22 Fun And Easy Wall Art Ideas For Girls

When thinking about wall art ideas for girls, it’s important to let your girl shine and show the world who she is. Girls of all ages enjoy having a bedroom that truly represents who they are. It’s about having a space that is all about them. When they are allowed or encouraged to create the artwork and decor themselves, it becomes even more personal.

Other ways of being involved or in control of the room can include responsibilities such as designing a photo wall or rearranging the room’s furnishings. Suggesting decor and artwork that can grow with her and her interests is also a great way to keep her involved. Our list of 18 fun and easy wall art ideas for girls can help both of you with that task.

1. Shadow Box

shadow box frame

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Collect memories from their childhood to create a sweet shadow box. Have your child fill the box with their favorite things as a baby to cherish for years to come.

2. Welcome To The Jungle

A lion’s bust is a perfect and unexpected addition to wall decorations. The soft and pettable “big cat” adds a fun and whimsical touch and is easy to make. This lion is also completely customizable and can be designed in unlimited color schemes.

3. Hello World

wall art for little girls room baby announcement decor

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Commemorate the day she came into the world with a baby themed shelf. Showcase her birth announcement, holiday cards and any other memories captured in her first year.

4. Inspirational Banners

Using a combination of crafting techniques allows you to create these fun banners as bedroom art. Felt craft is accented with fun pom-poms and tassels made of soft yarn to add boosts of color and inspiration.

5. Slice Of Life

The clever use of natural wood slices can bring a bright touch of life and color to any bedroom wall art. Even those who are less-than-crafty will enjoy creating these easy masterpieces.

6. Brightest Of Blocks

Create a fun gallery wall using this easy DIY decoupage collage technique. By layering tissue paper onto a wood block, you make a background for your favorite photos or artwork. The choices are endless and allow you to fit the pieces to any room or style.

7. String of Memories

wall art for little girls room cute stationery

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Use a simple ribbon and clothespins to swap our different decor. You can ever use it to display reminders, birthday invitiations or good report cards.

8. Make A Statement

It is easy to make a statement with this gorgeous grid display of fabric-covered squares. Beautiful, coordinating fabric is stapled onto canvas squares and then finished off with a fancy monogram or initial.

9. Fanciful Creatures

If you choose to deck the halls for the holidays or just create some fun living room wall art, this 3D unicorn head will fit the bill. This do-it-yourself project requires cardstock, a little bit of time and some paper-crafting skills.

10. Life’s an Adventure

wall art for little girls room illustrated animals

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Paint a cute mountain as an accent wall for your baby girl’s room. Pair with picture of wildlife and thoughtful family photos.

11. Pourable Art

Fun and addicting, pour painting will become your new favorite craft. The beauty of the technique is that every piece is unique and the finished work is equally at home in the bedroom or as kitchen art.

12. Pop Art

3D hearts made of painted popsicles become instant art. This extremely simple project can be created by crafters of all ages. Choosing custom colors and shapes allows for maximum creativity and personalization.

13. Art Gallery

Six baby animal canvas prints in nurseryCreate your own art gallery showcasing your favorite creatures. Covered in glitter and mounted to canvas blocks or wooden squares, this gallery wall will delight all who gaze upon it.

14. Bold And Bright

A variety of picture frames in different shapes and sizes gives structure to the room inhabitant’s custom artwork. Painted in a bold color, the frames allow the gallery wall to become the focal point of the room.

15. Texture Meets Color

This darling example of DIY wall art can find a home in almost any room of the house. The bumpy texture and neutral shades of the beaded placemat provide a lovely base and contrast for the soft yarn in bright colors.

16. A Rainbow Of Ribbons

When creating wall art for a girl’s room it is important to have a soft touch. This little rainbow of ribbons is suspended beneath a cloud made from styrofoam balls. It adds a dash of color without being overwhelming or conflicting with other decor.

17. Colorful Collage

tissue paper art

Source: Sarah Hearts

Vellum paper in fun shapes stars in this simple but stunning project. The subdued and almost transparent papers are affixed to artist panels primed with adhesive. This pleasing artwork imparts a happy vibe in whatever room it hangs in.

18. Banner Love

Felt banners steal the spotlight again. Simple and easy to make, these fun banners provide hours of creative crafting. The final product will be displayed with pride on your little crafter’s bedroom wall.

19. Give Me An “A”

Pom-poms are not just for cheerleaders! Show off your DIY skills when you add pom-poms made of soft yarn to letter cut-outs. Match the colors to the room’s decor or use contrasting colors to make the letters pop!

20. Dare To Dream

String art has regained popularity recently. This straight-forward DIY technique allows the crafter to create unique artwork that reflects their personality and interests. Customization is only limited to your imagination.

21. Under The Sea

fish scales diy

Source: Doodlecraft

Reminiscent of sparkling mermaid scales, this DIY wall backdrop is as fun to make as it is cute. The scales are quickly created from card stock and other specialty papers using craft punches. Use the finished piece as a backdrop for other decor or as a focal point itself.

22. Patterned Unicorn

Personalized and patterned, this fanciful unicorn will delight any young girl. The use of washi tape and a wood cut-out makes a darling wall hanging to act as the focal point of this bedroom wall art.

Whether you are looking for a big or little girl bedroom idea, our list will give you some helpful tips. When you start to decorate, be sure to solicit the opinion of the girl who lives in the room. The room and its decor should make her happy. It doesn’t have to be perfect or a showroom as long as she loves it.