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Easter Card Ideas for 2024

Get your friends and family into the spring spirit by sending personalized Easter cards.

As spring begins, it signifies that the Easter holiday (and the Easter bunny, of course) is just around the corner. Send your closest friends and family your Easter wishes with a beautiful Easter card to commemorate the occasion. Sending Easter cards is a great way to get in touch with your family members you haven’t seen since the holiday season, and let them know how you and your family have been doing since you last saw them. With Shutterfly, creating personalized Easter cards with your favorite photos and messages is easy and an excellent way to get into the spring Easter spirit.

When is Easter?

Easter is always celebrated in the spring and on a Sunday, but the specific date changes from year to year. This year, Easter falls on Sunday, March 31, 2024. Commemorating the resurrection of Christ, Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday of the first full moon after the spring equinox, also known as the Paschal full moon. Once the first full moon of the spring equinox is set, the other Easter holidays are determined thereafter. Easter is always the Sunday after Good Friday, which is another Christian holiday celebrated by millions of families throughout the world.

When To Send Out Easter Cards

It’s best to send out Easter cards roughly 2-3 weeks before Easter Sunday. This allows your card recipients to receive their Easter cards before Easter Sunday. It’s always better to have your Easter card arrive a little earlier than the holiday than to have the card arrive after the holiday. When your friends and family finally open their Easter cards that you sent then, they will appreciate your thought of them during this special holiday. 

Portrait Of Five Children Wearing Bunny Ears On Easter Egg Hunt In Garden

How To Make Easter Cards

Making Easter cards is easy and fun with the variety of templates Shutterfly has to offer. Utilize the photos you’ve taken with your loved ones or the beloved Easter bunny to include on your Easter cards and make them more unique to your family. Once your card recipient receives your Easter wishes, they will know that you took the time and the effort to make a beautiful Easter card this year. Read below to learn how to make your own.

  1. Compile a list of card recipients’ names and addresses you want to send your Easter card to. 
  2. Browse the different Easter card styles Shutterfly has to offer. Choose between the different floral, festive, and classic designs that will make your Easter card one-of-a-kind. For an added touch, filter down between different numbers of photos that are featured on your card, as well as the trim, size, font colors, and more. 
  3. Select the Easter card template that you like the most and start adding pictures and different details such as your family members’ names, children’s ages, and any special Easter messages you want to convey to your card recipients. 
  4. Pick between Shutterfly’s signature smooth card stock and a pearl shimmer cardstock for your Easter card. Both paper options add a special touch to your personalized Easter cards.
  5. Once you’ve finished creating your custom Easter card, you can choose to mail your cards on your own or use Shutterfly’s addressing service. This service will print your card recipient’s name and addresses on all-white envelope designs and send them out for you as well. 
  6. Finally, you’re finished creating your customized Easter cards. Don’t forget to browse our personalized Easter gifts and Easter gift ideas for your Easter holiday this year!

The Best Easter Card Designs

The best Easter card designs will be the styles you choose and personalize with your favorite photos and memories. Since Easter is a time of renewal and warmer weather, the best cards might include bright pastel colors and fun Easter messages that speak to springtime joy and new goals. This year’s favorite Easter card styles include floral designs, kids photos, Easter bunny images, and much more.

Browse through Shutterfly’s wide range of unique Easter card designs and create an Easter card that will make your card recipients smile and brighten their day. Easter cards are fully personalizable for every family and offer a special touch to celebrate the Easter holiday. Feature different family group photos or individual photos to show your card recipients how you’ve grown as a family throughout the years.

Floral Designs

In the spirit of the Spring season, send a festive floral Easter card that will get your card recipients in the Spring spirit. Choose between a flat, folded and tri-fold design Easter card that will wow your Easter card recipients this year. Choosing a folded or tri-fold card will also allow you to have space to write a special message to your Easter card recipients, making the holiday even more special with your personalized note.

refined floral easter card with a picture of 2 kids

New Addition Easter Cards

Showcase your newest edition in your first Easter card sent as a family. Take the cutest photos of your baby and let your friends and family see how big they’ve grown over the past few months. Include details such as your family’s last name as well as the names of your family members to make your Easter card more personalized towards your family. Add festive flower designs and beautiful pastel colors to make your card more Easter-friendly and unique.

new addition easter card easter cheer card

Religious Easter Cards

Spread the true meaning of the Easter holiday by sending religious Easter cards to your loved ones this year. Adding your favorite religious sentiments such as “He has risen” and “May Christ’s love shine on you” will make your card recipient know that they are thought of this Easter season. You can also customize and add any other religious verses and sentiments you wish to show on your Easter cards.

Splendid Moment religious with festive colors Easter Card

Easter Bunny Cards

Another Easter character you can incorporate into your Easter card is the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny is known to lay, decorate, and hide its Easter eggs and hide chocolates around for kids to find. This festive character brings the spirit of the Easter holiday to families and children.

Happy Bunny Easter Card with family picture

Colorful Easter Cards

As spring is approaching, the colors of the world become prettier and brighter as they change along with the new season. Have your Easter card reflect all the beautiful colors that emerge in the spring with a colorful Easter Card to send to your family and friends. These rainbow colored Easter Cards can feature up to six photos of your family members and come in a variety of trim options.

Whimsical Wishes Easter Card with rainbow colors

Family Collage Easter Cards

Spending time together with your family and friends is important during the Easter holiday. Feature your most memorable photos of your family members in a beautiful family college Easter card. Display up to six different photos of you and your family members either with pictures together or individual photos. In addition, make your Easter card more personalized by adding a beautiful monogram of your family’s initials to bring your Easter card together.

Monogram Collage Easter Card wtih family last name

Easter Egg Cards

For a more festive Easter touch, use an Easter card template that includes colorful Easter eggs. Eggs are thought to be a symbol of new life that has been associated with Easter celebrations. A common tradition among people is to search for Easter eggs, so be sure to incorporate this tradition into your Easter cards this year. Shutterfly’s Easter egg cards include floral colors as well as plenty of room for your family photos so you can proudly display the kids. If you have Easter egg photos from the past year, add them into your cards this year to make funny Easter cards and add a cute personal touch.

love and blessing easter card with family dressed in yellow

Send Easter Cards This Season

The Easter holiday is a great time to get in touch with friends and family you haven’t seen since the winter season. Sending a festive Easter card will let your loved ones know what’s going on with you and your family, and how much has changed in your life since you last saw one another. Spread the spirit of spring this year, and every year after to come with thoughtful Easter cards that will surely bring a smile to your friends and family’s faces.

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