29 Printable Engagement Photo Prop Ideas + Photo Shoot Tips

Engagement photos are a great opportunity for you to announce your engagement and showcase your unique relationship. Engagement photo props are a fantastic way to add some fun and creativity to your photo shoot. The options are endless and photo props can be as minimal or as extravagant as you’d like.

Props can also be used to represent an important part of your relationship, like books you were reading when you met at a coffee shop or any other symbol that represents an important milestone in your relationship. To help create brilliant engagement photos, we designed free printable engagement photo props that fit a wide range of personal styles.

Printable Engagement Photo Props

These printable engagement photo props are an easy and cost-effective way to capture creative engagement photos. The props include symbols, vintage, rustic, pop art styles, funny props and props to incorporate children and pets in the shoot. For the best results, print the props on a thicker paper like cardstock.

Simple symbol props

engagement photo props, &, infinty symbol, heart

Symbol engagement photo props speak volumes without using any words, they are an easy addition to any shoot. Have you and your partner hold an ampersand symbol between you too or prop a heart symbol up above your heads.

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Vintage photo props

engagement photo props, better together, all you need is love

Vintage style engagement photo props are perfect for the couple with classic style. Pose with one of these signs next to a historic building or in a classic car. The old world charm, like your love, never goes out of style.

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Rustic props

engagement photo props, bride groom, burlap and lace heart

Strike a sweet pose with your partner in the countryside or inside a vintage barn with these rustic engagement photo props. They feature burlap and lace and are perfect for a country engagement shoot.

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Personalizable photo props

save the date, speech bubbles engagement photo props

Personalizable engagement photo props save you time and allow you to show off your creativity in what you write. Try holding the thought and speech bubbles up for each other or give them a floating illusion with fishing line.

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Comic book exclamation props

engagement photo props pop art OMG, wow

Comic book style engagement photo props are perfect for superhero and cosplay fans. Even if you aren’t, they are still ideal for showing the exhilarating feeling of getting engaged to your soul mate.  

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Funny engagement photo props

engagement photo props she said it's about time, finally

If you are the type of couple that doesn’t like to take everything too seriously, show off your sense of humor with these funny engagement photo props. Try using the personalizable props above if you and an inside joke that you want to include.

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Props for including pets and kids

engagement photo props, daddy asked mommy said yes, my humans are getting married

Do you have extra family members that you want to include in your engagement photo shoot? These printable engagement photo props are perfect for featuring your adorable children or fur babies.

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Short and sweet props

engagement photo props, I'm yours, LOVE, I do

These short and sweet saying engagement photo props make a romantic addition to your shoot with simple sentiments. Create a charming pose by holding one of the printables together while kissing or embracing.

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A fairytale proposal

engagement photo props, happily ever after, once upon a time

Are you looking for a castle-like venue or planning a Disney honeymoon? Fairytale themed engagement photo props are perfect for a sentimental couple dreaming about happily ever after.

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New titles

engagement photo props, Mrs. Mr., future husband and wife

These printable engagement photo props play to the new titles that you’ll take on once married. Try attaching the “his” and “hers” printables to slim dowel rods and hold them up for a shot while you pose hand in hand.

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Engagement Photo Shoot Tips

Many couples choose to feature their engagement photos in their wedding invitations, engagement party invitations or as prints at their reception. So naturally, there is a pressure to get the perfect engagement photos. Take the pressure off with these engagement photo shoot tips.


Finding the right photographer is the most important element of an engagement photo shoot. First, research photographers in your area, once you’ve found a couple of photographers whose styles you like, read their reviews and check out their full portfolios. Then meet with a couple different photographers and ask them for their wedding photography prices as many people use their engagement photo shoot photographer for their wedding too.


Your color choices will affect the overall mood and style of your whole shoot. The look you’re going for will also inform how you should dress and shoot location where you should do the shoot. Think about the season of your wedding when selecting a color palette for your engagement photos.


Many couples keep their engagement photos local, but some travel to iconic locations for their shots. Either way you go there are ways to make almost any location work for you. It all depends on your style as well, some couples opt for urban shots while others prefer woodland or beach engagement photo shoots.


What you wear in your engagement photos will have a huge impact on their overall effect. Many couples like to bring a couple of different wardrobe choices, play around with casual and more formal outfits depending on your style. Try on your outfits ahead of time and take some amateur test shots to make sure your outfits work well together. Communicate your photo shoot ideas with your photographer so you can keep track of how much your engagement photos will cost.

Props + Poses

Hit those mood boards and gather a variety of poses that you want to try out during your shoot. If you have a plan before it will make the shoot go a lot smoother and you’ll be able to try more shots with a variety of poses and props. Make sure to try a variety of sitting, standing, with props, without props and romantic poses — ask your photographer for ideas as they’ve likely styled many shoots before.

Creative engagement photos make for eye-catching wedding invitations and great home decor. Your families will adore these photos as well so be sure to order enough high-quality prints for them. Your photos should represent you two as a couple because these are photos that you’ll cherish and look back on for years to come.