35 Wedding Scrapbook Ideas To Preserve Your Memories

The rush of wedding planning and the week of the celebration can fly by in a flash. After the celebration winds down, compiling a wedding scrapbook is one of the best ways to relive all the heartfelt moments and decisions made along the way. This is also an excellent time to reactivate that passion for creative design as you remember how you figured out how to choose your wedding invitations, picked your wedding color combinations and even found your dress.

Did you use a DIY wedding binder to help you plan? Begin by gathering all your printed paper goods, favorite photos and the scrapbook of your choice. Here we’ll explore scrapbook layout ideas, what to include in your wedding scrapbook and fun ways to tell your wedding day story.

1. Add Wedding Quotes

create your own wedding photo books with personalized design

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Though wedding photos speak for themselves, adding a bit of poetry elevates the design to the next level. Include an occasional quote about marriage or weddings or pull a passage from your and your spouse’s favorite book.

2. Timeless Quotes

Fill each page layout with quotes about love and marriage. Purchase foam mounting materials in the scrapbook section of your local craft store and add the quotes for a 3D design.

3. Ode To The Centerpiece

wedding scrapbook ideas ode to the centerpiece

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The reception centerpieces received some of the most attention and design creativity. Create a scrapbook page layout completely dedicated to the design process of your centerpieces, from pressed flowers and ribbons to your menus and place cards.

4. Vintage Glam

Emulate the look of a vintage photo album by printing photos with rounded edges and securing them with paper clips and photo corners inside a classic style photo album.

5. Table Numbers

wedding scrapbook ideas table numbers

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Did your photographer grab a shot of each table? Pair up your paper table numbers with images of each group of family members and friends or with images of the table decor.

6. Photo Booth Props

wedding scrapbook ideas photo booth props

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Be sure to include every silly and sentimental paper prop on a page dedicated to your photo booth images. Did you have engagement photo props as well? Be sure to include these with your engagement shots!

7. Professional Photo Book

wedding scrapbook ideas professional photo book

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Take a whole different approach to your scrapbooking process by designing a professionally printed wedding photo book. Choose from a long list of page layouts, book styles and cover designs to fit your theme and taste.

8. Scrapbook Shadow Box

wedding scrapbook ideas scrapbook shadow box

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Either in addition to or in lieu of a traditional scrapbook, display your favorite wedding items and stationery within a shadow box frame and hang in a curated wall collage or display on your coffee table to enjoy every day.

9. Save Room For Your Anniversary

wedding scrapbook ideas save room for your anniversary

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The celebration only truly begins on your wedding day. Save pages in the back of your scrapbook for your first anniversary photos and any milestones in the future!

10. Window Into Your World

Go beyond traditional 3D scrapbooking elements and include doors, windows, flowers and other creative pieces that frame your photos with the same grace and style as your wedding day.

11. Bouquet Charms

Charms that honor the memory of a lost loved one or represent symbols of good luck wrap around a bride’s bouquet in some traditions. Create a special pocket or envelope in your scrapbook to keep these safe.

12. Showcase Your Signs

You created a handful of important signage to guide your guests throughout the evening. Each will bring back memories of the design of your big day. Include them on a page in your scrapbook with corresponding images.

13. Add Your Art

Personalize your scrapbook to align with your own unique creativity. Surround photos, wedding quotes and stories with your own paintings, doodles and designs.

14. Repurpose Decor

If you DIY’d your wedding with buttons, bows and lace, repurpose these elements for your scrapbook pages. Scrapbooking is a great way to incorporate leftover envelopes, labels and other paper goods as well.

15. Floral Frame

If you’d like to focus on one larger photo on a page, surround it in a scrapbook paper frame in the same wedding colors from your theme. For a custom look, use a Cricut machine to make your own.

16. Preserve Your Bouquet

Save your dried flowers the old-fashioned way, deep in the pages of a book. If you want to keep your bouquet intact, save a few blooms from your centerpieces or bridesmaid bouquets for scrapbooking.

17. Bundles Of Ribbons

Was your wedding scattered with flowing ribbons and bows? Borrow these for your wedding scrapbook to line the edges of pages, frame photos and decorate the cover of the book.

18. Photo Decor

wedding scrapbook ideas photo decor

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Did you work your engagement images into your wedding decor? This is an easy way to display both your wedding paper suite and photos of you and your spouse in one spot.

19. Show Off The Shower

The celebration truly began before the wedding weekend kicked off. Save a spot in your wedding scrapbook for photos, invitations and cards from your bridal shower.

20. Snap A Photo

wedding scrapbook ideas snap a photo

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Include a camera at your guest book as an informal photo booth and invite guests to glue their image into a scrapbook with a handwritten message. Expand this book into your wedding scrapbook after the event.

21. Wedding Schedule

wedding scrapbook ideas wedding schedule

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Collect all those logistical pages that helped your wedding day flow with ease and mount them in your scrapbook just before the ceremony section. This step-by-step style walks you through each event of the day and gives you a timeline to remember the whole process.

22. Play With Layers

That professional scrapbooking look can be created by laying colors and textures before adding a focal point such as a photo or card. Begin with a layer of watercolor and lay scrapbooking paper, faux flowers and additional glitz to make it your own.

23. Destination Decor

Did you have a destination wedding by the seashore or in a famous city? Set the scene of your wedding photo book by including images of the beautiful area surrounded by matching scrapbook crafting materials.

24. Honor Your Fonts

Calligraphy and printed lettering is a huge part of what made your stationery stunning. Match the printed quotes with your wedding invitation fonts for a uniform design.

25. Escort Cards

Create a page dedicated to the guest experience with items like escort and seating cards. Pair them up with sketches of your seating chart and photos of guests heading to the reception.

26. Go 3D

Head to your local craft store for paper flowers that mirror your bouquets from the big day. Create bunches of flowers, sequins and floral wire to adorn the cover or sit at the corners of each photo.

27. Stationery Suite

wedding scrapbook ideas stationery suite

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Your stationery choices are always a great place to start when designing a wedding scrapbook. Tie the look of the layout together by matching your wedding invitation font and color scheme.

28. DIY Shaker Card

Pop a mason jar-shaped piece of scrapbooking decor into a plastic paper protector to fit its shape. Fill with glitter and sequins and add to a scrapbook page to reflect your wedding theme.

29. Honeymoon Memories

Did you hit the road right after tying the knot? Keep all your maps, photos and postcards in a special area after your wedding pages.

30. Wedding Card Collage

wedding scrapbook ideas wedding card collage

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The wedding cards are the best way to commemorate each individual guests’ wishes for you and your spouse. Group them by friends and family on several scrapbook pages.

31. Love Letters

Did you give bride gifts and groom gifts to each other on the morning of the wedding? Include a special section to display your love notes or tuck them into decorative envelopes on a page to be opened as you flip through the book.

32. Preserve The Program

Introduce the ceremony section of your wedding scrapbook by showcasing the rundown of your nuptials. Include photos of you and your wedding party entering the church or ceremony space of guests finding their seats.

33. Notes For Later

Similar to the folded envelope, glue a small paper gift bag to the page for safely keeping notes and small papers without securing them down. Do you have a photo of a love letter from your spouse-to-be? Include the letter itself next to the precious image.

34. DIY Details

Be sure to highlight all the time and hard work spent on handmade details like place cards, signs and centerpiece decor. Create an entire page for your personal design elements.

35. Pocket Of Paper

How do you keep all your precious items safe in a scrapbook without tape or glue? Fold up this handmade envelope to mount on a scrapbook page and safely include all your items inside.

Memories of your wedding day make a lifelong impact on your journey as a family. Dive into scrapbook design as soon as the planning is behind you. Once your wedding photos arrive from your photographer, be sure to pair your scrapbook with a printed photo album for both yourself and your family.