71 Black And Gold Wedding Ideas For A Stylish Design

The glamour of a black and gold themed party shines on a wedding day, whether you weave your color scheme into common wedding accessories or your stylish centerpieces. Gold runs the gamut between shimmering metallics on your candlestick holders to natural accents in dried grain and festive feathers. No matter how formal or casual your big day will be, black and gold can add a level of elegance that is truly unique. Pick up the golden natural hues on the beach at your destination wedding or highlight the color of your city by choosing a unique venue, and be sure to showcase the theme in your wedding invitations. We’ve gathered 71 black and gold wedding ideas to celebrate in style.

1. Wedding Day Print

black and gold wedding gold easel

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Print your favorite engagement photo on a large poster for your loved ones to sign as your wedding guest book. Display on a golden easel and decorate with a romantic black rose.

2. Show Your Style

Showcase your artistic and edgy style by adding striking pops of white and gold throughout the wedding. Weave white poppies into your bouquet and edible gold leaf to the outside of the cake.

3. Balanced With Black

black and gold wedding menu setting

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Spread dark accents in the plates, silverware and table numbers against softer pink and golden hues. This provides some personalized balance to a spring wedding that wants to be a bit more formal.

4. Gatsby Glam

A glamorous Art Deco theme pairs well with simple black and gold party decor. Stick to a sleek black backdrop with the table linens, suits and dresses.

5. Honor Your Heritage

black and gold wedding older photographs

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Design a table to display on your wedding day that frames black and white photos in golden frames. Play with the frame variety to represent the different styles and eras of the images, plus showcase your unique wedding style.

6. Art Deco

Table number displays should reflect the unique style of your reception. For a 1920s-themed wedding party, select vintage, Art-Deco-inspired place cards for guests to pick up on their way to dinner.

7. DIY Table Numbers

black and gold wedding gold table card

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These printable table numbers allow you to add a touch of black and gold to a tablescape with ease. Place in a diminutive photo holder or golden photo frame.

8. Vintage Luxury

Show off the luxury of a bygone era with an elaborate flapper-inspired wedding theme. Choose corresponding wedding cake flavors for a multi-tiered construction and weave unique golden decor throughout the reception space.

9. Swanky Stationery

black and gold wedding invitation elegant

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These gilded wedding invitations introduce your guests to the stylish look of your wedding theme. Frame a series of glamorous fonts with wispy white flowers and gold leaf for a soft balance.

10. Pop Of Glitter

Gold glitter creates both texture and vibrant color throughout a black and white wedding tablescape. Add DIY elements to your look by adding glitter to champagne bottles and candle holders.

11. Balance With Green

Floral black and gold wedding reception centerpieces naturally incorporate greenery in their leaves and stems. Enhance the two-toned wedding theme with additional green accents in the stationery and candlesticks.

12. Glittering Gold

Accentuate a gold and white wedding with hints of black in the groom’s suit and dark florals. Let loose with golden jewelry and wedding decorations to showcase your unique style.

13. Natural Hues

Gold blends well with a natural fall wedding enriched with earth tones. Show off the gold of a setting sun in cake accents, flowers and even a non-traditional wedding dress.

14. Classic Metallics

Weave hints of stunning gold into a black-tie wedding design with metallic details like the bride’s jewelry, the centerpiece vases and table number frames.

15. Accent With Glitter

black and gold wedding ideas gold balloons

Source: Jerome Cole

If you’re taking the classic black and white wedding wardrobe approach, accent your photos with glitter-filled props such as large balloons, ribbons or jewelry.

16. Sentimental Touches

This wedding layers soft white, cream and black against small hints of gold throughout the flowers and decor. Include a traditional gold bouquet charm for some shimmer.

17. Go Geometric

Play with clean lines and simple shapes by adding gold geometric elements against black chargers, white plates and deep yellow napkins. Add a name card with the help of a festive paperweight.

18. High-Style New Year’s Eve

If you’re ringing in the New Year with your nuptials, decorating with black, white and gold is a classic and festive approach. Highlight the timeless glamour of the holiday with shimmering pops of gold and sleek black gowns.

19. A Room Of Balloons

black and gold wedding cake balloons

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Inflatable signs give a whimsical energy to a wedding reception. Balance out a black and white reception with golden balloons across your dessert table or bar.

20. Work In Copper

Play with copper and gold elements to add a classic, rustic energy to your wedding reception tablescapes. The browns and golds complement a simple black and white background.

21. Color Coded Desserts

black and gold wedding pastry

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Add golden handmade elements to desserts and appetizers to better match the overall aesthetics of the room. Fruits like blackberries pair well with glittery details.

22. Well Lit Luxury

Showcase a stunning venue with equally elaborate decor. A black and gold theme allows your wedding lighting designer to uniquely highlight the beauty of the space.

23. Golden Gown

Break tradition with an eye-catching black and gold wedding gown encrusted with a sequin floral design. Be sure to match your glamorous style with the space when considering how to pick a wedding venue.

24. Layers Of Flavors

black and gold wedding ideas dessert table

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Show off your wedding colors in uniquely flavored and structured cakes. Add chocolate-dipped profiteroles dusted with gold and richly iced cakes that show off the decadence of the day.

25. Complement The Space

Consider your venue’s architecture and decor when choosing your wedding colors. Walking down the aisle in front of golden tapestries? Include the hues of the space throughout the rest of your decor.

26. Pair With Nature

black and gold wedding foliage table runner

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The natural black swirls in a hardwood table can contribute to a black and gold table design. Keep the remaining colors simple and organic to maintain this simple palette.

27. Statement Metallics

Incorporate stylish metallic elements into your modern wedding design. Add silver, white and luminescent elements to your wardrobe and bouquet such as jewels and sequins.

28. Crisp And Clean

Gold accents against a black and white palette create a classic, minimalist design. Keep your theme simple and elegant to show off the shimmer of your gold touches.

29. Festive Treats

black and gold wedding champagne flute candy

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Can your dessert or favor table match your color scheme? Find black and gold-wrapped candies and display in champagne flutes as an end-of-the-night treat.

30. Circled In Gold

Surround your ceremony with a circular arch made of gold and adorned with white flowers. Combine accents of white and black in your wedding day outfit for a stylish look.

31. Personalized Guest Book

black and gold wedding ideas guitar guest book

Source: Chard Photo

Break free from the usual wedding guest book options by adding a personal touch based on your own passions. This couple of musicians transformed a black guitar with the gold signatures of their loved ones.

32. Golden Variety

Like all wedding colors, gold comes in a wide range of hues. Play with shades of dark, pale and creamy golds and pepper your wedding with a playful combination in your stationery, furniture and flower arrangements.

33. Soft And Subtle

White and gold weddings create a delicate and graceful appearance at black tie and casual gatherings. Add bits of black throughout all your wedding accessories to balance out the soft hues.

34. Trendy Table Numbers

Add some shimmer to a black and white centerpiece with unique golden table number frames. Keep the rest of the table sleek and simple to allow the piece to stand out.

35. Fancy Frames

Photos and wedding signs become even more elegant when framed in gold. Utilize gold trays, photo frames and sign holders to showcase simple black and white stationery.

36. Sleek And Modern

An all black wedding wardrobe is a strong way to make a modern statement. Show off a unique wedding cake style with flecks of gold and keep your wardrobe timeless and simple.

37. Celestial Ceremony

Celebrate the beauty of the night sky with a gold and black wedding theme. Highlight the space with a black backdrop and golden moon and explore how to plan a wedding ceremony around the theme.

38. Start Simple

black and gold wedding reception seating

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When designing a black and gold wedding reception, begin with a base layer of one color and build from there. Golden chairs, table linens and room decor allow the black and white to pop when layered on top of one another.

39. Rich Romance

When combined with rich hues like deep red and green, black and gold party decor becomes richly romantic. Add black candles with golden sticks and hints of each color throughout your cake and table decor.

40. Engagement Glam

Showcase your upcoming wedding’s colors in your engagement photoshoot. Don a memorable golden gown with white and black photo props, then transfer the look to your wedding day tablescape.

41. Sophisticated Soiree

Create chic black and gold centerpieces with simple lighting black candlesticks. Weave gold and white elements into the frames of the tea candle holders, chargers and silverware.

42. Break The Mold

Branch out from the traditional wardrobe choices by going with a black velvet suit, dark florals and dark jewel bridal accessories. This style gives a black tie wedding a personalized touch.

43. Striped Details

This wedding incorporated black and white stripes with soft gold accents throughout its decor, from the table linens to the bridesmaid champagne flutes.

44. Timeless Extravagance

Throw a black tie affair by adding timeless decor to your wedding stationery and reception design. Add a gold stamp to white and black programs and enrich a classic dining room with creams and golds.

45. Showcase Traditions

black and gold wedding ideas gold bride details

Source: Erich McVey

Celebrate the distinct colors of your cultural heritage and traditions with the use of black, golds and reds. Weave the colors into your decor as well as your outfit to create a uniform look.

46. Signature Signs

Add an elegant pop of gold to your bar by displaying your signature cocktail menu and available drinks inside a thin golden frame.

47. Polished And Modern

Speak with your venue or rental company about unique gold and black furniture options. Choose sleek stools for your dinner table to match your vibrant centerpieces.

48. Aisle Welcome

Frame the opening of your ceremony aisle with a patch of white flowers, signage with thick black font and elegant gold lanterns.

49. Sweet And Simple

black and gold wedding ideas gold plates

Source: Jamie Davis

Stick to a clean and elegant theme by adding gold chargers and table numbers on top of a black, white and pink tablescape. Balance with black cloth napkins and gold cutlery.

50. Shades Of Gold

Design a naturally inspired gold wedding by looking to nature for your color scheme. Work within a palette of creams, peaches and tans that highlight the more lustrous gold elements, perfect for a summer celebration or early fall wedding.

51. Farmhouse Chic

black and gold wedding reception tables

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Design a long table for a family-style dinner with the natural golds of dried grain and burlap runners in a farmhouse or barn wedding. Add touches of black in the furniture to match the architecture of the room.

52. Play With Patterns

Choose two or three playful patterns such as stripes and solids and layer them with a simple font on favor bags and invitations.

53. Light The Night

Include warm golden lighting in a white wedding with black accents. The gold elements will shine both in the lights themselves and reflect off any golden wedding decor spread throughout the table.

54. Deep Earth Tones

Gold and black pair well with deep forest green to create the appearance of a lush forest in the summer. Fill your tablescape and centerpiece with deep brown accents, natural greenery, touches of black and pops of gold.

55. Golden Gilt

If you’re holding your wedding ceremony in a gilded cathedral, pull from the colors throughout the church’s architecture to choose your corresponding wedding palette.

56. Gift The Groom

black and gold wedding male watch

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Looking for that perfect groom gift to send him before the wedding ceremony? Choose a present that reflects your wedding colors such as a black and gold wristwatch or pocket watch.

57. Amber Waves of Grain

The growing trend of grains and dried florals adds a touch of natural gold and yellow to a black and white wedding. Include touches throughout the rest of your decor such as in the plates and wedding cake.

58. Decadent Delights

Dazzle your guests with an embellished dessert display, especially if you’re matching the classic and elegant look of a historic venue. Add pale pastels to a black and gold themed party.

59. Soft Pastels

black and gold wedding ideas gold lace tables

Source: Yuliya Jul

Subtly incorporate black, gray and white details into a gold-themed wedding. You can maintain the soft pastel look by adding small bits of black throughout the center of poppies and in pale tablescape details.

60. Glitz And Glitter

Kick off the party with a decadently dressed reception space. Utilize towering golden vases, shimmering sequin table linens and balance it out with black throughout the chairs, plates and decor.

61. Rustic Romance

black and gold wedding rustic table card

Source: Unsplash

If you’re decking out a romantic barn or throwing a southern-inspired country wedding, feature natural golden hues in your table numbers and wooden centerpieces.

62. Celebrate Your City

Feature your city’s colors, such as in this black and gold Pittsburgh celebration. Weave elegant representations of the palette throughout the room and snap photos in iconic spots for your wedding photo book.

63. Dessert Table Details

Looking to spruce up your dessert display? Alternate black, white and gold elements in your cake and cupcake stands and line the top of the table with a sequin-adorned runner.

64. Winter Weddings

black and gold wedding elegant cake

Source: Unsplash

Gold and natural pops of black and brown elevate a romantic winter wedding. Include branches of evergreens on the top of a gold and white cake and display on white linens.

65. Catch the Sun

black and gold wedding ideas gold feather plates

Source: Sasa Tomic

White and gold weddings work beautifully outdoors when the metallic elements catch the early evening light. Fill your tablescape with reflective gold pieces whether you’re in a brightly lit room or outdoor space.

66. Find Your Photo Opp

black and gold wedding ideas confetti

Source: Jerome Cole

Incorporate your wedding color combinations into every aspect of your celebration including a photo booth. Add a black backdrop to pick up the vibrancy of white and gold in your wedding design.

67. Play With Paint

Add a touch of golden spray paint to traditional decor. This layer of luminescence on large palm leaves frames your black and white wedding ceremony with style.

68. Shimmer And Shine

Use pops of gold to stand out as a glamorous bride. Let each bridesmaid and groomsman choose their all-black outfits and add hues of browns and golds in the bride and groom outfits.

69. Snacktime Send Off

Weave your personal style into every element of the wedding, including a table of tasty snacks to see your guests off at the end of the night.

70. It’s In The Details

Showcase gold accents in every aspect of your special day, down to the coat hangers holding your cherished outfits. Plus, they make a great photo opportunity.

71. Themed Place Cards

black and gold wedding mrs place holder

Source: Unsplash

Arrange black and white name cards beside golden place settings to alternate colors in your tablescape. Include natural elements like feathers and flowers that stand out against the two tones.

Amidst all the shopping and planning, remember to think ahead to all the exciting changes that happen right after your wedding. Research how to change your last name and get ready to decorate all your new stationery, photo albums and personalized gifts with your new moniker.