50+ Unique Wall Art Ideas For Guys’ Apartments

Looking to give your apartment a new look? Whether you moved into a new place or want to refresh your current look, some new bedroom and living room wall decor can go a long way. Luckily, there are many options for adding a personal touch. We collected 52 wall art ideas for guys’ apartments to help you create a unique look. From framed photos to world maps and hanging gardens, our list has something for every style.

An easy way to bring personality into your apartment is with a canvas print. Display a photo from a recent vacation—like a snapshot from the top of a mountain or out on a kayak. Not only will you showcase a favorite place, but your photos will become stunning artwork to enjoy for years to come.

1. Geometric Wood Art

Wood wall decor brings character and beauty to any room. Paint or stain pieces of wood in different tones, and arrange them to create a geometric design. Consider hanging your wood wall art above your bed or in your bathroom.

2. Neighborhood Map

neighborhood map

Source: Harri Wren

Draw a rendition of your neighborhood or favorite spot in town on a piece of paper. Designate your go-to landmarks, like coffee shops and libraries. This trendy wall art is great for urban apartments.

3. Eclectic Wall Spread

eclectic wall spread

Source: Shutterfly

Wall art doesn’t have to be evenly sized or symmetrical. Create a diverse arrangement with different prints, frames and designs. Showcase a spread of family photos, nature shots and DIY wall art.

4. Travel Art

Turn your maps and national park brochures into wall art that inspires you. Ideal for a basement or living room, you can showcase the places you’ve been and the destinations on your bucket list.

5. Exciting Snapshots

exciting snapshots

Source: Shutterfly

Bright, vibrant photos liven a space and engage guests. Display your adventurous photos, like a kayak trip or mountain climb, to create eye-catching conversation starters.

6. Keepsake Art

keepsake art

Source: Unsplash

Your wall decor doesn’t have to be made of photos. Consider hanging fun keepsake pieces like a hockey stick, wooden oar or a flag to make your decor rich with meaning.

7. Colorful Wood Art

colorful wood art

Source: Chica Circle

Transform a large wooden panel into living room or kitchen wall decor. Fill the wood grain with vibrant acrylic paints to add color to your space.

8. Landscape Canvas

landscape canvas

Source: Shutterfly

Want to remember a beautiful place you’ve visited? Transform your photography into stunning artwork by printing your landscape on a canvas. Put your artwork on display in your living room, bedroom or home office.

9. Eucalyptus Wall Hanging

Add energy to your apartment with eucalyptus. Tie the leaves to a piece of wood for a modern, chic look. The best part? Eucalyptus provides a calming aura and a refreshing scent.

10. Custom Wood Wall Art

Put your craft skills to use by repurposing scrap wood to create custom wall art. Design a few pieces to hang in your living room. Try a white distressed look to brighten up the space.

11. Diverse Gallery Wall

diverse gallery wall

Source: Shutterfly

Looking for wall art that’s personalized? Design a gallery filled with portraits and clipboards. Include framed canvases in different sizes for visual diversity.

12. Interchangeable Frames

interchangeable frames

Source: Unsplash

Looking for bedroom decor that’s simple? Try a set of six frames—each with a unique color—to feature above your bed. With this easy decor idea, you can swap out the photos at any time to match your mood, style or season.

13. Symmetrical Gallery Wall

Find identical photo frames for your living room wall. Frame artwork or photos that speak to you, such as pages from a comic book or sheet music from your favorite band.

14. Bike Rack Shelf

Store your bike and let it add to your decor. Install a rack that allows you to easily mount your bike. Attach a shelf to the top for everything from your helmet to tote bag.

15. Shadow Box

shadow box

Source: Shutterfly

If you’re looking for living room wall decor that has meaning, consider a shadow box. You can display mementos like concert tickets, guitar picks and ski passes. By seeing favorite memories on your wall, you’ll be inspired to create more.

16. Photo Board

Photo boards are a simple way to add a personal touch to your apartment. Construct a board out of a wooden frame and wire. Clip your photos using clothespins—and include everything from vacation memories to playing in the park with your dog.

17. Colored Cork Board

colored cork board

Source: Shutterfly

Arrange geometric cork boards in your office or bedroom. Pin photos, notes and buttons for a colorful, personalized display.

18. Flip Calendar

flip calendar

Source: Harri Wren

Great for a desk or kitchen area, this DIY flip calendar displays the date and some of your favorite photos. Build your own using wood, metallic hooks and cardstock. As the months roll by, you’ll love looking at your special photos.

19. Hanging Herb Garden

Construct a hanging garden out of wooden planks and rods. Fill your pots with fresh herbs like thyme, mint and oregano. Your vertical garden can provide beauty but also instant ingredients.

20. DIY Hanging Planter

diy hanging planter

Source: Shutterfly

Fresh greenery is beautiful and has a calming effect. Fill your apartment with easy-to-care-for indoor plants like peperomia, spider plant and aloe. You’ll reap the benefits of these beautiful plants that also help clean your air.

21. Dresser Drawer Shelves

Repurpose dresser drawers to build shelves for your apartment. Fill the shelves with items like framed photos and potted plants.

22. Leaf Art

Frame a leaf print to bring a natural element to your apartment. Large, dramatic leaves work best—like those from a palm tree or a banana tree.

23. Fireplace Decor

fireplace decor

Source: Shutterfly

Create a beautiful display for your fireplace wall decor. Hang framed prints, then build diversity with colored vases, candles and plants. The best part? You can change out your photos and decor depending on the season.

24. Custom Photo Art

The best wall art for guys’ apartments reveals a little bit about them. Whether you enjoy surfing, road trips or soccer, express yourself through your wall art. Print a photo that represents you and frame it for your living room.

25. Wave Paintings

Your wall decor doesn’t have to be bold to make an impact. Paint a set of serene wave paintings to offer your space a calming aura. Hang your DIY artwork above your couch or in a long hallway.

26. Square Art

square art

Source: Shutterfly

Print photos in identical square sizes. Arrange them in symmetrical rows for timeless art that displays your favorite memories like ice cream after a baseball game or a trip with your buddies.

27. Pet Portraits

pet portraits

Source: Love Maegan

Whether a dog, cat or goldfish is your best friend, create wall art that honors them. Try your hand at painting your pet on canvas and hanging it in your apartment for all to admire.

28. Plant Wall Art

For your kitchen or living room decor, construct a planter out of wood. Choose a type of wood you love, then secure the air plants using wire hangers. Alternate the color of your plants or keep them all green for a natural look.

29. Hardware Shelves

hardware shelves

Source: Red Ember

Construct a shelf out of hardware for your living room or bedroom. Organize items like books, CDs and DVDs on your DIY shelves.

30. 3D Decor

3d decor

Source: Unsplash

Infuse your apartment with texture. Arrange framed artwork next to potted plants, vases and keepsakes. Keep your color scheme simple with tones like green and brown.

31. Framed Flag

framed flag

Source: Love Maegan

Show your patriotism by making your home nation’s flag part of your wall decor. Consider other flags too, like those from a favorite sports’ team, your alma mater or your family’s heritage.

32. World Map

Do you have a love for travel? Bring your wanderlust into your apartment with a world map wall hanging. Mark the places you’ve been or the destinations you’d like to visit with pushpins.

33. Framed Photo Gallery

Gather your favorite photos from recent trips and parties with friends. Arrange them in a frame that can be hung in any room in the home. You’ll have decor that’s memorable and fun.

34. Canvas Art

canvas art

Source: Bliss Makes

Memorialize a special place or memory with your wall art. Choose photos to print on canvas, such as a landscape or your favorite travel photos. Hang your wall art in a location where it will be a conversation starter, like in your front entryway or living room.

35. Inspirational Words

Select a quote or song lyric that offers you energy. Print the words on a piece of paper or canvas, then hang it in a frame or from a wooden dowel.

36. Black And White Decor

Whether you love video games or action figures, make your favorite things come alive through your wall decor. Frame black and white photos of items you cherish for trendy, personalized art.

37. Car Gallery

car gallery

Source: Unsplash

Fill your wall with a collection of your favorite cars—both new and old-fashioned. Display your gallery wall in your living room or kitchen.

38. Textured Accent Wall

Paint a wall in a single color, then hang frames and paint them in the same color as the wall. A textured accent wall brings depth and character to any space.

39. Bird Art

From robins to woodpeckers, plenty of bird varieties make for fascinating wall decor. Print photos of the birds you love, then frame them. This wall art is best displayed by a window where you might see birds fluttering by.

40. Driftwood Crab

Next time you’re at the beach, collect pieces of driftwood to use for wall decor. Arrange your pieces in the shape of a crab, then glue your sea creature to a display board. Keep the driftwood in its natural shade or paint it in a color like red or white.

41. Succulent Wall

Build a succulent wall by lining shelves with these potted plants. Decorate the pots with painted designs to add flair to this nature-inspired wall decor. Plus, they’re easy to care for!

42. Wall of Maps

Cover one of your apartment walls in maps. Choose maps of your favorite places, including spots you’ve lived and traveled to. Incorporate all types of maps—from trail guides to topographical ones.

43. Checkered Wall

With a homemade stencil, paint a statement wall to create dimension and texture without being too overbearing. Aim for a neutral design like grey and white, or go bold with shades like green and orange.

44. Succulent Art

These watercolor succulent art pieces provide an earthy vibe to any apartment. Hang your art alongside real succulent plants for a fully cohesive design.

45. Geometric Painting

Creating your own wall art doesn’t have to be complex. Paint geometric shapes on a canvas—incorporating a broad range of colors, from pink to black to mint green. Hang your artwork on display in your living room or bedroom for a pop of personality.

46. Tropical Leaves

Cut out the shapes of leaves from green foam material, then arrange them in a frame. You’ll have garden art with an edgy, 3D feel.

47. Pressed Ferns

pressed ferns

Source: ECAB

Collect stems of fern plants, then press and dry them to preserve the leaves. Place your pressed plants in frames for easy wall art that shows your love for Mother Nature.

48. Art Prints

art prints

Source: Love Maegan

Opt for simple wall decor with art prints. Select photos and graphic designs that inspire you, then frame them. For a larger wall, consider three or more prints to maximize the space.

49. Chevron Wall Art

This wood wall art offers a combination of rustic and modern styles. The distressed wood brings a rustic vibe, while the frame and chevron pattern is chic and modern.

50. Beach Signs

Want your apartment to have a coastal vibe? Create distressed beach signs out of wood and acrylic paint. Choose words like ”beach,” ”waves” and ”chill” to really set the mood.

51. DIY Magazine Shelf

diy magazine shelf

Source: Shake My Blog

Build a magazine shelf to display and store your favorite zines. This simple wood and glue project is great for DIY beginners. Place your magazine shelf in your living room or near a reading nook.

52. Tropical Print

Bring a relaxed vibe right into your apartment. Print a photo of a palm tree or a tropical garden. Choose an eye-catching frame like a metallic design or opt for a classic look with a wooden frame.

No matter how you decorate your apartment, remember to choose pieces that fit your style. Custom art like metallic prints can showcase your favorite photos, memories and people. Indoor plants like succulents are easy to maintain but add texture to your space. Most importantly, when your decor feels like you, you can relax in your own space and host guests with ease.