Danika Herrick

With the creator economy on the rise, many independent artists like Danika Herrick, from Boston, Massachusetts are stepping into the spotlight. As a Decorative Artist and Interior Designer for more than twenty years, Herrick has found a love for painting and creating different types of patterns. Through the years, Herrick has brought her designs to life in fabric and wallpaper. One of her most popular designs called “Lotti Blue and White” features a botanical-like design, perfect for displaying on any kind of home decor. She has also created a fun pink and blue pattern called “Leopard Parade Deep Blue With Hot Pink,” which makes for a great statement piece.

If you love Danika’s designs and are interested in seeing more of her unique patterns, consider shopping our wide catalog of outdoor home decor products. You can personalize outdoor pillows, serving platters, picnic blankets, or any product of your choosing to make a one-of-a-kind item. With your own very own designs, you can conveniently upload them right into one of our templates. Or, you can choose to create an amazing gift for someone on their birthday or special occasion. Take this opportunity to make something great right at your fingertips with inspiration from independent artist, Danika Herrick.


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