Small Bathroom Decorating Tips

What’s the first thing you look for in any bathroom? Cleanliness. That goes for the general hygiene of the space, but is also key when considering how you should decorate your small bathroom. Clean lines, simple coordinated colors and small accents give a feeling of expansion. But, bathroom decor can easily create a cramped feeling if the design is muddled with too many colors and styles. Whether that’s adding a modern freestanding bathtub or new bathtub accents such as vases or flowers; adding a new element to your bathroom and bring it a fresh feel.

That’s why we’ve outlined 25 small bathroom decorating ideas to help you maximize your space while still letting you express your style. Learn tricks like how to include mirrors that create an illusion of space and ways to coordinate so that colors don’t overcome the fresh feeling you are going for. Then, swing by our home decor section to pick out some wall art choices to liven up your bathroom.


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