33 TV Room Decorating Ideas For Every Home

From binging your favorite show to family movie night, your TV room is an important gathering place in the home. Make your TV room comfortable, relaxing and functional—no matter if your TV sits in your living room, basement or another spot in the home. For inspiration, we put together 33 TV room decorating ideas. From coffee tables and ottomans to gallery walls and woven blankets, we have ideas to make your space cozy and personal.

Based on your living room layout, add pieces that offer personality. Accessories like photo cubes and fleece blankets remind you of favorite memories—inspiring you to create even more special moments.

1. Family Blankets

tv room decor family livingroom floor

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Lounge together with personalized blankets for each member in your family. Photos, inspirational quotes and fun designs make these a living room favorite and are great for cozy movie nights.

2. DIY Chalkboard Tray

tv room decor popcorn tray

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Transform a wooden tray into a fun and functional accessory for your TV room. Paint the base of the tray with chalkboard paint—you can write everything from an uplifting message to labeling the types of cheese you’re serving.

3. Cozy Blankets And Pillows

tv room decor custom pillows

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TV room decor doesn’t just include photos and wall hangings. Your pillows and blankets also become decor, especially if you choose custom ones with photos. When your decor has a personal touch, you’ll be even more excited to relax and show off the room.

4. Modern TV Stand

tv room decor ikea hack

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Even if you’ve mounted your TV, you can still have a TV stand for storing movies, books and gaming systems. Add a balanced arrangement of plants and candles on top for a simple yet stylish ensemble.

5. Custom Pillows

tv room decor family pillows blue

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When your living room decor has a personal touch, the space becomes more relaxing and enjoyable. Choose favorite photos, like from a recent family gathering, to print on custom pillows. Select colors that match your other living room decor for a cohesive look.

6. Leaf Candle Holders

Form unique candle holders out of oven-bake clay and a leaf-shaped cookie cutter. Spray the holders in metallic paints for an autumn vibe or opt for green in spring and summer months.

7. Blanket Hooks

tv room decor snuggle up sign

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Want to save on floor space? Hang your blankets from hooks to keep your room less cluttered. This is a great idea for decorating a small living room and keeping things organized.

8. TV Tray Table

Dinner and a movie just got more stylish. Enhance an adjustable TV tray with a solid wood top and metallic legs. Not only will it be great for meals or snacks, but it will also add a trendy touch to your space.

9. Personalized Vase

tv room decor pink carnations

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Add color and texture to your TV room decor with fresh flowers. Place your blooms in a personalized vase, like one with your initials or last name.

10. Wood Ledge

Construct a wooden ledge for above your sofa or seating area. Arrange photos, succulents and air plants for a diverse display that adds dimension to the room.

11. Over-The-Sofa Art

tv room decor white room hanging plants

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Create framed art to hang above your couch, like portraits of the family or snapshots from vacation. Choose a simple color scheme, like black and white, to offer the space character without overpowering it.

12. Two-Tiered Coffee Table

For a mid-century modern aesthetic, build a two-tiered coffee table. Paint each round table top with vibrant colors for a fun, edgy feel.

13. Decorative Rug

Keep your feet cozy with an area rug that offers plenty of personality, like this cowhide rug. Layer two rugs on top of each other for extra dimension and color.

14. Blanket Basket

tv room decor crochet baskets

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A living room that’s more organized is also usually more relaxing. Crochet a basket for your blankets, so you have a spot to store them when they’re not in use. Consider crocheting an extra basket for any toys and stuffed animals.

15. Woven Basket

Need a place to store items like photo books? A woven basket with a leather belt is a trendy addition to any space, and can rest on a coffee table or end table.

16. Boho Yarn Wall Hanging

Design a custom macrame wall hanging out of various colors and styles of yarn. Consider drawing your pattern on a piece of paper before beginning your project.

17. Blanket Ladder

Make a blanket ladder in under an hour with wooden boards and iron handles. Stain the wood in a darker tone or keep it in its original hue for a modern look.

18. Burlap Lampshade

Upgrade a table lamp to a rustic piece for your living room and a great source of calming light. Cover the lampshade with burlap, and spray paint the base in a soft color like white or pastel pink.

19. Plants And Portraits

Fill your TV room with beauty and special memories. Hang family portraits on the wall and place indoor plants on the floor or on ledges. With a photo and plant combination, you’ll create gorgeous texture with a personal vibe.

20. Incense Holder

Create an incense holder for your coffee table or mantel out of oven-bake clay. Add a terrazzo design for a fun, festive feel. It’s sure to add to the ambiance of the room.

21. Knitted Pillow Case

tv room decor knitting

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The best TV room decorating ideas are super comfortable. Knit chunky yarn pillow cases that can go over your existing pillows. Say hello to extra-cozy binge watching and napping.

22. Modern Coffee Table

tv room decor buliding coffee table

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A sleek coffee table complements a simple living room and gives you space to store magazines and put your feet up. Build the table yourself out of a wooden tabletop and metal legs.

23. Velvet Pillows

There’s nothing quite like snuggling up for a favorite movie or TV show. Sew velvet pillow covers for a super soft feel that will make your lounging space even cozier.

24. Stone Serving Trays

Whether you love hosting guests for movie nights or relaxing with popcorn, these beautiful trays make snacking even easier. Personalize your stone serving trays by adding calligraphy words like “Enjoy” and “Peace.”

25. Symmetrical Art

tv room decor frames above tv

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Find identical frames and fill them with themed artwork, like varieties of flowers or trees. Arrange them symmetrically around the TV for a professional look.

26. Quirky Pillows

Looking for TV room decorating ideas that are unique? Sew one-of-a-kind pillows, like this design that features a face. These comfy friends will be great for lounging and watching your favorite TV shows.

27. Unique Bookends

The best TV room decorating ideas have a personal touch. Design bookends that represent your favorite shows, whether you love sci-fi thrillers or family sitcoms. Your guests will love seeing the special accents you chose to personalize the space.

28. Paper Garland

Fold pieces of paper into mini accordions, then string them on twine. Hang your banner across the mantel as a fun accessory. Change out the paper colors based on the season or holidays.

29. Coffee Table Tray

Include a table tray in your living room decor. You can organize items like your coasters and magazines in the tray, as well as decor accessories like candles and plants.

30. Two-Toned Gallery Wall

Build a gallery wall out of two primary colors, like white and yellow. Mix and match the sizes of your photos and artwork for a visually appealing display.

31. Geometric Accent Table

Bring color and personality to your living room decor with a geometric table. Paint the edge with a catchy color like yellow or gold. Place your table next to the couch or in a corner for extra eating and storage space.

32. Faux Fur Footstool

tv room decor grey fuzzy stool

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Cover a round piece of wood with foam and faux fur fabric to create a cozy ottoman for your TV room. Match the style and color to your existing living room decor for a stylish spot to put your feet up and relax.

33. DIY Storage Ottoman

Design a coffee table that’s sturdy, foot-friendly and offers storage space. Construct yours out of basic crates and add an upholstered top for cozy feet propping. This simple design is easy enough for craft beginners.

As you design decor for your home, remember the little touches can go a long way. For example, if your TV room also doubles as your game room, consider a fun addition like photo coasters to display fun memories and special moments.