20 New Decor Ideas For Above Your Couch

Other than the kitchen, your living room is where you spend the most time entertaining guests. As a good host, you want that room to be as inviting and welcoming as possible while still pleasing the eye. One of the best ways to achieve this is to learn how to pick the best over the couch decor to fit your space.

It shouldn’t be a challenge to make a statement and also make your guests feel comfortable. It can be as easy as adding a photo wall, some personalized pillows or a cozy fleece blanket. Check out our examples below to help you create a room that people want to spend time in.

1. Big Brick Wall

over sofa rustic living room

Source: Shutterfly

A brick backdrop turns this eclectic gallery wall into a fun and exciting point of interest. Various subject matter combined with different frame styles makes this a unique way to showcase your interests.

2. Brilliant Blues

The various shades of blue echo in the differing styles of frames used on this unique photo wall. In this predominantly neutral room, the bright blue collection offers a lovely focal point.

3. Fun Photography

over sofa white rustic

Source: Shutterfly

Pick your favorite photos and print them in large format to create an eye-catching display. The framed black and white pictures become stunning works of art when hung over the sofa as a focal point.

4. Mirror, Mirror

Using mirrors as sofa wall decor is not a new trend. This example proves that you can design a brilliant room around one. The lovely mirror blends seamlessly into the simple decor while still grabbing your attention and making an impression.

5. Neutrals That Pop

Denim, gray and white are popular neutrals for showcasing mounted wall art. In this case, the neutrals are the stars of the show. A colorful framed print shares the spotlight and coordinates with an eye-catching sofa and pillows.

6. Color Blocks

The grey wall and thin white trim perform double duty as mat and frame for the colorful art blocks in this pretty living room. Centered above the sofa, this artful placement of canvas prints focuses the attention on the best seat in the house.

7. Just Stay Home

In a busy, busy world, it’s nice to do just as this sweet artwork above the sofa suggests and stay home. This room offers a soothing and comfortable place to get away from it all without going anywhere.

8. Inviting Neutrals

A sense of calm fills the air as the soothing neutral tones of this living room invite you to come in and sit for a while. An equally serene photo or painting centered over the couch completes the welcome.

9. Sexy Curves

Wall decor behind the couch doesn’t have to be elaborate or fancy. This beautiful and simple mirror is right at home with a comfy sofa with rounded edges. A circular lampshade or hanging planter can turn up the style and mimic the other curves in the room.

10. Subtle Symmetry

over sofa golden frames

Source: Maggie Healy

Subtle patterns on the wall echo those in this brightly colored pair of prints. They draw the eye in and encourage you to look around. This is a good example of symmetry without sameness for wall decor behind the couch.

11. Keep It Simple

A bright blue wall with lots of white accents and an abundance of natural light evokes the feel of the seashore. Add a large framed print over the couch to complete this simple living room.

12. It’s All About The Light

A large mirror blends into the wall and makes this rustic living room appear much bigger than it really is. Light reflects from the mirror and bounces off of the light-colored decor. It creates a space that is both cozy and inviting.

13. Southwestern Chic

This room proves that you don’t have to stick to paintings or artwork to make a statement. A lovely southwestern style textile serves as a backdrop for a steer skull. The desert-inspired colors and decor create a big impact with little effort.

14. Fun Fabric As Art

Make an impact with vibrant fabric framed as art when you decorate a small living room. Use the same fabric on big throw pillows to continue the theme and create an air of fun. Choose both coordinating and contrasting prints to up the excitement.

15. Family Photo Wall

A photo wall of similarly framed and matted photographs grabs your attention in this oversized room. The gallery of family photos becomes a focal point in this clean and bright room.

16. Natural Art

Take a blank artist’s canvas, add a beautiful wreath and you have instant art. This room is genius in its simplicity. The comfortable furniture pairs well with the abundance of light and neutral decor.

17. Artful Abstracts

An interesting abstract full of color blocks brightens up an open space above the sofa. The print accents various colors in the room while still coordinating with the furniture and fixtures.

18. Bold Is Beautiful

This bold room uses living room wall art to help camouflage unsightly air vents. The placement of the framed pieces tricks the eye into thinking the vents are part of the display.

19. Bold In Black

Break out of the norm with walls boldly painted black. They act as an oversized frame for the matching prints that hang over the colorful couch. Don’t be afraid to experiment with black walls or other dark colors to showcase your over the couch decor.

20. Room To Play

The neon sign says it all — “this is a room for play!” The gilded mirror above the sofa reflects the excitement and bright color of this unique room.

Creating a living room that packs a punch of style is a simple task when you choose the right statement pieces. The place to start is with your over the couch decor and expand from there. Showcase your own photography or artwork from others. When you pick pieces that you like, your guests will enjoy them too.