Micro Wedding Planning Ideas

Create the micro wedding of your dreams with these fantastic wedding planning ideas.

Micro weddings are increasingly popular among couples getting married in order to keep costs low and making the wedding day more intimate and easy to manage. Micro weddings are excellent for newlyweds who want to keep their marriage a low key affair by only inviting a few guests. If you’re having a micro wedding, you can send a wedding announcement to the friends and family members who didn’t attend your wedding to let them know you got hitched. Explore what micro weddings are and the tips and tricks to achieve the micro wedding of your dreams.


What Is A Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is a ceremony and or reception that has fewer than 50 guests in attendance. These intimate small weddings are perfect for couples who want to have a low key wedding with their closest friends and family by their side while they say “I do”. Opting to have a micro wedding can be beneficial in a variety of factors such as having a smaller wedding budget and a more close and private wedding. Some married couples are also choosing to plan micro wedding ceremonies for their vow renewals and anniversary celebrations.

Micro wedding reception outside in the backyard. Bride and groom with a family dancing.

Benefits Of A Micro Wedding

Planning a micro wedding has a lot of advantages for couples who decide to go this route for their wedding ceremony and reception. Whether you’re planning an outdoor wedding or small and intimate wedding indoors, you can plan for less stress and more flexibility with your budget. Especially in times of uncertainty, a small micro wedding can help you pull off your big day without having to worry about too much. Here are some of the benefits of having a micro wedding that are often overlooked. 

micro wedding couple celebrating at backyard reception with friends and family

More Intimate Wedding 

A more intimate wedding means you’ll have only your closest loved ones by your side while you marry the love of your life. Elevating the guest experience for your wedding will be the highlight of your wedding day and have your guests raving about the amazing time they had for years to come. With a micro wedding, you’ll also be able to interact more with your guests. At the end of the night, you can say you spent quality time with everyone there, whereas at a bigger wedding you may only get to say hello to some people attending.

Easier to Manage Wedding Surprises 

Wedding surprises often occur at a moment’s notice and having a micro wedding can help ease the stress of dealing with unexpected surprises, such as having a last-minute emergency or change in plans. During a micro wedding, you may be planning to provide all the food yourself, so you won’t have to worry about a caterer canceling at the last minute. For weather emergencies, you’ll also have fewer guests to have to move indoors.

Allows For A More Flexible Wedding Budget

The number of guests on your guest list will impact every part of your wedding budget – catering and drinks, venues, flowers, stationery, and more. Opting for a micro wedding will make your budget more flexible, and it will allow you more room to splurge on must-have wedding items for your big day. 

Manageable Wedding Schedule 

With less work that you need to get completed before your micro wedding,  you and your spouse can really get the full experience of your engagement and wedding. Be sure to note down any important things in your personalized wedding notebook to make your schedule easier to manage.

Less Pressure on Wedding Day

With micro weddings, you could go the non-traditional route and create the wedding the way you want to have it. There’s less pressure to plan your wedding based on traditions and other expectations, and you and your guests will have a more relaxed time celebrating your big day. 

Tips on Planning A Micro Wedding

Considering having a micro wedding? Whether you’re hiring a wedding planner or planning the small wedding yourself, you’ll still need a wedding planning checklist to help you keep track of everything. Planning a micro wedding contains many of the same steps as a large wedding, though you’ll enjoy slightly less to keep track of and less to worry about on the big day. Here are some helpful tips that will help you plan the micro wedding of your dreams.

micro wedding couple celebrating while dancing at their wedding day

Keep Your Guest List Small 

For micro weddings, the guest count is usually around 50 guests. Send your wedding invitations to the people who are your closest friends and family members and reconsider having your wedding guests bring their plus ones. With a micro wedding, you might even consider a small elopement ceremony that just includes your partner and parents.

Even though you had a micro wedding, you could still let your extended friends and family know that you and your spouse tied the knot by sending a personalized wedding announcement. Sending your extended family and friends a wedding announcement lets them know that you were thinking about them during your day even though they weren’t there to celebrate with you. 

Wedding announcement with a happy couple on the front of the beautiful card

Find the Right Venue

Finding the right venue is often once of the most difficult parts of planning a wedding. Many venues require months of advance notice, and it can be difficult to get the timing right with venues that are available. Micro weddings have a huge benefit with the numerous venues that will be available for a smaller ceremony. Some venue ideas can include a simple yet elegant backyard wedding, a destination wedding, or a ceremony at a local or national park. Explore some other options such as a local cafe, small theaters, your favorite restaurant, or on a ferry. Having your wedding at these unique venues will make your wedding more memorable for you and your guests. 

Find An Officiant 

Finding the right officiant that shares the same values as you and your spouse is important when getting married, but for a micro wedding, it’s especially important since the wedding is such an intimate event. Consider having one of your close friends or family members have the honor of becoming the officiant at your wedding, this will give them a role they will never forget. Be sure to honor your officiant, your wedding party, and the rest of your family by having their names on your wedding programs for all your guests to see.  

Shutterfly wedding program cards that lists bride groom important family members and officiant

Have Live Music

Bring some entertainment to your wedding reception with live music your guests can sing and dance to. Since your micro wedding is small and intimate, hiring local musicians can give an uplifting mood for you and your guests to dance the night away. 

Ditch The Seating Chart

The beauty of having a small, intimate micro wedding is allowing your guests to mingle and walk around to get to know one another. Instead of creating a seating chart, allow your guest to sit where they like and socialize with the other guests. 

Create Signature Drinks

His and hers signature drinks are great for micro weddings because it reduces the amount of money used for open bars. Create a few simple signature drinks for your guests to choose from and create a beautiful acrylic signature drinks sign to display the variety of drinks that are available. To match these signature drinks, be sure to create custom wine glasses and personalized beer pint glasses to commemorate your big day. 

Personalized wine glass and beer pints with customized messages

Create DIY Wedding Decorations

To save money within your wedding budget, consider making some DIY wedding decorations that will look great for your wedding. Create a customized wedding guest book that your guests can sign and give their best wishes to you and your spouse. Utilize custom mason jar mugs as flower vases, and have your wedding guests bring them home as small favors in honor of your big day.  

Hire A Photographer

Be sure to hire a wedding photographer to capture the moments of this unforgettable day. Your wedding photos will last a lifetime and they will look perfect as custom canvas prints for any wall art piece hung in your home. 

Offer Personalized Wedding Favors

Let your guests take home a piece of your wedding day by creating a personalized wedding magnet to send home as wedding favors. Let your loved ones remember the day by utilizing a picture taken from your wedding that they can display brightly on their kitchen fridge for all to see. 

Set Up a Dessert Bar

Since your guest count is low, there’s no need to buy a three-tiered wedding cake. Instead, opt for a simple single-tiered wedding cake and a dessert bar instead. This modern feel will make your wedding more interactive and special with self-serve treats. Box individual cupcakes and cake pops for your guests and seal it with your personalized wedding stickers for an extra glam factor. 

Wrapping Up

The most important part of planning a micro wedding is making sure you and your partner have an amazing time. Micro weddings are special intimate affairs that involve close family and friends and will create lasting memories. Make the most of your micro wedding by adding sentimental details that will be the highlight of your wedding.


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