25 Cool Gift Ideas For Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle riders all share a special love of adventure and the open road. They have a passion for making the most of their travel no matter the distance. You don’t have to be a biker specialist to find the best gifts for motorcycle riders. Think about all the things that make a bike enthusiast unique. For example, they spend more time in the sun and open air. A small gift may include personalized sunglasses, homemade sunscreen or beard balm.

What if you have a family member that no longer rides but still has a passion for motorcycles? A great gift for dad may include a photo-adorned glass or koozie, for example. Sit down together and share stories about his travels with a cold drink. You can also explore endless gifts for travel lovers as for all their excursions on the road. Keep this list handy for the next holiday, birthday or milestone to find that great gift for motorcycle riders that celebrate their love of riding.

1. Travel Flask

Black flask.

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If the biker in your life likes to hit the road for last-minute camping trips, send them off to the campfire with a personalized flask to kick back with at the end of the night. Monogram it or craft it in their favorite color to make it truly personalized.

2. Tire Pressure Gauge

When you’re on the road for days or weeks at a time, a tire pressure gauge will help keep you in the know about the state of your conditions on the road. They’re compact enough to fit in a pack but provide a huge amount of security—it can be the difference between a flat and knowing when to get service.

3. Compact Coffee Filter

It’s important to have your morning coffee but can be tricky to get on the road. Coffee shops are often few and far between. A compact coffee filter will ensure the rider gets their daily dose of caffeine in a personalized serving that’s easy to store.

4. Handlebar Bag

A pouch to strap to their handlebar is a great place to keep their wallet, house keys and phone. It’s great to have it all within reach when they need to make a quick stop so they’re not always digging through their backpack.

5. Bike Chain Coaster

Fill small accents throughout your bike-loving friend’s home. Wrap bike chains around a cork coaster and pair with a set of personalized pilsner or wine glasses.

6. Card Holder

Phone card holder.

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If your favorite couple loves to head out on the road, why not make their packing a bit easier? A phone card holder makes it way easier to bring their phone and cards with them, without having to bring a purse or bulky wallet. It will keep their most important things all together, plus showcase a bit of their personality.

7. Polarized Sunglasses

Eye protection is incredibly important on the road, from both debris and the sun. A high-quality pair of polarized sunglasses will protect their eyes and keep their visibility sharp on the road.

8. Reusable Silicone Straws

Reusable straws are an eco-friendly way to stay green on the road, but they’re sometimes inconvenient to pack—metal straws are awkward and glass straws are breakable. Silicone straws are flexible and washable, and easy to fold up into a small pocket of a backpack.

9. Road Map

This may seem obvious, but cell service can be spotty on a long road trip. A classic paper map with easy-to-read directions and legends will ensure they always know where they’re going, no matter how bad their coverage is.

10. Shot Glass Set

Monogrammed shot glasses.

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If you gather with your biking buddies every few weeks, design a set of personalized shot glasses to toast to your friendship after a great ride. They’re small enough to tuck into a backpack without compromising on space.

11. Bluetooth Earbuds

A pair of Bluetooth earbuds will be loved on a long journey. They’ll provide the entertainment the rider needs to stay focused, plus won’t take up hardly any space in their bag.

12. First Aid Supplies

The open road is an exciting place, but it can leave a rider subjected to the elements. A basic first aid kit with bandages, ointment and gauze will ensure they’re covered for every little scrape on the road.

13. Traveler’s Notebook

Create a set of personalized adhesive stickers with a new journal to show off all their stories on the road. Include images of their travels to pop into the pages as well.

14. Rain Cover

A foldable rain cover for their bike will be a bonus on long trips. An unexpected shower can ruin a day on the road, but a waterproof protector for their bike will be invaluable.

15. Leather Gloves

A classic pair of high-quality leather gloves will protect their hands on long journeys. Plus, a good pair will last them a long time and add to their cool, sleek biker style.

16. Who’s The Boss?

Pastel keychain.

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Mom is always a boss, and she can feel like even more of a boss out on the open road. A customized mom boss pewter keychain is a great way to showcase some of her personal style and remind her who’s in charge when she hops on her bike.

17. Tool Kit

You never know when you’re going to have a gear get out of place or a flat tire on the road. Give them a mini tool kit with the basics so they can take care of all the little hiccups on the road.

18. Face Scarf

If they’re headed on a long journey, a face scarf is a great accessory to protect themselves. From the hot sun and winds to cold snow, it’s an all-weather item that will be greatly appreciated, no matter the conditions.

19. Beard Balm

Does your husband have a hard time keeping his beard in place as he hits the road on his bike? Mix up this homemade beard balm as a personalized gift for him.

20. Helmet Decal

Is there a brand or team they love? Give them a decal that they can put on their helmet and show their pride wherever they go.

21. Swiss Army Knife

All in one! A Swiss army knife provides a universal tool that can be used no matter what situation they encounter on the road.

22. Aloe Face Mask

What’s better than a cooling face mask just after you spend a day in the sun riding down the highway? Whip up this simple aloe face mask into a small container with instructions for caring for that sun-kissed skin.

23. Handlebar Phone Mount

A handlebar phone mount is a great way to keep their map front and center. It’s adjustable to their handlebar and the angle they need, a perfect tool for a long trip or a route with lots of twists and turns.

24. Sunscreen

Who always forgets sunscreen? While too easy to forget, it’s incredibly important. A bottle of high-quality sunscreen will be essential for the health of their skin when they embark on a long journey.

25. Natural Bug Repellant

Essential oils.

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Skip the store-bought mosquito spray and make your own with all-natural ingredients. Combine lemon, eucalyptus and geranium essential oil into a small spray bottle for easier travel.

Even if you’ve never had the chance to take a ride on a bike, you can still find the best gift for motorcycle lovers. Celebrate their adventurous spirit with photo gifts that celebrate their incredible journeys and arrange a night to relax and listen to all their travel tales.