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27 Lovely Living Room Wall Colors

The living room serves as a home’s focal point. It acts as a transition from the front door to the main part of the home, flows seamlessly into the kitchen or bedroom, and as an entry area for new guests. A living room sets the tone for your family to make lifelong memories and that’s why living room colors matter.

Don’t feel overwhelmed when choosing a living room color scheme. No matter what paint color or furnishings you select, you can never go wrong with a classic, timeless design. These 27 options are the perfect wall colors for a living room and only require home decor, artwork, and a little love to relay your home’s feel.

1. Ash Grey

Grey comes in a variety of shades and can bring depth to any room. This neutral tone is ideal when you want to make a small living room look larger than life. Balance a blue-grey tone with deep blue furnishings for a commanding presence.

Boho modern living room with brown couch.

2. Eggshell Yellow

Pale yellow has made a comeback in recent years. This cheerful color will bring a splash of color to your kitchen. Include a bright lacquer cabinet finish to keep things contemporary and bright.

3. Misty Lilac

A dusty Easter lily purple can create a soft, relaxing vibe in a living room. Make this color pop with rich magenta accents and gold-accented frames for canvas prints.

4. Deep Plum

Luxurious deep plum tones are ideal for a living room. The jewel tones set the stage for deep conversations, delicious dinners, and formal entertainment. Try white or light taupe accents to complete this look.

5. Cornflower Blue

Living room wall colors don’t have to be complex. Cornflower blue is Midwest living at it’s finest. Give your living room an updated look that feels comfortable and relaxed.

Blue living room wall with decor.

6. Chartreuse Limelight

There’s no getting around the many living room ideas out there. Choosing colors can be overwhelming, but if you like to live on the edge, chartreuse and turquoise can be the perfect combination!

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7. Ultramarine Green

Deep green colors bring life to a living room wall. Use paint colors that work on several levels—like a light green paired with light gold fixtures or bright blue colors to bring contrast to a room.

8. Chocolate Brown

Use rich chocolate browns in solid stripes and accent with white trim. Lighter-colored, wooden art frames help create an inviting and warm living space.

9. Antique White

Bring a classic view of the living room to your own. Pair with a bright candy apple red accent wall or deep mahogany brown for a dramatic look. Black and white living rooms are a fun way of livening things up.

Bohemian living room decor with hanging swing.

10. Light Green

Energize your living room with light green colors that are fun and vibrant. This color is easy to pair with lighter or darker shades of green, or just about any color that includes a chic approach.

11. Pewter Grey

Muted, slate grey living room ideas abound. Multicolored throw pillows can make any area pop with color. Choosing a single wall color is a great way to go if you include accent pieces that don’t fade into the background.

12. Evergreen Spruce

Colors for living room walls should be inviting. Liven up a room with a green spruce color, then add fresh evergreens to the fireplace mantel. Distressed wood serves as ideal picture frames and gives a room a sense of authenticity. This look is perfect for a cabin in the woods.

13. Titanium Grey

Deep greys, like titanium grey, lend a rich and sophisticated feel to a living room. Use dark-colored frames to set off portraits, artwork, or canvas prints.

Gray living room wall and couch decor.

14. Dark Orchid

Mysterious and beautifully complex, a dark orchid blend combines the deepest purple with the lightest black. Change things up with brilliant fuchsia accents and wall art that borders on abstract.

15. Regal Red

Deep, rich red brings a bold flavor to any living room. Pair with lighter accents for an energetic, lively feel or with deep dark accents to bring a mysterious feel to a room.

16. Peach Blossom

Keep things neutral with peach walls and add accents in yellow, orange, or blue furnishings and accents. Frame your family photos on the wall to make guests feel at home.

17. Jade Green

Living rooms inspire conversation and are the number one area to entertain a formal crowd. Accent wall colors for the living room in jade green include jewel tones like purple, red, or deep green.

Living room couch with natural light.

18. Polo Blue

Deep blue living room colors create a formal and commanding feel. Add bold red roses and brass candlestick holders as accents, and gold or brass-framed photos to hold your favorite artwork.

19. Tawny Gold

Tawny gold is the gold standard for room decor, proving it doesn’t have to be dull. Gold framed photos and wooden furnishings help keep things light.

20. Pale Blue

Pale blue walls give a colonial vibe to a living room while keeping it light and airy. Use deep blue accent pillows and a white rug to further tie the space together.

21. Kombu Green

Deep olive green colors speak to your guests in a no-nonsense type of way. Encourage intellectual conversation on important topics.

Dark green living room wall with decor.

22. Desert Sage

Bring the outdoors in with a romantic sage color that breathes life into any living room. A dusty rose serves as the perfect accent piece. Use artwork by native artists to lend an authentic feel to a room.

23. Red Wine

Dark red walls can help any room stand out. This burgundy-based color can be both cozy and intimate or power-based—it all depends on your furnishings and artwork!

24. Dusty Rose

We love neutrals, but we also embrace elegant pastels. Dusty rose is an ideal color choice for a living room wall. A gold lighting fixture and decorative throw make the perfect accents.

25. Slate Grey

Deep, neutral colors are ideal for tying a room together. Be sure to use light-colored accent pieces, plant decor, and couch pillows to make the room pop.

Gray living room decor.

26. Pink Champagne

Pink walls won’t feel “girly” when paired with the proper furnishings and wall decor. Think of the wild west and a southwestern feel will light up the room.

27. Alabaster White

Hints of yellow and gold make this the perfect neutral for any living room wall and ceiling. Add gold-framed portraits and bright artwork that will stand out against this relaxing color.

White living room with boho decor.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to color a living room you’ve dreamed of and no way is wrong. Whether you choose a bright color palette like red and gold or the neutral tones of white and tan, you can change up the style with simple accents and wall art. A color scheme should represent your family’s style and living habits.