50 Modern Navy Blue And Coral Wedding Ideas

Choosing a pair of fresh wedding colors allows you to showcase outdoor ceremonies and receptions by the sea, in the garden or on the farm. Coral picks up the tropical colors of a seaside soiree while navy blue remains a classic choice for any formal event. The two colors also translate to an opulent ballroom reception in the summer or to a springtime ceremony in a traditional church wedding.

This wedding color pairing can also inspire unique choices throughout the rest of your design, from your invitations to features such as wedding cake flavors and unique centerpiece flowers. Utilize these natural colors both inside and outside your wedding venue to create an unforgettable wedding design.

1. Homemade Wedding Displays

navy blue and coral wedding ideas homemade displays

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Mason jar crafts will always have a home in a rustic wedding design. Fill personalized jars with peonies bursting with color and line the inside of the glass with a large leaf—you can add a simple navy ribbon to accent or incorporate it into other decor.

2. Soft And Simple

navy blue and coral wedding ideas soft and simple

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Pale, peaceful pink roses fill this bountiful bouquet and complement gold-painted leaves that make up the arrangement. Pair with a white and navy blue wedding wardrobe.

3. Print It Out

navy blue and coral wedding ideas print it out

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Simplify your wedding table design with printable table numbers adorned with delicate watercolor floral designs.

4. Wild Wedding Hues

navy blue and coral wedding ideas wild hues

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Stick to the natural colors provided by nature’s most vibrant wildflowers in a handpicked and gathered bouquet and floral displays. Pop the pink, white and red flowers in a navy blue bucket or vase for balance.

5. Elegant Beachside

Keep it classic and formal with simple navy blue accents highlighted by coral wardrobe options. Fill your centerpieces, place settings and other wedding decorations with complementary silver and gold accents for a classic look.

6. Unique Seating

navy blue and coral wedding ideas unique seating

Source: Andi Mans

Want to weave rich blue velvet into your wedding decor? Guests can settle into dinner on a plush navy blue loveseat in front of a mint, coral and pale pink centerpiece.

7. Display Your Style

As a creative couple, show off your own sense of artistry by choosing a unique wedding venue and adding table displays that show off your sense of design.

8. Rustic Autumn

Blues and pinks can translate to fall wedding colors by pairing with warm gold and earth tones. Add a pop of flowers at each setting to accent your place cards.

9. Seaside Saturation

If you’re dining right by the coast, fill your sandy celebration with bursts of tropical colors like bright blue, deep navy and vibrant pink coral.

10. Polished Tablescape

navy blue and coral wedding ideas polished tablescape

Source: Ruth Eileen

Whether you’re designing your centerpieces or your wedding cake display, matching your colors throughout the entire scheme provides a clean and balanced look for any occasion.

11. Chevron Decor

This classic pattern pairs perfectly with navy, especially when lined with complementary coral accents. Use the pattern throughout your stationery, from invites to labels.

12. Wedding Ceremony Accents

Remember to hold seats for your guests of honor like mom and dad. Print out reserved seating signs with navy stripes and coral ribbon accents.

13. DIY Place Settings

These tie-dyed table settings display the names of the dinner guest right in the handmade design. Spread your colors throughout your table while showing off your crafting skills.

14. Detailed Photos

Your photographer will hone in on all the specific details that make your day unique. Create a backdrop for your ring photo with a navy blue and coral invitation and pops of pink flowers.

15. Match With Mint

Consider a third complementary color to navy blue and coral wedding details, such as a pale green like mint. Weave the color into your floral arrangements, wardrobe and decor.

16. Classy Brunch

navy blue and coral wedding ideas classy brunch

Source: Ruth Eileen

Throw a garden party wedding filled with patterned fabric, comfortable seating and a balanced blue and coral color scheme. It’s the perfect occasion for a brunch celebration.

17. Find Your Blue And Coral Palette

Work with the surrounding area when finding ways to showcase your wedding color combinations in your photos. Murals, colored walls and a unique venue make for artistic photo backdrops.

18. Fresh And Floral

navy blue and coral wedding ideas fresh and floral

Source: Mary Costa

Remember that fresh food can also play a role in a colorful tablescape. Pair bushels of bright flower arrangements with colorful and cheery vegetable and cheese plates, especially in a natural barn wedding.

19. Sunset Dinner

If you’re dining during golden hour, remember to weave the yellow and golden hues of the sunlight into your tablescape. Pair with blue glassware and gold cutlery to reflect the light.

20. Floral Artwork

navy blue and coral wedding ideas floral artwork

Source: Whitney Neal

Work a painted floral design throughout all of your wedding day stationery, from your save the dates to the menus and place cards.

21. Balanced Bouquet

navy blue and coral wedding ideas balanced bouquet

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Show off your wedding colors in each photo of you and your groom by choosing a coral and pale pink wedding bouquet balanced by your groom’s navy blue suit.

22. Classic Elegance

Navy blue and coral wedding decorations dress up a more formal wedding, especially when incorporating softer hues of each color. This couple wove the two colors into their wine country wedding.

23. Natural Coral

navy blue and coral wedding ideas natural coral

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Many popular wedding flower choices also come in a coral or orange tint. Coral hydrangeas, for example, range from deep red to warm pink, and are balanced well with a deep blue complement.

24. Upscale Picnic

navy blue and coral wedding ideas upscale picnic

Source: Megan Welker

This bohemian-inspired wedding creates the look of an elaborate picnic with natural fabrics, comfortable furniture and vase displays of food. Pair with lush colors like cream, pink and blue.

25. Crimson Bridesmaids

For tropical destination weddings, consider pairing pale pink wedding gowns with vibrant bouquets and soft blue ribbons cascading from each.

26. Floating Florals

navy blue and coral wedding ideas floating florals

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Catch the naturally blue beauty of the water elements around your venue by designing floating flower arrangements packed with pink blooms. A candle with your initials in each provides a romantic light for the celebration.

27. Delicate Brunch

This soft and elegant wedding brunch weaves sky blue with rich navy, coral and peach. Hang playful banners and fill your tables with springtime favorites like tulips and hydrangeas.

28. Inspired By Nature

Outdoor dinners, especially in stunning tropical settings, can pull from all the surrounding colors to match the foliage. Deck natural wood tables with soft coral, green and blue wedding centerpieces.

29. Anitue Blues

This bride matched the antique blue of classic wedding decor to a stylish mermaid-style gown. Lush floral arrangements balance out the color scheme with corals and oranges.

30. Greet Your Guests

Guide your loved ones from one part of the celebration to the next with color-matching decor and stationery filled with blue and coral wedding accents.

31. Work With The Space

Does your venue have a distinct color scheme? Pull from the painted walls to add a splash of color against the existing architecture.

32. Tropical Blooms

navy blue and coral wedding ideas tropical blooms

Source: J&D Photo

Look to nontraditional wedding florals for natural coral, particularly in tropical flowers. Pair with soft blue flowers and a deep ribbon around the bouquet.

33. Floral Fiesta Wedding

After you choose bright floral colors, match all your handmade decor and tablescape accents to the petals of the flowers themselves.

34. Indigo Decor

Play with the soft blues that come from naturally dyed fabric, like indigo and cerulean. Work these hues into your table linens and match with blue and coral flowers.

35. Black Tie Event

Throw a formal event with rich blue bridesmaids gowns, a striking ivory wedding dress and endless streams of coral pink flowers.

36. Fairytale Grace

This timeless color scheme and wedding aesthetic looks right out of a fairytale celebration, featuring bright navy blue and soft pinks and ivories.

37. A Festive Feast

A bright tablescape can further enhance the look of a beautiful meal, especially when you’re showcasing rustic and simple local foods full of color.

38. Wardrobe Colors

You can show off your entire wedding theme in your wedding day outfits. Choose a navy blue suit for the groom, a bright white wedding gown for the bride and a burst of coral in her bouquet to complement the whole theme.

39. Colors Of Spring

A springtime wedding also celebrates the return of bright colors and pale pastels. Fill a bright white tablescape with pops of pink, blue and yellow with vibrant flowers, glassware and place settings.

40. Festive Fete

Hype up the room for a huge dance party by filling your DJ backdrop with classic party elements like streamers, balloons and bursts of color.

41. Serene Ceremony

Ceremony decor and backdrops should combine your personal style with the aesthetic of the surrounding area. Pair a modern style with the natural blue and coral hues of a garden wedding.

42. Beholden On The Beach

Wondering how to plan a wedding ceremony on the beach? Coral and navy blue wedding decorations pick up the natural colors of the seaside, especially when you plan to exchange vows right on the water’s edge.

43. Bohemian Beauty

Throw a modern, bohemian-style wedding in a tropical location by playing with all the variations of coral and navy blue wedding accents. Pair vibrant bouquets with individually chosen bridal party dresses.

44. Vibrant Blues

Navy blue stands out in an outdoor summer wedding, especially when set side-by-side with bright pinks, corals and sky blue accents.

45. Springtime Tables

navy blue and coral wedding ideas springtime tables

Source: Marsais

Make vibrant color the theme of your wedding day, filling centerpieces with a rainbow of hues throughout your candlesticks, flowers and glassware.

46. Spring Men’s Style

Floral ties and wardrobe accents are a popular wedding trend these days. Incorporate your wedding colors into the bouquets with hues that match those worn by the groom and groomsmen.

47. Base Of Blues

When planning a navy blue and coral wedding celebration, start with a base of blue in your wardrobe and linens and layer with pale coral pink and white accents for dimension.

48. Delicate Additions

If you’re taking the DIY approach to your wedding day, keep your decor nice and simple with elegant accents like doilies, ribbons and matching accent furniture.

49. Bursts Of Color

Make a bold statement in your table display with bright and spirited centerpieces set on vibrant blue fabric table runners.

50. Tasty Favors

Sometimes edible wedding favors are your best bet for a group of guests with a sweet tooth. Fill cellophane bags with local candies and pair each favor with a navy blue and coral label.

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As you get closer to the big day, remember to keep a running wedding checklist of all the small details. Place card ideas, favors, and even your reception send-off can incorporate your beautiful color scheme into the overall theme. Use these ideas as inspiration to craft your unique wedding celebration.