20 Birthday Card Ideas to Help You Celebrate

Is there a special birthday coming up? Are you trying to find a way to let the honoree know how much they’re appreciated? If so, consider creating a unique birthday card. The following birthday greeting cards make excellent additions to a personalized gift, or as a stand-alone birthday message. For inspiration, check out our top picks for birthday card ideas below.

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General Happy Birthday Card Ideas

Looking for a classic happy birthday card that works for just about everyone? If so, the following ideas are perfect for you. From fun watercolor designs to birthday balloons, anyone would be happy to receive these happy birthday card ideas.

1. Fun Balloons Pink Birthday Card

Cute balloons happy birthday card.

Sweet, simple, and elegantly designed. This birthday card idea is perfect for kids, friends, and family. Just find your favorite photo of the birthday person and take your time to write a kind message letting them know how much they’re appreciated.  

2. Happy Sign Card

A cute purple photo birthday greeting card.

This classic birthday card design works for almost anyone– and it’s easy to personalize. Simply include a cute photo of the honoree, and write a sweet message inside. They’re sure to appreciate the thought and care put into this card idea. 

3. Fun Watercolor Designs

Woman making water color card.

Creating a simple and fun birthday card can be as simple as breaking out your watercolor set. Paint a unique pattern or design on a thick sheet of paper or blank cardstock, then leave it out to dry. Once dry, you’re free to fold the card and include a special message for the birthday person. You can also start with a blank matte photo card featuring the birthday boy or birthday girl.

Homemade Birthday Card Ideas

A homemade card tells the birthday person that time and thought has gone into their birthday celebration. The following birthday card designs range in theme, but there’s sure to be an idea perfect for the recipient, whether it’s a birthday card for her or birthday card for him.

4. Upload Your Own Design

Metallic foil upload your own design card.

If you already have a card design in mind, but you’re looking for a way to make it truly stand out, consider this ‘Upload Your Own Design’ template. It includes a foil border that will make your card pop. The birthday card recipient is sure to love it. 

5. Construction Paper Card

Kids paper craft for a cute construction paper card.

Construction paper cards are the perfect craft for younger card makers. So if you’re helping your child make a card for a classmate or family member, this might be an ideal idea. Just make sure to exercise caution with any scissors used. 

6. Flowers and Butterflies

Card and tools with decoration.

This card is made from construction paper, clips, and crafting flowers. Most of these supplies can be found in your local craft store, along with some crafting glue. Get creative with your design, and make it your own for something the recipient will love.

Funny Birthday Card Ideas

If the birthday person is known for their sense of humor, a funny birthday card might be the right way to go. Check out our funny birthday card ideas below for some fun inspiration to get you started.

7. Smelly Surprise Card

Funny dog birthday greeting card.

This card is the perfect idea for a friend with the right sense of humor. It’s even better if they a dog. Just make sure to find a meaningful gift to keep the birthday celebration going.

8. Happy Coincidence Card

Funny green card for a happy birthday message.

This happy birthday card focuses on the special friendship you share with the recipient. It’s perfect for a duo whose friendship includes plenty of humor and sarcasm. Just don’t forget to say Happy Birthday!

9. Birthday Queen Design

Funny card for girl's birthday that says All Hail the Queen.

For the sassy ‘woman in charge’ in your life, this funny birthday card is perfect. Just include one of your favorite photos of her along with a special message. She’s sure to love it, along with a great birthday gift.

10. In the News Card

Funny birthday card of a man with a news layout.

For a birthday person who knows their big day is the event of the year, this card will remind them just how special they are. Along with the humor, they’re sure to appreciate the time and care put into this fun birthday surprise.

Creative Birthday Cards

Looking for some more creative birthday ideas? The following birthday card ideas are as unique as they are heartfelt. Just pick your favorite from those below or use them to inspire an idea all your own.

11. Wooden Elements

Cropped image of a woman holding scrapbooking postcard with a wooden balloon.

This elaborate card is made using hand-carved (or craft store purchased) wooden design elements. Arrange them in your favorite pattern or design, and glue them to heavy cardstock or layered construction paper. With so much time and effort put into the creation, the recipient is sure to save it for years to come. 

12. Scrapbooking Card

Woman making a scrapbooking birthday card.

This card is perfect if either you or the recipient is a big fan of scrapbooking. Using some of your favorite scrapbooking materials (or leftover paper scraps), create a unique design for the front of the card. Along with a special message, this card is one-of-a-kind.

13. Hugs and Kisses

Making Hugs and Kisses greeting cards.

Similar to the scrapbooking idea, this creative birthday card uses leftover materials. However, this one focuses on special reminders of things the birthday person loves, such as their favorite flower, or sheet music from their favorite song.

Cute Birthday Card Ideas

Whether it’s for a younger recipient or for someone who appreciates the sweeter things in life, these cute birthday card ideas are perfect. Just pick your favorite design from those below and get crafting.

14. Superkid Adventures

Funny greeting card with kid super hero on it.

If the birthday kid is destined to save the world (or if they just really love superheroes), this card is guaranteed to make their day. Include a cute picture to finish the front of the card and a special message to let them know just how super they are.

15. Pen and Polka Dots Cards

Birthday card lying on table with golden decoration.

This card idea may be simple, but it’s also a cute idea for any birthday girl. Simple find blank cardstock and fill the space with a unique polka dot design or with all their favorite colors. The handmade look will let the honoree know just how much thought you put into it.

16. Heart Designs

Beautiful red heart cut from paper on a greeting card with paper flowers.

Simple, cute, and perfect for someone special. This uniquely designed card featured a hand-cut heart made from construction paper. Alternatively, you can paint or draw in the heart, or for an extra special touch—use glue and glitter.

17. A Day to Celebrate

Making of scrapbook greeting card.

With some sturdy cardstock, crafting ribbon and flowers, and stickers with special messages– you can create this hand-made masterpiece. Just make sure that the message on the back is as carefully constructed as the design on front.

Other Birthday Card Decoration Ideas

Looking for some unique ideas to take your birthday card to the next level? The following card additions do just that:

18. Laced Details

Directly above view of wrapped retro paper cards, and vintage lace.

Adding a little lace to your handmade card can easily take it from a cute idea to something the recipient will save for years to come. Whether you add lace to the border, use it to tie a bow, or any other design– it’s a guaranteed fan favorite.

19. Sew On Details

Hands of a woman crafting and scrap-booking homemade cards.

For especially delicate details, consider sewing them onto extra thick cardstock—or to a tied ribbon. Even though it’s a little more time intensive, this kind of detailing will quickly make your card a show-stopping keepsake. 

20. Get The Kids Involved

Surprised dad holding handmade greeting card and embracing his smiling child.

Nothing says “specially made for you” like the artwork from a child. Have your little helpers participate with the card making for something the recipient will treasure forever.

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