Best New Trending Outdoor Tabletop Products

The best outdoor tabletop products are ones where you can personalize and decorate to your heart’s content. With Shutterfly, you have full access to designing your own personalized outdoor tabletop products which include: dinner plates, salad plates, serving plates, outdoor pint glasses, cloth napkins and table runners. Explore our newest outdoor tabletop products and the best ways to decorate and style your tabletop for your next event.

It’s simple and easy to achieve a unique and one-of-a-kind look for your next outdoor event. As you go about collecting all the products you want to use for your tabletop, you can mix and match any pattern and designs that you think will elevate your next event. From beautiful floral designs to more simple contemporary patterns, there is a design for any party theme you decide to have. Shop our amazing collection of outdoor products and start coordinating your next outdoor party.

Wide variety of dinner plates and salad plates on a wooden table

How to Create Your Outdoor Picnic Oasis

Creating the best outdoor picnic oasis is fun and easy with Shutterfly’s newest outdoor table decor products. From various sizes of plates to matching outdoor pint glasses, you’re sure to make an amazing statement for your outdoor tabletop. Add an additional level of decoration with table runners and cloth napkins that complement any table setting. Explore all the different themes and customize designs you can create with your outdoor tabletop decor and turn to Shutterfly for the best ideas for your next outdoor tabletop decor.

Explore all our new outdoor tabletop products which include dinner plates, salad plates, serving platters, outdoor pint glasses, table runners, and cloth napkins. These products are fully customizable and have a variety of templates to choose from to achieve the look and feel you desire. Learn more about these products and the best way to design your outdoor tabletop for your next backyard party.

Dinner Plates

Dinner plates can be used for a number of purposes, from practical purposes to decorative ones, you can find the best outdoor dinner plates with Shutterfly. With a variety of designs to choose from, you can match any dinner plate to any themed party or tablescape you desire. Our dinner plates are made to be break-resistant and durable for everyday entertainment and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Dinner plates are made with 100% melamine which is scratch and impact resistant material and they are dishwasher safe. They measure 10” in diameter and can be the base of any salad or dessert plate. Each dinner plate is individually sold so you can have more variety by mixing and matching the different variety of designs.

Large dinner plate with boho yellow pattern on a white background

Salad Plates

In addition to dinner plates, salad plates can add a personalized charm and color to your dining table. With different designs to choose from, you can mix and match these plates alongside your dinner plates. They measure 8” in diameter and are made with the same great materials as our dinner plates. Salad plates stack perfectly in the middle and will elevate your tablescape with the different designs and variety they bring together. Combine different designs of dinner plates and salad plates to create a tabletop decor that will wow your guests.

Small salad plate with blue and white pattern on a white background

Serving Platters

Serve up your best meals with these amazing new serving platters that will be perfect for any family dinners to backyard barbeques to holiday parties. These festive serving platters will not only enhance your table setting but will make the foods you serve to your guests look even better with the beautiful designs they feature. Made with the same great materials as our dining and salad plates, our serving platters measure 13.75”X10” and can be mixed and matched with any pattern or design that best suits your outdoor party theme.

Serving platter with tiger with a festive red party hat on a white background

Outdoor Pint Glasses

The perfect outdoor party isn’t perfect without drinks to go alongside the perfect food. As you decorate your outdoor dining tabletop, be sure to get matching outdoor pint glasses to pull all your tableware together. You can mix and match the different patterns and designs to give your tablescape a unique look and feel. With the look and feel of glass, these outdoor pint glasses are shatter-resistant and durable withstanding both hot and cold beverages. These outdoor pint glasses hold 16oz and no matter how many times you use and wash these pint glasses; they will never get hazy or cloudy or pick up any smells and flavors. Customize your table setting to feature your favorite designs for a truly personalized place setting.

Summer outdoor pint glass in a pink orange plaid design

Cloth Napkins

Dinner napkins are a perfect functional addition to add to your dining table because of the amazing color they bring along with their functionality. Dress any tablescape up with the addition of cloth napkins. These dinner napkins are perfect for daily use and add a touch to a more formal place setting. Shutterfly’s cloth napkins are made with our Durable Linen-Cotton Canvas Ultra, which has the durability of linen and the softness of cotton. There are hundreds of designs to choose from and each cloth napkin has a topstitching thread that is chosen for a limited color set to best match each design.

Cloth napkin with pattern in sets of two sitting on a wood table with foliage background

Table Runners

Adding table runners to your tabletops is a practical and gorgeous way to add a splash of color and design to any outdoor table decor. Made with a natural, heavy cotton sateen material, our table runners are durable, wrinkle-resistant, and feature a folded hem that is matched with a limited color thread set to enhance and match the design of the table runner. For a creative touch, mix and match your table runner designs with your cloth napkins to elevate your table decor making it the highlight of your party.

Yellow table runner on a wooden table with grass on the background

Best Outdoor Party Themes and Decorations

The best parties are always centered around a party theme and the decorations that elevate the party and get the guests excited. As you think about the best outdoor party theme that works best for your gathering, think about the fun and festive ways you can incorporate your theme into your outdoor party themes. From tropical to boho, browse our beautiful designs to see which style best matches your outdoor theme party.


Boho or Bohemian themes incorporate touches of nature, floral and natural materials to create a relaxing setting that everyone can enjoy. As you go about planning your boho theme party, explore our collection of outdoor boho products and browse the different bold and natural patterns that accent this theme.

Boho tablewear with dinner plates, salad plates, outdoor pint glasses, cloth napkins and table runner


Contemporary and minimalist is a huge trend that is easy and fun to achieve. Having a contemporary theme will allow your guests to either dress up or down their style and your table setting can be as simple or as fancy as you choose. You can simply use solid plain colors to decorate your table or use colors with the same tones to create a beautiful table top.


The classic farmhouse theme is a really popular and upcoming theme that is perfect as a party theme and even a home decor theme. With touches of woodwork and rustic designs, this theme is perfect for a Western theme or even just an added embellishment to your farmhouse rustic home.


With touches of flowers and leaves, this botanical theme is perfect if you love flowers or just want to have a Hawaiian themed party. With accents of flowers and bold colors, these flower designs will make you feel like you are having a party in the most tropical botanical garden you can find.

Floral table scape with dinner plates, salad plates, serving plates and outdoor pint glasses


Bright and fresh designs are perfect for a classic summer bbq party. These summer patterns will accent any dish you serve them on and make your celebration more festive and enjoyable. With bold colors, your tabletop ware will definitely be the summer showstopper of any party.


Spice up any party you have with your tableware as beautiful and fun novelty designs. From fun designs with animals to bold lettering, these will bring your tabletop out in a gorgeous and creative way.

Novelty tablewear with dinner plates, salad plates, outdoor pint glasses, cloth napkins and table runner

Closing Thoughts

This summer, decorate your outdoor tabletop with the best dinner plates, salad plates, serving plates, outdoor pint glasses, cloth napkins and table runners money can buy. With the wide range of themes and designs, you’re sure to find the best patterns to match any party theme you decide to have. With a full range of personalization, you can select a pattern that is designed by our Independent Artists or design something that matches your personality and style better.