Choose the Best Personalized Gifts for Bridal Showers

Choosing the perfect gift for a bridal shower party isn’t always easy. You’ll likely need to find a gift that balances bridal shower etiquette, the bride-to-be’s personality, and your budget. But what makes a bridal shower gift different from a wedding gift? Do you need to bring the hostess a gift? And how do you make sure no one else will buy the bride the same gift you get her? We’ve answered these questions and more in the following sections. So if you’ve received a bridal shower invitation, it’s time to start planning your bridal gifts with the ideas and information listed below.

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What’s the Difference Between a Bridal Shower Gift and a Wedding Shower Gift?

Most brides will attend either a bridal shower or wedding shower, depending on the couple’s preference. The main difference between wedding showers and bridal showers is that bridal showers are for women only, but wedding showers are co-ed and celebrate both the bride and groom. Because of this, gifts for a wedding shower should be bought with the couple in mind, not just the bride.

If you’re attending a bridal shower and want to make sure you understand the rules and expectations for the event, make sure to visit our guide on bridal shower gift etiquette.

bridesmaids laughing.

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

As her wedding day approaches, you want to make sure your bride-to-be feels loved and appreciated. These personalized gift ideas do just that. Find inspiration in a pair of custom luggage tags for the travel-focused bride, or with a personalized cookbook for the bride who loves to bake.

1. Monogram Cutting Board

A romantic cutting board design.

Whether the soon-to-be-newlyweds love hosting, cooking, or cheese tasting, a personalized cutting board would make the perfect addition to their home. Personalize it with the household’s last name(s) for an extra special touch they’re sure to love.

2. His & Hers Champagne Flutes

two champagne flutes and flower vase for wedding

“His and hers” champagne flutes are traditional wedding gifts that have stood the test of time. Customize a set with the happy couple’s names, initials, or wedding date. You may also want to include a bottle of the bride’s favorite sparkling wine along with the glasses.

3. Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Two options of custom travel mugs.

If the bride is always on the go consider gifting her a stainless steel travel mug. You can customize the tumbler with photos, captions, and designs of your choice making it the perfect custom gift. Consider adding tea boxes or coffee packs to the gift, depending on the bride’s particular taste, to make your gift stand out from the rest.

4. Something from Her Wedding Registry

When in doubt, always stick to the bride’s wedding registry. After all, the couple spent a significant amount of time customizing their registry and you already know that they want those gifts. Don’t fear that your gift isn’t personalized or “from the heart” if you pick something from the registry: your bride-to-be is guaranteed to appreciate it!

5. Custom Mason Jar

Mason jar full of candy.

Are you known for your baking talents or a specific type of cookies? Or is the bride a candy lover with a weakness for chocolates? If so, consider buying a custom mason jar with the bride’s name or couple’s initials. Then fill the jar with her favorite sweet treats.

6. DIY Cookbook

A photo book built like a cookbook.

If the honoree loves spending time in the kitchen or trying new recipes, a personalized cookbook might be the perfect gift for her. Simply customize a special photo book with recipes from her family, friends, or coworkers for a gift she’s guaranteed to appreciate.

7. His & Hers Luggage Tags

luggage tag for vacation.

Are the bride and groom true jet setters? Are they going out of the country for their honeymoon? If so, consider gifting a set of his & hers luggage tags at the bridal shower. This isn’t just a practical gift; the bride is guaranteed to love the personalization of the design and will look forward to using it in her upcoming travels.

8. New Home Supplies

If the bride and groom are planning on moving in together after the nuptials, they’re likely in need of new home supplies. It’s easy to forget about home essentials such as cutlery, pots, towels, and plates– until you don’t have enough. These make excellent bridal shower and wedding gifts that help transition the new couple into married life.

9. Wine + Wine Glasses

beautiful wine glass on coasters

If the bride is known for her love of pinot, why not gift a bottle at her bridal shower? Make it extra special by including a set of personalized wine glasses. Customize the glasses with her initials, wedding date, or the words “I do” for a keepsake she’ll treasure forever.

10. Travel Tumbler & Picnic Gift Set

Two travel mugs that have been personalized.

These travel tumblers can hold up to 12 ounces of wine or your favorite beverage. They’re made of FDA food-safe stainless steel with a plastic lid to keep your drink from spilling, making them the perfect picnic accessory. Pair them with a picnic gift basket for a picture-perfect bridal shower gift.

11. Fleece Photo Blanket

fleece photo blanket

Fleece photo blankets are warm, cozy, and packed with fond memories. Customize the bride’s blanket with photos of her and the bridal party, the couple’s engagement photos, or anything else you think she’ll love.

12. Personalized Pillow Set

Pillows on the floor.

You can never have enough decorative pillows, especially if you’re moving into a new home. So if your bride is planning on making a move after her big day, consider gifting her a set of custom-designed pillows. Use special photos, phrases, or her and her partner’s initials to bring your gift to life.

13. Custom Tea Towel

A tea towel perfect for any couple.

Tea towels aren’t just kitchen mess essentials– they can also add to your kitchen’s overall design. Customize a set of personalized tea towels to gift at your upcoming bridal shower party by including the initials or last name(s) of the soon to be newlyweds in the design.

14. Engraved Jewelry

Engraved jewelry for women.

Engraved jewelry is commonly gifted from bridesmaids to their honoree. This one-of-a-kind accessory lets the bride know how appreciated and celebrated she is before her wedding day. Engrave the jewelry with her first name, initials, or wedding date. She’s sure to love it.

15. Personalized Growler

customized growler

For the brew-loving bride, consider gifting her a personalized growler. It doubles as a great home warming and bridal shower gift and can be customized with any text you choose. The stainless steel interior is long-lasting and can hold up to 64 ounces, making it perfect for any beer connoisseur.

Bridal Shower Hostess Gifts

It’s common practice for the bride-to-be to gift something to her hostess. It’s a great way to say thank you for her time, care, and attention. This hostess gift can be a small token of appreciation, such as a bottle of wine with a thank you note, or something more personalized.

1. Photo Candle

photo candles on a coffee table.

After the stress of planning a bridal shower, help your hostess relax with a set of custom photo candles. The luxe look and feel of these photo candles make them perfect for a hostess gift. Pair with a bath bomb or thank you note to let her know how much you appreciated her work.

2. Her Favorite Wine Bottle

Gift basket full of wine.

Wine is a traditional bridal shower gift used to thank the hostess for her time and effort putting together the event. If you know she has a favorite wine label, stick to that. Otherwise, it’s wise to stay within a $25-$35 bottle price limit. Wrap the bottle with a decorative ribbon or in a wine gift bag for a finishing touch that’s sure to impress.

3. Cheese Board Supplies

cheese board for wedding.

Cheeseboards and supplies are the perfect hostess gift. Gift a customized set to your hostess that she can use in all her future parties. Consider wrapping additional supplies like cheese knives, honey, crackers, and tea towels for a gift basket she’ll love.

4. Custom Picture Frame

Framed art print in a home.

Create a customized picture frame for your hostess to showcase the photos taken at the bridal shower. As an added bonus, ask everyone who attended to sign a message of gratitude on the frame. Alternatively, order a framed print of the bride and the hostess together.

5. Goodie Filled Custom Tote Bag

Cotton tote bags.

Fill a personalized cotton tote bag with all of the hostess’s favorite things. This can include anything from wine bottles to her favorite chocolates or macaroons to wool slippers. Whatever you choose, make sure to personalize the bag with a special design to let her know how much you appreciate her.

Do You Also Need a Wedding Gift?

Yes, you are typically expected to bring a gift to both a bridal shower and the wedding itself, unless otherwise noted on the invitations.

It’s also common to bring small gifts if invited to an engagement party or bachelorette party. However, most modern couples understand that attending several wedding parties and celebrations can be expensive. Therefore, you’re not expected to bring a large or costly gift to every celebration.

If you need help finding the perfect wedding gift, make sure to check out our extensive list of wedding gift ideas.

Final Thoughts on the Best Personalized Gifts for Bridal Showers

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