How to Make the Best Business Cards

Shutterfly should be the first place you look to create business cards. We have many styles to choose from, all of which can be customized to suit your preferences and requirements. Business cards are essential for any successful businessperson or freelancer looking for work. Shutterfly helps you design business cards that stand out and put you one step ahead of the competition. With so many personalization options available, a professional, one-of-a-kind business card is only a few clicks away. Explore how to make a business card and the different styles Shutterfly has to offer for your business.

Business cards can make you and your business stand out from the rest of your competition. They will give you potential customers and clientele a way to remember you when they are looking for your service. As you start creating your personalized business card, think about the main things you want your clients to know about your business. As you create your customized business card you can implement different styles, text, logos and pictures to show others what your business is about.

Business Card Styles

When you create your own business cards on Shutterfly, you have access to so many different styles, any of which can be used to create the perfect one for your line of work. So whether you’re an accountant, banker, musician, or clown, we give you the tools and templates to create a calling card that sticks in mind and leads to more business.

Classic Business Cards

Our classic business cards are a tasteful and minimalist option if you want to invest in new cards that make a statement and make you seem professional. Each one is made with Signature Smooth Cardstock that feels high-quality in hand – impress your co-workers and potential clients before they even read the front of your card. Customize your set of business cards with our Custom Color Palette and alter the text to match your business philosophy, and highlight any essential information the reader should know. Browse our classic, simple business card designs, get customizing, and make a business card worth sharing.

Classic business card with black background and white text

Contemporary Business Cards

If you are a modern businessperson with an eye on expanding your business, earning new clients, and making the most of your working life, invest in a set of our high-quality, contemporary business cards. Whereas our classic cards are tried-and-tested, our contemporary business card designs are best for making a statement. Let your clients know that you are up with the time and trends, starting with your card design. Add your own text, personalize the color scheme (if applicable), and design your own business cards with a sense of modern style. With so many designs on offer, you can create the perfect one with minimal fuss and maximum satisfaction.

Contemporary business card with pink tone background with black font

Whimsical Business Cards

While our contemporary and classic designs are great for some people, our whimsical business card options are just a ton of fun, perfect for freelancers and entrepreneurs who know how to walk the line between exuberance and professionalism. Our whimsical business cards feature bold colors and interesting font choices. Add your own name, address, phone number, and business name to create a card that draws the eye and says everything you require at the same time. Then, take some time to create an attractive business card with an eye-catching pattern that shows off your information.

Whimiscal business card with pattern boarder with white background

Calling Contact Cards for Kids

If you are a responsible parent and want to take a simple yet effective measure to ensure your child’s safety, consider designing a set of calling cards for kids. This is a simple way to ensure your phone number and contact information are available if your child should wander off. First, add all your vital contact information and keep those cards in your child’s coat, bag, and any other item of clothing or accessory they’ll carry regularly. Then, customize one of our current designs or make one yourself from scratch that is easily spotted in an emergency.

Upload Your Own Design Business Cards

Sometimes, you need to add an extra slice of creative input into your business decisions; this includes making business cards. While our designs are intended for all sorts of Shutterfly customers, you may have a particular idea for a business card that you bring to life. This is where we come in. Choose our “Upload Your Own Design” option to create a business card that is entirely one-of-a-kind; unique to your business. Choose your text, font, layout, and photos; you can even add your logo. If you’ve got an eye for branding, you’ll want your business cards to be an extension of your company’s already burgeoning public image.

Custom Business Card Themes

As well as our different business styles, we also provide business card templates with different themes, each as eye-catching as the last. Consider these themes when creating your set of cards. While some themes lend themselves to certain businesses better than others, Shutterfly’s customization options can help you personalize these themed cards until they are perfect for your line of work.

Floral Business Cards

Floral business cards are a must if you are a florist, run a haberdashery business, or are a designer. Our floral designs are easy on the eye and attractive enough to stick in people’s minds when they require your services. As with all our other card designs, you can customize the text to suit your business. In addition, you can also change the background color, depending on your personal preference. So, if your target demographic and potential demographic appreciate floral designs, create a personalized floral business card and take your business to the next level.

Floral pattern business card with a brown background and a floral boarder

Monogrammed Business Cards

Sleek and sophisticated, our selection of monogrammed business cards is a fantastic investment for anybody looking to impress potential clients straight away. Present all your important business information clearly with a simple design that commands attention. These cards may not be as out-there as some other Shutterfly designs, but they ooze professionalism. Go one step further and customize these cards with your initials, brand message, and any other information that’ll help clients reach you quickly. When you buy Shutterfly’s monogrammed business cards, you are making a sound investment for your business.

Monogram business card with design on a tan colored card

Sparkle + Shine Business Cards

As previously mentioned, a business card is more than just a way to convey your professional information; it also demonstrates your business’ personality and reflects the type of work you provide for clients. Our sparkle + shine business cards are beneficial for entrepreneurs and freelancers who work in a creative field, particularly the cosmetics sector. For example, if you run a nail salon and supply glitter finishes for your clients, a spark + shine design will perfectly reflect your ethos and service. In addition, these types of business cards also suit clothes makers and artists or anybody bringing a bit of glam into the lives of their clients.

Sparkle and shine business card with gold and red design with black and white text

Textured Pattern Business Cards

If you are a professional, you are going to give out a lot of business cards to prospective clients. As such, you may want to invest in one of our texture pattern business card options to convey your professional image but still emphasize your uniqueness as a business. We offer business cards with various patterns, including corner stripes, polka dot backgrounds, and even wood-grain backgrounds. Once you have found a pattern you enjoy, customize your font and text, adding your name, title, and contact details. Use our creator tools to produce a set of cards that’ll be a joy to hand to other people, both in work and personal settings.

Textured business cards with a light green color with cursive text and regular text

Customize Your Business Cards Your Way

When you shop with Shutterfly, you can design a business card in any way you like. We have many personalization options available, dive into our customization process and customize business cards you’ll be happy to give to prospective clients and peers. Browse our designs, upload photos, and alter the text to create a card that works for your professional needs.

Choose a Design

We have many custom business card designs available in our online store. Whether you are looking for something professional, classic, contemporary, or even a little fun, there’s something for everybody on Shutterfly. Browse our extensive collection and choose a design that suits your business personality and work ethos. Alternatively, you can make a card design from scratch by selecting our “Upload Your Own Design” template. You can also choose designs for your kids, creating a handy calling card, so people know who to ring if your child ever gets into trouble. So dive into our designs and see what business card templates capture your interest.

Upload Photos to Customize Your Business Card

Some of our cards can be customized with your personal or professional photo. First, you need to upload some photos via your Shutterfly account’s “My Photos” section. You can single photos or entire albums from Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, or your device memory. Once you’ve added those photos to your Shutterfly album, you can use them to customize a range of Shutterfly items, business cards included. Choose a card design that lets you include a photograph or create your own design from scratch with your preferred images or business logo. Then, add text and business details to complete your business card design.

Personalize Your Business Card Text

One of the most important aspects of making business cards is letting readers know everything about your business with one glance. So take care to customize your text in a clear font that includes important business contact details. When you start customizing, you get the option to fill in certain details. We’ll then add those details to your business card design and format them correctly. This is your opportunity to convey your business ethos and make a great first impression with anybody you meet.

Use Our Custom Color Palette

If you have created a company logo or have developed a particular branding, you may wish to incorporate those colors into your business card. First, you select a  layout from our extensive selection. Then, if applicable, you can choose your preferred color from our Custom Color Palette and create a business card that presents a streamlined, professional image to clients. In addition, you can also customize our calling cards for kids with your child’s favorite color from the Color Palette.

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Shutterfly Business Cards FAQ:

Below, we have covered some of the most frequently asked questions about our products, helping you understand Shutterfly business cards and make the right purchase for your professional life.

What type of cardstock do you use for your business cards?

We use our Signature Smooth Cardstock for all our business cards. Thanks to a smooth texture that enhances design and photo quality, this thicker cardstock feels luxurious and professional. In addition, our cardstock is harvested and manufactured in the USA exclusively for Shutterfly by Mohawk Fine Papers.

What size are your business cards?

They measure 2×3½ inches, so they’ll fit in most wallets or business card holders.

How many cards do I get in a set of business cards?

You get 50 cards included in our business card set; all made to your specifications.

What orientation options do you offer in your business card designs?

All our business cards are available in landscape orientation. However, if you wish to create a portrait card, you can create your own in our “Upload Your Own Design” business card maker.

Can I return my business cards if there is an error?

If you discover a fault or error with your business card order, contact us straight away, and we will send you details to return your product. If you want to return an item after 60 days, we reserve the right to offer store credit.

Do you offer discounts on your custom business cards?

We offer regular discounts on all sorts of items in our online store, including business cards. Check out our Special Offers section for all the latest deals and discounts. Alternatively, you can follow us on social media or join our mailing list for the hottest promo codes and offers.