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Looking to create a simple photo book with your favorite memories? With Shutterfly’s instant books, you can have a fully custom hardback book made in just minutes. Instant books come in a hard cover 6X6 photo book that is easily personalizable for any event. Creating instant books is quick and easy, just simply add photos to your Shutterfly account and start creating your instant books.

While you’re on the go, you can even use the Shutterfly app to select the best photos on your phone and turn them into a beautiful instant book. Instant books make great gift options for the holidays or for New Year’s gifts. To get your holiday shopping done quickly, you can easily upload the best photos from the past year and have a personalized instant book in no time. Learn more about instant books and get started today!

Wedding photo book of happy bride and groom
March 4, 2021

Custom Photo Books: 8 Types for the Coffee Table

Browse through eight of our most popular photo books for the home and choose which style will look best on your coffee table. Shutterfly photo books are perfect for displaying family moments, travel memories, pet photos, and more of your personal images. 6 min read

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premium photo book on coffee table
February 24, 2021

Create Your Own Custom Photo Book With Text

Photo books are a great way to highlight and preserve important memories. With your own custom photo book with text, caption your memories and include descriptive messages if you’re sending the photo book as a gift. Learn how to get started. 6 min read

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October 15, 2020

Unique Ideas For Quick Photo Books

A little book with big impact – our new Instant Books celebrates those magical day-to-day moments, in print. Browse some of the most unique ideas for quick photo books that celebrate the wonders of every day spent with our loved ones. 6 min read

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October 13, 2020

Create Easy Photo Books With Instant Books

Looking to capture your memories with a method that’s quick, easy, and efficient? Learn how to create easy photo books with Shutterfly’s Instant Books. We’ll do most of the work for you so you can review, approve, and have a beautiful bound book in minutes. 5 min read

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