39 Crafty Ideas for Handmade Wedding Gifts

No matter how you’re connected to the couple—whether you’re the mother of the bride or a long-time friend of the groom—you’ve played a unique and important role in helping them reach this big day. Finding just the gift to express this unique connection can seem tricky within the traditional presents and registry options. To truly personalize your message, DIY wedding gifts show your love and support in a unique and easy-to-customize way.

Although registry gifts, cards and financial contributions are just as acceptable, the changing trends of gift etiquette and handmade presents allow each guest to celebrate this joyful day through artistic and personalized expression. Avid knitters can customize a cozy blanket while painters can design a cocktail tray with blocks of vibrant color. Fill the newlyweds’ home with monogrammed accents that mark the big day or help them unwind after the event with bath salts and an elegant wine decanter.

No matter your selection, this list of gift ideas for the wedding will uniquely show your love through effort, thought and artistic inspiration.

1. Makeup Roll

Help the bride get primped and ready for her big day by transforming a wooden sushi mat into a makeup brush roll. Customize with your choice of ribbon and clasp.

2. Personalized Duvet Linens

Personalized Duvet Linens

Source: Jojotastic

For a traditional take on wedding gifts to make, add hand-labeled ribbons and embellishments to your own duvet cover and pillowcases.

3. Painted Serving Bowls

Scour your local thrift store for vintage wooden bowls before adding your own touch of color with acrylic paint and food-safe varnish.

4. Autumnal Pillow

With the use of a cutting machine and heat transfer paper, design your own message for the front of a living room throw pillow—a lovely DIY wedding gift for their new home.

5. Flirty Coffee Mug

Flirty Coffee Mug

Source: Shutterfly

With just a sharpie marker and a clean white mug, create his-and-her morning mugs with a customized message. Pair with their favorite brew of local coffee and tea.

6. Knotted Throw Blanket

Add a touch of pizzazz to a simple, soft throw blanket by sewing on colorful knots of yarn. These little additions customize the blanket for any style home.

7. Geometric Cocktail Tray

Geometric Cocktail Tray

Source: Bliss Makes

The perfect accent to a home bar, choose a simple, geometric wooden tray and paint with your choice of pale hues in a color-blocking pattern. Package with their favorite cocktail ingredients and glasses.

8. Macrame Runner

Simple and stylish, following these step-by-step macrame instructions for a boho-chic or nautical-themed dining room. The piece makes a great dining room table or sideboard runner.

9. Personalized Herb Garden

Personalized Herb Garden

Source: Shutterfly

Quite the treat for the couple that loves to cook, etch a set of mason jars with a personalized message before planting basil, chives and oregano for year-round additions to any meal.

10. Colorful Yarn Wreath

Braid together your collection of yarn colors and textures before wrapping them around a large embroidery hoop. This vibrant focal point makes a great handmade wedding gift for a new couple.

11. Waterproof Picnic Blanket

The perfect handmade wedding gift encourages new ideas for dates and romantic outings. Line a quilt with a shower curtain lining for a great outdoor quilt, safe in the grass and durable for picnics.

12. Hickory Cutting Board

Paint one edge of a high-quality piece of wood to create this DIY minimalist-styled cutting board. Use Plasti-dip paint for extra durability.

13. Shibori Tea Towels

Help the new couple add a touch of elegance to their home with these hand-dyed kitchen towels. Deeply colored towels are more practical for common spills and messes.

14. Glitter-Dipped Wine Stoppers

Perfect for a post-wedding wine party, create these hugs-and-kisses wine stoppers with silicone letters and your choice of paint and glitter. Connect to durable corks for reuse.

15. Woven Throw Pillow

Add a burst of color to the newlywed’s living room with a handwoven throw pillow made from alternating colors of bias tape. This a great DIY wedding gift for those seeking an alternative to knitting and crocheting.

16. Travel Tags

Travel Tags

Source: Shutterfly

Send off the newlyweds in style with a set of both practical and stylish travel tags. Customize colors and design while including personal information to streamline their travels.

17. Travel Photo Coasters

Travel Photo Coasters

Source: Shutterfly

After returning from their honeymoon, snag a new of their stunning photos to commemorate their journey right on their coffee table. Add photos to a set of coaster for a personalized wedding gift.

18. Floral Teapot Cozy

This appliqued tea cozy elegantly maintains a new pot of tea’s perfect temperature. Surprise the newlyweds with this handmade wedding gift paired with their favorite tea blend.

19. DIY Chalkboard Calendar

Transformed from a thrift store mirror, create a kitchen calendar and note board with chalkboard and chalk paint, adding a calendar, a spot for the grocery list and an area for love notes.

20. Wedding Tea Towels

Create customized stencils with loving phrases fit for the couple. Placed over a blank tea towel, paint into the lettering for a set of wedding and marriage-themed kitchen accents.

21. Cork Board World Map

Give the new couple a way to celebrate their past and future world travels by adding a painted world map to a large cork board. Supply multi-colored pins or flags to mark their adventures.

22. Merino Wool Heart Pillow

Merino Wool Heart Pillow

Source: Ideal Me

This cozy, heart-adorned pillow shows off your crochet skills while providing a super-soft addition to the newlywed’s living room.

23. Gold Trimmed Mirror

Transform a simple mirror into a minimalistic decor accent with a bit of lead trim tape. The geometrical shape inside the basic mirror creates a modern, eye-catching look.

24. Sweet Homemade Treats

Whip up a family dessert and package it in a hand-decorated gift box, mason jar or even a customized cookie jar.

25. DIY Wine Bag

Gifting the couple favorite vintage of wine or a fine bottle of champagne? Take the eco-friendly approach by adding some labels, hand-stitching and embellishments to a reusable canvas wine bag.

26. Salt Dough Ornaments

Salt Dough Ornaments

Source: Shutterfly

Design a heartwarming DIY wedding gift with the kids by creating old-fashioned ornaments with salt, flour and water. Add the couple’s monogram or let your kids add their own artistic flair.

27. Weathered Nautical Bookends

After choosing your favorite metal and wood bookend set, create a rustic, weathered look with the use of copper spray paint to match any nautical home design.

28. Travel Chess Set

Every time the new couple hits the road, send them off with this handmade wooden chess set crafted with a cricut machine and stored in a hand-stamped travel bag.

29. Hand-Painted Wooden Bowls

Hand-Painted Wooden Bowls

Source: Elise Engh

New and experienced painters alike can dive into this floral bowl collection gift set. It makes a bright and bold addition to a new home display or kitchen collection.

30. Block Wine Charms

Nerdy wine lovers unite! A figurine set can be transformed into wine charms with just a little gorilla glue and small suction cup. Gift to your superhero-loving couple.

31. Family Cheese Board

Family Cheese Board

Source: Shutterfly

Celebrate the new family by etching their names and wedding date into a high-quality cheese board and serving platter, ideal for the decades of holidays and hosting to come.

32. Wedding Photo Album

Wedding Photo Album

Source: Shutterfly

Help the couple elegantly display their wedding memories with a durable and professionally laid out wedding photo album. This makes a perfect traditional gift for your daughter or son who has just tied the knot.

33. Rose Bath Tea

After all the wedding planning, gift this handmade wedding gift made with rose petals, dead sea salt, clay and essential oil to help them rest and rejuvenate.

34. Monogram Flower Pot

Monogram Flower Pot

Source: Shutterfly

Mark this occasion by helping them grow something new. Surround their monogram design with a festive floral wreath and fill the pot with a flower to plant in their first garden.

35. Customized Home Doormat

Impress the new couple a hand-painted doormat that mirrors their home design. With an Exacto knife, paint and a plain doormat, you can create a replica of their house to lay at their front door.

36. Photo Collage

Photo Collage

Source: Shutterfly

Arrange 16 of their most memorable images—either from your friendship or their wedding day—and arrange in a classic wooden collage. This personalized gift makes a great centerpiece above a mantle or on a photo wall.

37. Festive Ice Bucket

Pop and chill the bubbly in a glitter and confetti-filled ice bucket. This DIY wedding gift allows the couple to start celebrating their nuptials right away.

38. Decanter Vase

Decanter Vase

Source: Shutterfly

A versatile couple’s shower gift or wedding day present, this elegant vase doubles as a wine decanter and a flower vase. Wrap up the gift with a bottle of wine and a note with alternate uses.

39. Rustic Serving Tray

Rustic Serving Tray

Source: She Saved

Show off your carpentry skills by gifting this farmhouse-chic wooden serving tray. This sturdy DIY addition spruces up dinner parties or adds to an evening of wine and cheese.

Both passionate crafters and budding artists can explore the countless options of handmade wedding gifts. What’s more, creating the gift itself will add to the energy of celebration and excitement as the wedding draws near. Explore this list of ideas to personalize your gifts before diving into your next project, this time with your favorite couple in mind.