A yearbook is a comprehensive photo book for schools to commemorate students and the school activities that happened throughout the year. Some schools produce yearbooks for every grade, while others distribute a single yearbook that features each grade at the school. School yearbooks usually feature portraits with each student as well as trips of sports teams, field trips, clubs, and more. To celebrate the end of the year, one popular tradition is for students to sign each other’s yearbooks with funny yearbook quotes or messages for the end of the year.

Yearbook Ideas for All Grades

Yearbooks are especially important for students who are graduating. During a graduation year, they may have the opportunity to be in their yearbook more than in previous years and share additional photos. For highschool yearbooks, the senior portraits are usually larger and more professional than the younger students. High school seniors may also get more room to share a message about what they’re doing after graduation. 

For middle school, there may be a similar special opportunity for eight grade yearbooks. Those students will likely be heading off to high school, so their yearbook should commemorate their past few years as a middle school student. Elementary school yearbooks aren’t as common, but parents can easily make their own yearbooks to commemorate their children’s activities. During the elementary school years, there are many field trips and class activities that make for great photo opportunities. 

Some universities also put together college yearbooks, though these aren’t as common. Since there are so many students at larger schools, there may be college yearbooks for each major or for smaller schools. Regardless of the grade or level of education, each school or group usually picks yearbook themes to keep the book cohesive. Some ideas for themes include adventure, magic, sports, and more. The themes usually tie into a broader message of accomplishing goals.

The Best Yearbook Quotes for Students

The best part about yearbooks for students is being able to write funny and sweet messages to all their friends. Before graduating, it’ll be fun to relive the best memories, and it also makes the yearbook extra special to look back on for years to come. If you’re a student and you’re at a loss with what to write, use some of these best yearbook quotes that are great for all ages and grades. You can sign these near your yearbook photos so they’ll always remember you wrote it! Also consider adding these messages to sweet graduation gift ideas for your friends moving up to high school or college.

  • “Have a great summer and keep in touch!”
  • “I don’t know what I would’ve done if you weren’t in [CLASS NAME] this year!”
  • “Thanks for being there for me this semester! You’re the best.”
  • “What will I do without seeing you in [CLASS NAME] every day? I’ll miss you!”
  • “I know next year is going to be amazing & I can’t wait to share it with you!”

Creating Yearbooks Online

If your school doesn’t offer yearbooks for your grade, or you’re looking to create a more personal yearbook, you can design online yearbooks with Shutterfly. Creating the yearbook is easy and customizable from cover to cover. Just like personal photo books, you can choose which photos to include and what the layouts will look like on each page. Make your students’ year one to remember with a fully custom yearbook!

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