Company Holiday Cards

Unique company holiday cards bring cheer to corporate festivities in the holiday season.

Company Holiday Cards

Make your best business holiday cards ever with free company name personalization. Shop from our best corporate holiday cards and share some corporate season’s greetings this year with company holiday cards for Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s –– or any other seasonal holiday you may be searching for.

  • Perfect for clients, employees, and vendors.
  • Company holiday cards to match your corporate culture.
  • Say more with more space using gate fold cards.

Let The Good Fly With Corporate Holiday Cards

Even though work has changed in 2020, the need for authentic connection with one another hasn’t. Each year, thousands of companies use Shutterfly to recognize and celebrate what’s unique and memorable about their organizations with others. We’re here to help you with unique and customizable company holiday cards that highlight what’s good.

This year more than ever, unleash more good moments at the mailboxes of your employees and customers with premium business holiday cards that let them know just how much they matter. Find the good, and let it fly. Pick whatever makes you smile and forward that feeling on.

Bring holiday cheer not just to your employees, but their families too.

Explore Premium Card Offerings

Foil Christmas cards bring shine to unique holiday cards.

Foil Business Christmas Cards

Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, or just to ring in the New Year, it is always a nice touch to receive season’s greetings from a business you trust. Be that business. Impress them all with corporate greeting cards that make a real impact.

  • Highlight sentiments, names, dates, monograms, and more.
  • Now available in gold, rose gold and iridescent.
  • Embossed texture that frames and elevates your message.
Gate Fold cards bring shine to unique holiday cards.

Gate Fold Christmas Cards

Unfold a unique opportunity. Show appreciation to employees and build connections with customers. Sending unique corporate holiday cards is one of the most personal ways to show gratitude to employees for a job well done at the end of the year.

  • Utilize a broader card format to say more inside.
  • Corporate Christmas cards that will bring cheer to all who receive it.
  • Available in 5x7 size, with your choice of cardstock.

Business Christmas Cards for Clients

Sending corporate Christmas greetings can be a simple and effective way to strengthen connections with your employees, business partners, clients, and potential customers. Spreading cheer through company holiday cards is also a great way to simply say, "thank you."

It's an easy marketing tactic to utilize to promote your brand and create positive impressions of your organization. Shutterfly can help you to create completely unique corporate Christmas cards for businesses easy and straightforward.


                Holiday cards for clients warm homes and hearts.

                Break away from the ordinary with Shutterfly's unique business holiday cards.

Unique Business Holiday Cards

Q4 can be a hectic time of year. It’s easy to feel the holiday crunch as you try to tick off all of those end-of-year “to do” boxes. But making time to send premium business holiday cards shouldn’t be something you consider to be “optional”.

A unique and completely personal holiday card is the best way to say season’s greetings, business style, and should be an integral part of your holiday marketing checklist. We make it easy to craft a truly custom and unique card with personalized and distinctive card options to help you capture what’s most notable about your company.


Value Holiday Cards

Value designs can be a perfect way to create custom business holiday cards that still deliver a personal impact on a value-centric budget. It’s an affordable, effective way to reach out to your client base.

These unique corporate holiday cards are our most budget-friendly options. We now offer this value line of corporate holiday cards on NEW 110lb. Standard Smooth Cardstock in addition to classic photo paper. Simply select photo paper as your paper type and create.


Create custom company holiday cards on a budget with Shutterfly.
Let Shutterfly take care of the addressing and sending this holiday season.

Shutterfly Personal Address Book Service

The holidays can be a busy time to carve out time to evaluate your Christmas holiday greetings game plan for business Christmas cards. Shutterfly can help. Send your cards with ease and let us handle all the addressing.

We’ll take them in any digital format––from photos to Excel files––via the email address associated with your corporate Christmas cards email list. Select your recipients from your address book when you're ready to send your cards. It's never been easier.


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