How To Make Birthday Cards Online

Whether you’re celebrating your special day with a birthday party or want to honor a loved one with sweet birthday wishes, sending a physical card makes the day all the more memorable. No matter how old the birthday boy or girl is, giving a heartfelt “Happy Birthday” message to the honoree in a unique greeting card is more valuable than any gift they receive.

Birthdays are an opportunity to plan your perfect day, and if your idea of a good time is a huge birthday bash or a virtual celebration, excite your guests and make the day extra special with one-of-a-kind birthday invitations. Of course, don’t forget the birthday thank you cards for all who helped make your day truly amazing. Add your personal touch and use this guide to create custom birthday cards online.

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Step 1: Pick A Card

The type of card you choose depends on its purpose and the recipient. Make sure the card aligns with the age of the birthday person and reflects their personality. Pick your greeting card, invitation, or thank you card for any type of birthday, whether in person or virtual.

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Greeting Card

Help a loved one celebrate their special day by sending your birthday message in a personalized birthday greeting card. Choose a style and color that best corresponds with their personality, and create a sweet DIY birthday card with your own thoughtful words.

If you can’t celebrate with them in person, sending a handwritten greeting card along with a unique birthday gift is a great way to congratulate someone on their milestone.

Invitation Card

Whether you’re creating your own birthday cards for an adult birthday party or crafting a cute card for a baby’s first birthday, the birthday invitation card should convey what the event is, who is being celebrated, and all the party details.

For your little one’s birthday bash, consider personalized kids birthday invitations to invite all their school friends (and their parents). For a more sophisticated birthday celebration for an adult, opt for a custom birthday invitation that showcases the type of party, sets the theme and mood, and invites everyone who’s important to you.

Thank You Card

Show your gratitude to the party guests who helped you ring in another year with personalized thank you cards. Choose bright and whimsical colors for a child’s birthday party guests or pick more elegant cards if your guests attended your more sophisticated birthday party.

Custom thank you cards

Step 2: Add The Details

Once you select the type of birthday card template you’re going to send to guests or the birthday person, add all the next step is to add the details. For an invitation card, add the name, the date of the party, time, location, and any other details guests may need, such as a party theme and a birthday wish list. For a greeting card, include the name and your message, or opt to handwrite these things later.

Step 3: Customize The Design

Next, personalize the birthday card design by choosing its trim, high-quality cardstock, background colors, and layout. For an invitation or thank you card, fill in the information on the front and customize the layout on the back, depending on how much text, how many photos, and the size of the photos you want to paste. For the greeting card, choose the layout of images and text for all four sides — the front, the right or top, the left or bottom, and the back.

Blue first birthday card with photo of baby

Step 4: Upload Your Photos

Now that you’ve decided on the layout and design of your card, upload the images you want to be on the card. Choose the best photo of the birthday boy or girl for the front of an invitation card to make it clear whose birthday is being celebrated.

For a greeting card, a photo of you and the birthday person together can be a sweet way to express your love and the bond you have. If you prefer a more neutral theme, pick your favorite picture from a past vacation or shot of nature.

Step 5: Envelope, Address And Send

Once your card is complete, select an envelope that matches the card’s aesthetic and will make your invitations or greeting card stand out. Opt to choose a liner of a specific color or pattern to make the experience of receiving the card and opening the envelope more exciting.

Lastly, address your envelope and send the card to the birthday person or your party guests with enough time in advance of the event. Pick out custom address labels and personalized postage for added flair.

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Final Thoughts

Birthday cards are a great way to celebrate someone’s special day by sending them a loving message, inviting them to a celebration, and later thanking them for attending your birthday bash.

Create the perfect personalized birthday cards online by choosing a fun style, customizing the design and layout, and uploading your own images and text to make this card one-of-a-kind.

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