Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are one of the best ways to celebrate you and your loved ones marriage with friends and family. Whether you have a small or large wedding, destination weddings allow you to fully express your love to your significant other in a location that speaks to the both of you. Let Shutterfly help you design your ultimate dream destination wedding from wedding invitation ideas to the destination wedding ceremony, to the joyous celebration itself.

Destination Weddings of a Lifetime

Many couples opt for destination weddings because they’re relatively simple and private, and they give a great opportunity for the couple (plus their family and friends) to go on vacation at the same time and experience new things on the special day and beyond. In addition, going away for a destination wedding allows the couple to show everyone a location that speaks to them at heart. Of course, you’ll still need to plan and decorate for them like any wedding, and with Shutterfly, you can put your own personal touches on every aspect of this important occasion. Whether you plan a tropical getaway or mountainside retreat destination wedding, you can rest assured your destination wedding will be one to remember forever.

Bride and groom kissing in front of mountains surrounded by bridesmaids and groomsmen

Destination Wedding Invitations

Destination weddings need guests. The only way they’ll make it to the big day is if you remember to send the wedding invitations, and we have plenty of DIY destination wedding invitation ideas. You can choose invitations written in elegant script that can be personalized with a ticket style trim and all of your destination details. Or, if you’re choosing a popular beach destination for your big event, you can check out our gold foil-stamped invite that can be personalized with a pink, gold, or green design color, and there’s even room for a beach photo and personal message on the back.

You’ll be sending plenty of things in the mail while planning destination weddings, including your invites, save the dates, and wedding announcements, and it makes sense to print some stylish address labels to make a big impression. If you’re set on having a beach themed wedding, we have labels featuring starfish designs or upload your very own design with your own photo to create a beachy vibe. If you’re looking for a simple design that doesn’t show off the location, we also have classy labels you can simply personalize with your destination details.

Destination Wedding Save the Dates

When it comes to planning destination weddings, it’s important that all guests have as many reminders as possible, and our Shutterfly save the date cards take care of this and give an opportunity for you to show a sneak peek of your wedding. We have a card that is perfect for a mountain destination wedding that lets everyone know you’ll be heading into the woods to say your vows in addition to a card that allows up to three photos in front of a gorgeous palm tree background to fit a tropical getaway. If you’re looking to turn your destination wedding into a road trip, consider a card that can be personalized with your favorite vehicle photo and road lines on the back.

One of the most important parts of planning destination weddings in addition to sending out your save the date cards is to maintain the guestbook, so you’ll know how many to expect and what to prepare for. With Shutterfly response cards, you can design the perfect RSVP for any locale to ensure your guests won’t forget to let you know if they’ll be there for your big day. Shutterfly has stylish cards perfect for destination weddings in tropical locations and mountain destination wedding ceremonies where you can choose your own design color to match any decoration you have planned.

Impress Your Guests With the Ultimate Dream Destination Wedding

Once the planning for destination weddings is taken care of, you’ll just need to execute each step of your wedding celebration. From the pre-celebrations such as the bachelorette party to the details of the reception, we’ll help you make it a destination wedding to remember at Shutterfly.

A bachelorette party is a must have celebration before a bride-to-be can say “I do” to her groom or bride at her destination wedding in order for her to have fun and destress. Go ahead and make it a destination party with our creative bachelorette party invites. Whether the party is at your wedding destination or on the way to it, we have plenty of great floral design invites for Nashville, Palm Springs, and Vegas, just to name a few locations. Of course, you can personalize any of these invites to fit any location you want before you tie the knot. Make each party invitation unique with a photo made with each friend in mind, as well as a personal message to let them know how much their presence will mean to you.

Prepare Every Place at the Table With Great Care

Destination weddings have receptions just like typical weddings, and we have plenty of ways for you to make a great impression with the tables. Get started with our table place cards to guide your guests to the right location. Choose from a simple pink rose design for small destination weddings, or opt for a more complex design for your place cards. Make sure each place is set with one of our stylish custom napkins. Our napkins set the tone for any destination wedding, and if you happen to be at a beach, we have the best selection to perfectly match the theme. If you’ve chosen a location out west, we also have menus to complete the overall look and feel.

Keep Framed Art Prints of the Occasion

Destination weddings are impressive affairs that are worth remembering in clear detail, and with a Shutterfly framed print, you’ll do exactly that. Choose your best destination wedding photo to go in any of our beautiful art prints, available in sizes from 5×7 to 16×20. We have black, white, and rustic color frames to match any photo, and you can include unique text as well. Keep some art prints of the location itself, too, so you’ll always remember all the fun you had.

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