When to Send Baby Shower Thank You Notes?

When friends and family gather to help you celebrate the newest addition to your family, you’ll want to thank them with the proper appreciation. Whether you’re looking to thank your guests for a baby shower gift or for sending their well wishes, choosing a baby shower thank you card that matches the theme of your big day and your personality, will make for a one-of-a-kind thank you. Be sure that every one of your guests feels your warm gratitude through the greeting you send.

After you’ve finished baby shower thank you card wording, all that’s left to do is to assure your notes arrive on time. You’ll want to avoid sending them too long after the shower because then, your thank you notes may lose some of their value.

baby shower thank you card

As a mom-to-be, saying that you’ll be busy after your shower is an understatement. However, you can order your thank you notes ahead of time and have them ready to send out after your shower. Find out the appropriate time for when to send baby shower thank you notes with our tips below.

When to Send Baby Shower Thank You Notes?

The honoree should send thank you notes to her baby shower attendees two to three weeks after the baby shower. Sending out thank you cards for gifts you received is a highly recommended gesture after a baby shower has occurred and is proper baby shower etiquette. If your little one arrives early though, take your time with sending out baby shower thank you cards until you’re settled in with baby. If you’re unable to send out thank you cards prior to your birth, you can also include a thank you message about your gifts when sending out your custom birth announcements. Be sure to designate someone to write down who gave which gifts, during the gift opening segment at the baby shower, so the mom-to-be can easily follow along with what to write in a baby shower thank you card later.

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After your little bundle of joy has arrived, be sure to send all of your friends and family an announcement. They surely can’t wait to hear all the little details. Use our inspiration guide for birth announcement photo ideas to choose the perfect design and share baby’s first photo.