45 Motivational Gifts For Athletes

Everyone has that marathon-running, football-playing and long-distance hiking person in their life that cherishes a good athletic gift. Gifts for athletes inspire them to celebrate their achievements or push themselves on the field, in the pool or on the trail. As their biggest fan, you want to find something that motivates them for the next challenge.

We’ve compiled some of the top gifts for every athlete on your list: mom, dad, your siblings, your spouse or even your coworker. Send them off to the gym with a personalized bag or water bottle, build a homemade display for their race medals or show off their biggest accomplishment in a photo wall collage. Above all, show that you support their incredible feats of strength and speed with a gift customized to their passion.

1. Eco Gift Set

Reusable tote bag with resusable water bottle.

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Gift the earth-conscious athlete in your life with a full set of reusable items to bring to the gym: a customized metal water bottle, a coffee tumbler and a stylish reusable bag to hold it all together.

2. Motivational Medal Display

Give this great gift for mom or dad who has decided to take up running for the first time. Include a motivational quote and plenty of places to hang future medals.

3. Power Snacks

Looking for a small gift for little athletes this holiday season? Fill personalized mason jars with layers of protein-packed and sugary snacks that are great just before or after a big game.

4. Parfait Glass

Yogurt and granola in stemless glass.

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When a motivated athlete preps for their day, a healthy breakfast is always part of the equation. Gift a set of two stemless glasses with a playful phrase etched on the front.

5. Gym Bag

What’s better than a go-to gym bag? A waterproof gym bag will store all their sweaty clothes with ease and ensure they always have what they need for a quick workout.

6. Lace Up

Running takes a lot of out of the runner—and their shoes. Laces can wear out quickly, so give them a supply of their favorite model and color of laces so they’re always prepared to hit the road or trail.

7. Home Spa

Set them up for an evening of TLC with bath bombs, salts and homemade soap. Include personalized candles to set the room up for total relaxation. This is great for anyone who’s just finished a marathon or a big tournament—they can relax and recover.

8. Poolside Dress

Every swimmer needs an easy dress to throw on as they head to and from the pool for laps. This pattern-free DIY gift is easy to sew with just a few pieces of colorful fabric.

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9. Macrame Yoga Mat

Follow this intricate series of woven knots to create a modern yoga bag from thick white twine. Pair with a new mat in his or her favorite color as a great personalized gift.

10. No-Sew Workout Shirt

Transform a comfy cotton shirt into a stylish running or workout favorite. Cut three holes in the back of the top and wrap each with a swatch of ribbon. Perfect for the athlete who loves a bit of style.

11. Knitted Yoga Socks

This cozy pair of yoga-friendly socks is great for warming up or winding down from a hard session on the mat. Choose your yoga-lover’s favorite colors to personalize the handmade present.

12. DIY Mat Spray

This DIY project is a perfect gift for the yoga lover in your life. Combine witch hazel, filtered water and essential oils in a spray bottle. Label with instructions and pair with a new yoga mat.

13. Specialty Socks

Particularly for runners and bikers, socks can make all the difference. The right breathability and arch support are important to get in those final miles. If they like to participate in pilates or yoga when they’re not in training mode, some grippy socks are great to add to their collections as well.

14. Neck Pillow

Make sure the don’t lose any sleep just because they’re on the move. If they’re traveling to a game or tournament, a neck pillow will make their journeys in the car, bus or plane that much more relaxing. They’ll appreciate you every time they show up to play well-rested.

15. Bottle Of Bubbly

While it won’t help them train, a bottle of bubbly to pop open after a big win is always a great way to celebrate. It’s always important to have on hand for a surprise win or at the finish of a long tournament.

16. Soothing Bath Melts

After a long day at the gym, these eucalyptus bath melts add a soothing scent to any bathtime while calming sore muscles and tired joints.

17. Music Streaming Subscription

Paired with headphones, a streaming subscription will ensure they have all the music they need at their fingertips. Most services allow you to create playlists and download music to listen offline, so they’ll be ready for every run or gym session.

18. Training Session

If you know an athlete in need of some personal training sessions, set them up for a few sessions at their local gym or training facility. It’ll help them be on top of their game for the next race or competition.

19. Little Champion

For the young athletes in your life, it’s important to keep them motivated and inspired. If they don’t know what sport they want to stick with quite yet, reinforce their lessons and practices at home with the right gear—a small soccer goal in the backyard, a mini hoop over their bedroom door and a perfectly sized baseball glove will help them hone their passion and find their favorite game.

20. Medal Display

Bulletin board of race bibs with medals hanging on hooks.

Source: Ciao Mama

Want to show off their race bibs and medals in the same spot? Decoupage a piece of wood with their race bibs and add small metal hooks for hanging their prizes from races over the years.

21. Resistance Bands

Stretchy resistance bands in various tensions are great for the on-the-go athlete. If they travel a lot, these are the perfect additions to their suitcase to make sure they don’t miss a training day when they’re away from home.

22. Breathable Sheets

Specialty bed sheets will ensure they get the important rest they need to be successful. A breathable cotton or cooling jersey will soothe them to sleep every night and help them wake up ready to tackle training.

23. Jersey Number Bedspread

Blue bedspread decorated with balls and jersey number.

Source: Shutterfly

They take great pride in their team number. Add it to the center of a bright blue duvet surrounded by images of their favorite sports accessories.

24. Bun Winter Cap

Knit this unique winter hat for cold weather training and chilly runs. The hole at the top leaves room for that inevitable messy bun to keep your hair safe and secure.

25. Motivational Pins

White, blue and gray pins with name, stay wild and fox.

Source: Shutterfly

Your little athlete will love covering their gym bag in these personalized pins. Gift a collection of buttons with fun phrases, cute animals and of course, their name and initials.

26. Classic Fanny Pack

A big backpack is often too much to take on a run or to the gym. A fanny pack is compact and fits around their waist. It fits all the essentials they need for a quick jog or trip to the gym—phone, keys and a snack!

27. Smoothie Specialty

Does your favorite athlete like to blend up smoothies for an extra dose of veggies and protein? A high-powered blender and assortment of protein powders will set their kitchen up for success.

28. Customized Sneakers

Having trouble finding running shoes in their favorite color? Hand-dye a pair of sneakers to customize it to their taste.

29. Soccer Bag

Blue soccer drawstring bag.

Source: Shutterfly

Is he starting another big season of soccer this fall? A drawstring bag is the perfect go-to carryall for whatever he needs on the field. Include a powerful phrase to send him off with excitement including his name and jersey number so it never gets lost.

30. Shine Bright

Soccer print in frame.

Source: Shutterfly

After a successful season, showcase their accomplishments to encourage their passion on the field. A themed print can house images of their team, the final game or any other special moments from the season—they’ll love having it in a frame to admire every day.

31. Sports Memory Game

Red white and blue striped memory card game.

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Gift them with a memory game to train their mind when they’re off the field. Add fun photos from the field or colorful sports-themed images. Pair with a personalized puzzle for game night.

32. Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable water bottle and tumbler.

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Add a bright and playful design to the side of a reusable water bottle with a phrase to remind them to stay healthy and hydrated. They’ll save money and stay eco-conscious on and off the field.

33. Sports Donuts

If you’re heading to an athlete’s birthday party, bring along a homemade food gift crafted from mini donut holes. Decorate with frosting to create small basketballs, baseballs and soccer balls.

34. Fitness Watch

Watches these days do more than just tell time. A smart fitness watch will help them track their miles, time, heart rate and calories burned so they can stay on top of their results.

35. Gift Card

When in doubt, a gift card is a great gift option. Whether to their favorite athletic wares store or a bar or restaurant, so they can celebrate a win, they’ll surely appreciate the freedom to pick what’s best for them.

36. Headphones

Runners, lifters, cyclists, you name it—music is a huge part of training and winning. A pair of sweat-proof wireless headphones will ensure your favorite athlete is pumped up for whatever they’re tackling.

37. Athletic Silhouette

Looking for the perfect athletic gift for your brother? Choose a favorite photo of him on the court or the field and create your own wall decal to deck out his bedroom.

38. Overnight Bag

Duffle bags.

Source: Shutterfly

Whether they’re always out the door for practice or headed to a training camp, a duffle bag is one of the most practical gifts for the athlete in your life. Customize it with their name and favorite sport.

39. Handmade Heating Pad

Nothing beats a comfy heating pad on sore muscles after a big workout. Simply fill a fabric pocket with rice and essential oils for a soothing smell. Include warming instructions for the recipient.

40. Natural Deodorant

Keep them fresh and healthy by making a natural deodorant right at home. The common ingredients can be found at most health food or grocery stores. Add your own personalized scent and label before gifting to your brother or sister.

41. DIY Sun Spray

Your favorite runner or athlete can calm their skin after warpping up a long time outdoors. Aloe, peppermint and lavender cool down any spots that they missed with the sunscreen.

42. T-Shirt Headbands

Not sure what to do with all those old t-shirts? Transform them into stretchy headbands, perfect for heading out for a jog. This is a great way to gift a large set of practical items on a low budget.

43. Gym Membership

Many athletes can benefit from a gym membership to up their training game. If they have a favorite spot to lift, gift them a membership for the year so they can stay in top shape.

44. Tracking Journal

Tracking progress is important to the success of every athlete. Gift them a journal with calendar pages and note sections so they can see where they started and look how far they’ve come. It’s also important for goal-setting.

45. Foam Roller

Nothing soothes sore muscles like a foam roller. Gift them a set in varying sizes and densities so they can take them wherever they need them and pick one based on how hard they worked. Perfect after a tough workout and an Epsom salt bath, their sore muscles will thank you.

As their biggest cheerleader, show your support with a personalized gift that celebrates their athleticism. Even encourage a new athletic venture for those just starting out. No matter what you choose, these gifts will prove you’ll continue to support and cheer them on.