The Guide to the Best Office Desk Accessories

Make the most of your workday and workspace with Shutterfly’s unique office accessories. From the home office to the main office downtown, our collection of office decor and desk accessories is a terrific way to elevate your workspace in practical and stylish ways. Add anything from photo customization, business logos, to personalized messages to everything we offer from stationery to tech gadgets.

With our exceptional customization capabilities and easy-to-use tools, we can help you design everything from pencils to desk organizers to notebooks and much, much more. Check out this guide to custom office accessories for just a few great ideas for making your workspace a little more beautiful, pleasant, and fun.

The Best Home Office Accessories for Tech

With our dynamic personalization tools, you can customize our tech-based desk accessories for an office space that’s uniquely you. For example, you can personalize a wireless computer mouse or mouse pad with pictures of your family or pets at home. Or, add your monogram to a wireless phone charger to keep your phone powered up and ready at a moment’s notice. Likewise, our phone cases or laptop cases provide rugged protection, while delivering your personal touch, so you’re traveling in style. These tech items are must-have office accessories that provide better function, practicality, and style to your workspace.

custom office accessories tech phone charger mouse phone case

Get Organized with Personalize Office Accessories

Stay organized with the right office accessories for your large or small businesses. Customize a wooden pencil holder with your favorite photos to hold your pens, papers, highlighters, etc. Add a motivational message to a desk caddy with various compartments so you always know where everything is. You can even keep your products safe and protected in pencil cases or canvas totes that hold all your office essentials in the right spot. These cool desk add-ons can be the perfect office accessories to keep you on track and motivated throughout your workday.

custom office accessories desk caddy pencil holder canvas tote bag

Find the Best Custom Stationery

Throughout your workday, you may need different paper products and office accessories personalized for your needs. Shop our custom stationery options to find the best home office accessories that benefit whatever job you’re doing. Include your favorite photo on the cover of a coil-bound notebook to help you track your work calls or take notes. Create personalized Post-It® notes, for great, personal office communication. Or, our many calendar styles—wall calendars, desk calendars, or custom planners—will help you stay on track through your cool office desk accessories. Customize these office accessories that help you perform your daily tasks with that personal touch to bring a smile to your face.

custom office accessories calendar post-it notes notebook

Fun Office Accessories for all of Your Beverages

Some of the most essential office accessories are the mugs and cups that keep you caffeinated throughout the day. Tea drinkers and coffee drinkers alike are going to love our custom coffee mugs, which can easily be personalized with your images and text. From company logos to whimsical family photos, decorate the coffee bar with these unique mugs. We also offer travel tumblers and water bottles that can include personalization to keep you hydrated throughout your workday and if you’re on the go. You can even get cool office accessories like flasks or wine tumblers for office happy hours or to relax once your work is done. Have a blast with these exciting office accessories to help you drink in style.

office accessories drinkware custom coffee mug water bottle flask

Office Gifts for Anyone

Personalized office accessories make great gifts when they’re created especially for the people on your list. Our custom office accessories can help you make the perfect home office design or send your significant other off to work in style. Or show up to the office holiday party with the ideal practical items to wow your Secret Santa recipient. Get office accessories that will be cherished and appreciated for coworkers and loved ones who work any position. Make the most of your cool desk accessories by personalizing them with Shutterfly.


magnets office accessories

Make Meaningful Office Accessories for Your Family

Share all of your favorite family moments with office accessories made just for them. We have many ways to personalize their workspace, from lovely photo prints to personalized calendars. For example, give your spouse a custom photo magnets with pictures from your wedding day. Or get your parents ready for retirement with a paperweight that includes a family photo. It’s easy to make meaningful office accessories featuring beloved images to improve your family members’ day.


office accessories thank you card

Office Accessories That Your Staff & Coworkers Will Love

Show up to your company gathering with the best office accessories and gifts for your team. For example, offer practical assistance to your staff at the end of a great quarter with branded mouse pads or a custom thank you card. Wow your Secret Santa with a pair of socks that features photos of their beloved dog. Or share an office inside joke with keychains for the whole team. Our outstanding office accessories make it easy to bring the entire team closer and add some fun and personality to the workspace.


poster art for office accessories decor

Build the Perfect Home Office with Unique Office Accessories

Offer your partner or roommate an ideal home office space with creative office accessories you can all enjoy. For example, stay organized with personalized desk caddies, or design a funny poster print that showcases a terrific quote or candid picture. Get customized coffee mugs for each, or enjoy different paperweights with their favorite photos. Think outside the box with these home office accessories that your partner will fully appreciate for their work-from-home job.