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Birthday Gift Ideas

Give your loved one a gift for their birthday that’s one-of-a-kind. Shutterfly offers a variety of personalized gifts that are perfect for gifting the birthday boy or girl with an item that they’ll cherish far beyond their birthday. Instead of giving a last minute gift card, take the time to personalize an item that reflects your relationship with the recipient in just a few easy steps. We offer everything from customized coffee mugs and personalized iPhone cases to decorative keepsake boxes and custom photo books. You can make a photo book for a friend’s birthday or use the photographs from your own birthday party to make a birthday photo book. You can also create a stationery kit for the honoree, including stylish notepads and thank you cards, all personalized with their name, photos, or sayings. Finish preparing your gift with customizable gift wrapping paper that sets your present apart from the rest. The details count when gifting for loved ones and Shutterfly makes it simple with quality gifts that are photo-ready and easy to customize with a variety of wording options.

Planning an Unforgettable Birthday Party

If you’re on the receiving end of gifts and party planning, don’t forget to set the tone for your birthday festivities with custom birthday invitations. If you’re celebrating baby’s first year, choose special first birthday invitations to showcase your baby’s beautiful smile. We also offer custom birthday cups and birthday plates, which can be personalized with the birthday boy or girl’s photo. Use these items to turn your tablescape into an experience. After receiving gifts, you should always send guests custom thank you cards to show your appreciation for their time and effort. You can customize your thank you cards with a photo from your birthday event to make your thank you card even more memorable.