How To Tie Your Personalities Into Your Wedding

Your wedding day is all about the love between you and your partner. The wedding planning process is the perfect opportunity to combine personal styles to illustrate your love story. From your wedding invitations to the thank you cards, tie your unique personalities into every part of this beautiful occasion.

Personalizing your wedding to reflect your personal interests can be as simple as customizing your own save the date cards or quoting your favorite movie in your wedding vows. Whether you have a wedding planner or plan to organize the big day yourself, get creative with wedding ideas that tie your personality into this special occasion.

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Engagement Party

Celebrate your engagement with a unique proposal announcement to announce the news to your close friends and family. This will set the tone for your wedding plans moving forward. Tie your personalities and interests into the type of engagement party you want, and do something you’ll both enjoy. Below are creative engagement party ideas that require minimal planning:

  • Virtual Engagement Party: If you have family and friends in different locations, consider a virtual celebration by setting up a video conference call where everyone can join from home.
  • Intimate Outdoor Picnic: If nature and camping are big in your relationship, host an outdoorsy picnic with close friends and family.
  • Backyard Pool Party: Bring back the summer fun with a relaxed pool party complete with a taco bar and outdoor party games.
  • Themed Movie Night: Host an outdoor movie-themed party to screen your favorite classics on the projector.

Whichever theme or location you choose, don’t forget engagement party invites that match the theme to help give your guests a hint of what to expect.

Save The Dates And RSVP Cards

One way to officially begin the wedding planning process is with unique save the dates and wedding RSVP cards. A personalized card gives your guest a sneak peek of the plans for your special day.

Consider a simple and minimalist aesthetic by pairing a few photos of the happy couple in a collage with their names. You can decorate the wedding save the dates with foil for extra glam or watercolor for a more romantic effect. Or, add florals and a wood background to the RSVP cards for a boho or rustic vibe.

Save the date cards and rsvp cards for wedding

To infuse more personality into your cards, you can opt for unique save the date magnets that guests can paste in a visible place like their fridge, or send save the date cookies they can enjoy right after they jot down the details.

Design Your Wedding Invites

Invite your wedding guests in style with personalized wedding invitations that accurately reflect you and your partner’s interests and values. Whether you’re planning a traditional ceremony, throwing a themed party, or are inviting guests to join you for a virtual wedding, your invites can fit a color scheme and echo the overarching theme.

Browse different wedding invite themes to help spark some inspiration:

  • Classic Calligraphy
  • Brushed Botanicals
  • Simple Woodgrain
  • Modern Minimalist

For custom invites, design your own wedding invitations by uploading a unique design. Make sure all the sections correspond to your theme and portray your personal styles. For an added effect, you can modify the texture or sizes of your invitations to make them more original.

Wedding stationery on top of a wedding photo album

Custom Wedding Favors

When planning your wedding favors, keep in mind that you can use anything you want to fit your wedding theme. If it’s in your budget, gift your guests a practical, themed gift that correlates with the theme and your personalities.

  • Simple Succulents: If the celebration is filled with greenery and botany, consider giving your wedding guests little succulents. They’ll love these cute gifts that’ll spruce up their homes.
  • Personalized Candles: If your wedding is a romantic night-time ceremony, indulge your guests with personalized candles showing photos of the happy couple.
  • Mouse Pads: If you’re celebrating virtually, take a screenshot of everyone raising their glass and send a customized mouse pad to your guests as a thank you for joining your virtual wedding.
  • Custom Mugs: If you and your partner are obsessed with coffee, a great gift for your guests would be a custom mug with your monograms and the date of the wedding.
  • Monogram Wine Glasses: Perfect for any wedding theme, personalized stemless wine glasses with the couple’s initials or the date of the wedding make a unique wedding favor.

Personalized candle with foliage wreath and initials

Venue And Location

You’re not bound by geography or a specific location — a wedding can be held almost anywhere, including online. If you’re unable to get everyone together in the same location, a virtual wedding is a great way to host a party everyone can attend from the comfort of their homes. You can even host a small gathering in person and stream the ceremony online for the guests who couldn’t make it so everyone you care about is included.

However, if you prefer to have everyone in the same place at the same time, there are plenty of unique locations that’ll reflect your personalities. Generally, you should look to book your venue at least nine months to one year out from your desired wedding date.

For nature-lovers, an outdoor ceremony and reception in a park or botanical garden is a beautiful way to tie the knot in nature. Or, if you’re both obsessed with modern art, you can host the wedding in your favorite gallery. Consider your joint interests or passions when choosing the perfect wedding venue.

Ceremony And Reception

Host the perfect wedding day by incorporating your personality into the ceremony and reception. Take inspiration from tradition for your wedding vows, or have both partners write their own using quotes from their favorite movie, book, or song. Consider how you want to involve your family members, bridal party, and how the wedding band exchange should go.

For an online wedding, you can choose a virtual background for both the ceremony and reception. There truly is no limit as to where you want to pretend to be. Ask your guests to pick backgrounds they like as well for an extra level of fun.

You can also customize your place cards or other wedding stationery to depict your values and personalities in the ceremony. The reception is easier to make your own, so go all out with a theme and style that fits you best. Choose a romantic wedding playlist, or if you and your partner love a certain music artist, include their music as part of your wedding songs. If the happy couple met through social media, consider creating a trendy wedding hashtag the guests at the reception can add to their pictures.

Personalize Your Wedding Dessert

Your wedding dessert should be both delicious and representative of your personalities and interests. It doesn’t have to be a three-layer white cake, instead, make it unique to your relationship and your special day.

Below are ideas for personalizing your wedding cake:

  • Winter Wedding: For a winter wedding, consider a light blue layered cake that mirrors the season and theme of your wedding while being an original and beautiful part of the reception.
  • Themed Wedding: You can incorporate the theme into your cake. For example, if your theme is the 1920s, ask your baker to create a black and gold art deco cake with white edible flowers.
  • Extra personalization: Choose a fun cake topper that echoes your relationship. Whether you want the traditional bride and groom figurines or two dinosaurs, your cake topper can be anything you feel captures you and your partner.

If it’s available to you, make use of a free cake tasting with your partner so you can choose your favorite flavor to personalize the inside of the cake as well.

If a cake isn’t your preference, there are other ways to have fun with your wedding desserts. Consider dessert alternatives such as mini ice cream sandwiches, a donut wall, s’mores bar, or colorful cake pops.

Guest Book And Wedding Keepsakes

Take inspiration from your wedding theme and your personalities to create a wedding guest book where your loved ones can write their wishes for the happy couple. This makes for a memorable keepsake of the wedding you’ll look back on every year.

If you don’t want guests occupied with trying to find the right words during your wedding celebration, or you’re hosting a virtual wedding, you can set up a guest book online. Provide an email address or cloud storage link for your guests to leave selfies, recorded video or audio messages, or written notes. This type of guest book will never get dusty and forever freeze the moment in time for you to relive whenever you feel like looking back on your wedding day.Wedding photo guest book album with handwritten notes

You don’t have to stick to a traditional guest “book” and can choose any medium for people to sign. Check out these guest book alternatives and keepsake ideas:

  • Photo Booth Fun: Set up instant cameras and have your guests sign their pictures before hanging them up to develop. You can later make a wedding book with these pictures or create a collage in a large frame to hang in your home.
  • Reusable Totes: Consider custom cotton tote bags in the color scheme of the wedding for the bridesmaids that say “Bridesmaid” or show photos of them from the big day.
  • Framed Prints: Opt for a framed print of your favorite photo for guests to sign as they walk in.
  • Wine Stoppers: Personalized wine stoppers make the perfect wedding keepsake. Include a photo of the bridal party and the date of the wedding.
  • Desktop Plaques: Create desktop plaques for both partners’ offices that display pictures of the couple having their wedding cake.

Once the celebration is over, you can store your favorite wedding photos in a wedding photo book. Sort through all of the important pictures — the couple exchanging their wedding rings, your family, and the wedding party. Pick your favorite photo for the cover, and choose the styles and sizes of your fonts within the book to match your personalities and the style of the wedding.

Thank You Cards

The last part of planning the big day, wedding thank you cards can be sent a few months after the event. Make them as creative and unique as the wedding itself.

Go for a humorous vibe with mad lib thank you cards or a photo of the newlyweds opening all their presents at night after the wedding. Customize your cards with a fitting color scheme, a unique font, and authentic, handwritten messages. To thank guests for coming to your virtual wedding, you can print cards with a screenshot of everyone who joined online. Your unique wedding celebration deserves a unique thank you card.

Photo wedding thank you cards

Additional Resources

Your wedding is a special day, meant to reflect the happy couple. When deciding on a wedding theme, take inspiration from your personality, values, and interests. As much or as little of your wedding can correspond with this theme, but make sure it’s something that truly makes you happy.

Get inspired to plan your big day with these wedding ideas and tie your personalities into this joyous celebration. For more tips on wedding planning, check out our related resources below: