College Care Packages

Moving away to college for any student can be a stressful time in their life. They experience homesickness, feel a newfound pressure with the amount of course credits they’re taking on in addition to getting used to living on their own in a dorm room. That’s why its so important to help them during this huge transition in their life with a college care package to keep all their anxieties at bay. If you have a son or daughter moving away to college, or is currently experiencing all the stressors that come with college life, take this opportunity to put something together they will truly love. Anything you send them from home will remind them how much they’re loved and supported during this new chapter in their life.

Ideas for College Care Packages

College care packages are a terrific way to support your favorite student with personalized items and practical products. Send them a little piece of home or extra words of encouragement with pieces of dorm decor, little knickknacks for their desk, or accessories to help them during their busy school schedule. Shower your college kids with unconditional love however far away they may be. Whether you’re helping them reach the finish line during their last semester or you’re keeping them motivated during freshman year, we’ve got tremendous products that can be personalized for your student. Search our extensive catalog to create a unique, special college care package with all your favorite ideas from Shutterfly.

Mother and son hugging as he gets ready to head off to college featuring a trunk loaded with his belongings

Send College Care Package Photos to Remind Them of Home

Remind your college student about their home and all the people who love them with college care packages full of photo prints and products. Keep it simple with a picture of the whole family mounted in a fun frame. Put together a poster collage of images from the past school year that they can hang proudly in their dorm room. Or add a special message to a canvas easel print that can sit on their desk. College care packages are great opportunities to help your student reminisce on past memories with family members or friends while they’re pursuing their academic dreams. Do just that with excellent photo prints that can be personalized and embellished for your college student.

The beauty of creating your college care packages with Shutterfly is that you can personalize every item you make. Build a more meaningful care package when you include products with pictures of each family member or a favorite photo of them and their roommates. You can even embellish practical items with motivational quotes and meaningful messages. Whether you’re consoling your homesick child during freshman year or trying to help your student stay relaxed during finals week, enjoy great ways to lift them up with college care packages from Shutterfly.

Offer College Care Packages With Organizational Desk Accessories

Most college students will welcome a college care package full of accessories to help them organize their desk full of study sheets and notes. Have fun designing wooden pencil holders with a silly picture of the family to make them laugh.  Add their monogram to a wireless charger they can use to stay plugged in throughout the day. Or create a unique desk calendar that will keep them on track throughout the busy semesters. Each of these college care package items can be completely personalized as a way to offer practical help and send some extra love to your busy academic.

For your dedicated student, send a college care package full of notebooks, planners, and other school supplies that can help them with their classwork and keep their notes organized. Have fun personalizing these essentials with fun photos or motivational messages. Enjoy a variety of themes for a rustic notebook or floral planner to get them motivated for the new year. Add a motivational quote or a simple monogram that will bring a smile to your student’s face whenever they pull out these items for class. You can even get into some school spirit by adding the school colors to their notebooks. Build a great college care package full of unique products to help in the classroom.

Explore Travel Products for Busy College Students On the Go

Have fun creating the perfect college care packages for your busy students. Between classes, extracurriculars, and their social life, college students tend to be run from activity to activity and try to keep up with everything. Offer them practical items that fit this lifestyle. Have fun designing a tote bag with sorority letters or a keychain with their graduation date to help them remember to lock their dorm room door. You can even send a care package with a photo travel tumbler for their morning coffee and a stainless steel water bottle to help keep them hydrated throughout the school day. Offer your college students practical and personalized products to help them maintain their busy schedule with a custom college care package.

Send Motivation Through the Mail With Personalized Trinkets

Sometimes, small trinkets can be the most meaningful of all. Design a set of magnets with motivational phrases that they’ll see every day when they reach for an energy drink out of the mini-fridge. Offer sticky notes in their favorite color with their monogram for an extra element of personalization. Or offer funny phrases on a set of pencils for your art major’s drawing classes. Fill your college care packages with these unique trinkets that they’ll use on a regular basis.

Offer College Care Packages to Help With Dorm Living

Many college students are living on their own for the first time, so a college care package can be a huge help in the kitchen, especially. Send creative coffee mugs, personalized placemats, or a fun kitchen apron to help them navigate cooking for themselves. Whether they’re making do in a dorm room or furnishing their first apartment kitchen, this kind of college care package can offer the familiarity of home and extra mealtime assistance.

Fill your college care packages with the coziest accessories when you create personalized pillows and blankets with Shutterfly. Have fun adding favorite photos from fun family vacations to throw pillows that can decorate the dorm or add beloved images to Sherpa or fleece blankets to use during late-night study sessions. These goodies will bring comfort and warmth to your thriving college student.

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