cardstock and googly eyes to make your own sheep valentines. You’ll love spending time crafting these with your little one—just don’t forget to add in a cute sheep pun!

9. Foam Heart Wreath

Create a shiny and bright wreath with foam hearts. Pair with glittery hearts to add some sparkle to the wreath. This project is easy to store, so it’s perfect to save and reuse for years to come.

10. Jewel Picture Frame

A photo of your loved ones will shine in this bright pink frame. All you need is a blank wooden frame, paint and some heart-shaped jewels to create this cute, but impressive craft.

11. Paper Rose Heart Wreath

Paper Rose Heart Wreath

Source: Diana Evans

For an elegant decoration, create spiral roses out of paper. Glue these roses onto a bright red heart for the perfect Valentine’s Day wreath. Have your little one think of a special Valentine’s Day quote or personalized message to add to the center!

12. Love Bug Hats

Help your little love bugs create a fun hat to wear on Valentine’s Day. They’ll love to personalize it by adding stickers and other colorful decorations to their paper masterpiece.

13. Valentine’s Day Play Dough

If your kids love making playdough creations, they’ll adore this homemade pink playdough. Skip the trip to the store by using cabinet staples and red glitter to add some sparkle.

14. Little Love Monsters

Little Love Monsters

Source: Eighteen 25

Who says monsters have to be scary? These adorable little love monsters are made using brightly colored yarn, pipe cleaners and googly eyes. They’re so simple to make that you could even help your little one craft enough for every student in their classroom.

15. Hair Tie Valentines

These hair tie valentines are both practical and sweet. Add a fun saying like “Our friendship ties us together” and personalize with their friends favorite colors for a sweet Valentine’s Day gift that they’ll love to wear.

16. Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Yarn-wrapped hearts are a versatile Valentine’s Day craft that can be used in anything from a Cupid’s arrow display to a pink wreath. Let your child pick out their favorite color yarn and cookie cutter shape to make their own yarn craft.

17. Paper Plate Yarn Weaving

These paper plate yarn hearts will help teach your kids fine motor strength and hand-eye coordination. Plus, they’ll look beautiful hanging up in your house! Simple materials such as paper plates, paint, yarn, a stencil and a plastic sewing needle are all you need for this fun craft.

18. Puffy Paint Valentines

Who knew it only takes three common kitchen ingredients to make puffy paint? Your kids will be amazed as they watch these valentine’s puff up into three-dimensional shapes. They’ll also love to create different patterns with the different colors.

19. Heart Strawberry

These heart-shaped strawberries are as sweet as can be. Kids will love creating their own little adorable heart fruits. If they’re too young to handle scissors, cut the shapes yourself and help them glue the project together.

20. Heart Shaped Binoculars

Make your kids a fun new pair of binoculars that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Reshape two cardboard paper towel tubes and paint with bright pink and red paint. Add some yard from around the house and you have the perfect prop for a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt!

21. Heart Hedgehog

Your kids will love creating a little hedgehog pet for themselves. To make it Valentine’s Day themed, the hedgehog features heart quills. All you need are simple materials you can find around the house like construction paper, scissors and glue.

22. String Heart

Give your kids a chance to practice their hammering, tying and knotting skills with this string heart project. The results will look absolutely beautiful and they’ll love to display them around the house!

23. Decorative Tape Hearts

Kids of all ages will have a blast placing colorful decorative tape all over a bright red heart. Once their tape masterpiece is complete, punch holes around the heart and give them a chance to improve their lacing skills.

24. Handprint Heart Tree

Let love grow with this handprint heart tree. Trace your child’s hand and arm, and then attach three dimensional paper hearts to the drawing. Grab some extra supplies in case they want to make a few to gift to family and friends!

25. Paper Bag Love Monster

This adorable little monster is easy to love and can be personalized with your little one’s favorite colors or expression. To make your own, all you need is a paper bag, tissue paper and cardstock.

26. Raining Hearts

There’s nothing wrong with a little rain on on Valentine’s Day. Instead of letting it get you down, celebrate it by making a paper cloud that’s raining hearts. They’ll love to work on their gluing skills by using yarn as raindrops.

27. Thumbprint Heart Jars

Using just two thumbprints, you can easily create a little heart. For a lovely DIY vase, paint a mason jar with red, pink or white paint and use your thumb to create cute little hearts.

28. Lucky Charms Valentine

If you rather not hand out candy, but still want to surprise your kid’s classmates with a treat, try this Valentine’s Day idea. Since every kid loves marshmallow-filled cereal, fill a personalized plastic bag with the treat and have your little one hand it out to their classmates.

29. Popsicle Stick Hearts

Popsicle stick hearts are a classic Valentine’s Day craft. You can add your own twist to the decoration by incorporating other materials such as string, paper or paint.

30. Salt Dough Handprint Bowl

A salt dough bowl in the shape of your child’s handprint is a beautiful Valentine’s Day craft that you’ll cherish for years to come. Since this project involves the oven, make sure you handle the craft while it’s hot.

31. Heart of a Lion

Heart of a Lion

Source: Mom Dot

Celebrate the king of the jungle with this paper lion. To make it festive for Valentine’s Day, create a heart mane out of yellow and orange paper. Not only is this a mess-free craft, but it’s easy to make too!

32. Heart Friendship Bracelet

Help your kids create a beautiful bracelet to give to all of their best friends. The simple bracelet is made using twine and beads with heart drawings. If you’re hosting a Valentine’s Day party, this is also a great activity to throw in the mix!

35. Cork Love Bugs

Save your old corks to create these cute little love bugs. Attach heart shaped wings and googly eyes, and then let your kids decorate the corks to their heart’s desire.

33. Rice Cereal Treat Hearts

Rice cereal treats are an easy and delicious dessert to make any time of year. On February 14th, use food coloring and heart-shaped cookie cutters to fit the Valentine’s Day theme.

34. Tissue Bleed Hearts

To create a fun effect on a heart-shaped craft that will amaze your kids, place colorful tissue paper on top of a white heart. When you place it in water, the tissue paper color will bleed onto the heart.

35. Valentine’s Day Puzzle Wreath

If you have some old puzzles lying around with missing pieces, upcycle them into a wreath. Have your kids paint the pieces and then assemble them into a heart.

36. Puffy Hearts

Create a colorful three-dimensional heart by filling two stapled paper hearts with plastic bags. Affix a ribbon to the heart and hang their masterpiece on the wall or a door knob.

37. Pom-Pom Wreath

With a variety of colorful pom poms and a paper heart cut out, you’ll have hours of entertainment for your kids. They’ll love making their own creative arrangement of pom poms.

38. Valentine Lacing Heart

Teach your kids how to lace with this felt valentine heart. To make the craft even more festive, try using a heart hole puncher along the edges.

39. Blowing Bubbles

Your kids will blow their classmates away with these bubble valentines! Create a simple Valentine’s Day card and attach heart-shaped bubbles that you can find online or at a local craft store.

40. Fruit Lollipop

If you want to skip the sugary lollipops this year, give your kids a delicious and healthy fruit lollipop made out of pineapple and kiwi. They’re also a perfect treat to share with classmates or at your Valentine’s Day party.

41. I Love You This Much

Kids will love helping you make this sweet valentine. Trace you child’s hand onto two pieces of paper, and then attach the hands to each other with an accordion strip. This also makes for a fun activity if you’re throwing a Valentine’s Day party!

42. Mouse Valentines

To create adorable little Valentine’s Day mice, first fold a colorful paper heart in half. Then, add on a little string tail and heart-shaped ears. Who knew these little critters could be so cute?

43. Marshmallow Wands

These marshmallow wands are truly a magical Valentine’s Day treat. Just add chocolate, sprinkles, candies and a few extra treats to your shopping list so the kids can truly personalize their decorated treat.

44. Glow Stick Valentines

Make your kid’s world glow with handmade valentines composed of printed card stock attached to glow sticks. Test them out by turning off the lights on Valentine’s Day!

45. Thumbprint Heart Magnets

These thumbprint heart magnets are easy for kids to make with simple materials such as clay, paint and magnets. The results will look gorgeous hanging up on your fridge!

46. Valentine Snow Globe

Create your own little winter wonderland with this beautiful snow globe. With simple materials you can find around the house like a mason jar, sugar, a straw and felt, it’s easy for your kids to make this without a trip to the store.

47. Won’t Chew Be Mine

You don’t need any quarters for this gumball valentine. Create your own gumball machine using a plastic cup, a clear plastic ornament and plenty of colorful gumballs. These are adorable Valentine’s Day gifts for your child’s classmates.

48. Pipe Cleaner Hearts

If you’re looking for a cupcake topper, check out these pipe cleaner hearts. You can easily customize this craft with different colored pipe cleaners and beads.

49. Healthy Fruit Valentines

Healthy Fruit Valentines

Source: Cake Whiz

If you’re looking for a healthy valentine that’s still sweet, check out these fruit valentines. You can decorate the fruit and write a few classic Valentine’s Day messages and add them to your little boy or girl’s lunch box!

50. Finger Paint Love Canvas

If you have young kids, try doing this finger-painting craft. Place stencils that spell out ‘Love’ on a canvas, and have your kids create colorful dots all around the letters.

51. Heart Glitter Jar

Heart Glitter Jar

Source: Fun A Day

Shake up your Valentine’s Day with a heart glitter jar that your kids will love to play with! Simply find a bottle from your recycling bin and have your little one pick out their favorite glitter and glitter glue to add to the mix.

52. Melted Crayon Heart

Melting crayons creates a cool effect your kids will love. Hot glue crayons onto a canvas in the shape of a heart and then use a blow dryer to melt the crayons.

53. Puzzle Heart

Give your kids a true DIY valentine by adhering puzzle pieces to Starburst® candies. This valentine is perfect for your little Einstein-to-be and all of their classmates.

54. Love Bug Lollipop

Turn lollipops into adorable little love bugs by attaching heart-shaped wings, pipe cleaner antennae and googly eyes to them. This little treat is almost too cute to eat!

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