29 Thoughtful 60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

For over 100 years, the symbol of the diamond has represented the 60th wedding anniversary. The hardest naturally occurring substance on earth, diamonds represent the enduring strength of a marriage that has bonded two people together for this long.

Perhaps your parents or grandparents are preparing to celebrate their diamond anniversary or you yourself have been married for six decades. No matter who you’re honoring, you’ll want to personalize your 60th anniversary gift just for them. By hand making and customizing your heartfelt gift, you give more than the present itself, but also send a message of unmatched care, creativity and appreciation.

We’ve gathered 29 personalizable, DIY gifts for 60th anniversary gifts. Include your own happy anniversary message, their wedding date or iconic family photos to make it all about them.

1. Leather Mason Jar Holder

Transform a favorite drinking glass into a stylish and easy-to-hold mug while showing off your leather-crafting skills. Add a clasp for easy removal and gift with their favorite beer or beverage.

2. Canvas Painting Jewelry Tree

canvas painting jewelry tree

Source: Whimziville

Mount a small wire jewelry tree to either a hand-painted or purchased canvas print. Wrap each metal branch around the top of the pliers for hooking earrings and keeping necklaces in place. Personalize the painted print with a monogram or lyrics from an anniversary song.

3. Lace and Burlap Shadow Box

lace and burlap shadow box

Source: Shutterfly

Truly personalize your 60th anniversary photo display by lining a professionally framed shadow box with your favorite images. Add the couple’s monogram and choice of design to the background of the case.

4. Natural Calamine Soap

natural calamine soap

Source: Hello Glow

Sixty years of marriage calls for some relaxation and self-care. Combine pure melt-and-pour soap with a collection of calming essential oils and mix with calamine lotion. Wrap up your handmade bars and decorate in a silk ribbon.

5. Personalized Bar Stool

personalized bar stool

Source: Story Piece

On the seat of either an existing or brand-new bar stool, add a hand-painted monogram with your choice of chalk paint. Design an extra rim of color to the seat to complete the look. This project is an excellent way to spruce up old furniture and reinvigorate a room.

6. Gemstone DIY Lip Balm

Fill small gold tins with coconut oil, beeswax and your choice of essential oil for personalized lip balms. Add a collection of gemstones and faux diamonds for a stylish look, fit for a 60th anniversary gift.

7. Glass Photo Catch-All Tray

glass photo catch all tray

Source: Shutterfly

Enclose an image into a delicate glass tray, perfect to catching jewelry, keys and other odds and ends. The scripted love message also makes this a perfect anniversary gift. Pick a line from a favorite love song or their initials.

8. The I Love You Jar

With the help of a letter-stamping kit, write twenty short messages on the backs of small wooden or leather circles. Each message expresses the unique things you love about your partner. Keep it around the house for daily reminders.

9. Abstract Clay Earrings

Celebrate your 60th wedding anniversary by showcasing your partner’s unique style. Design earrings from polymer clay and porcelain paint. Create two unique shapes and attach with gold earring hardware.

10. Faux Ceramic Vases

Skip the pricey ceramic purchase and make your own vases from simple glass pillars. Paint the glass with chalk spray paint and add colorful, hand-painted touches of your choice once it dries.

11. Cutting Board Kitchen Accent

cutting board kitchen accent

Source: Kreativ K

Does your loved one have a favorite old cutting board? Repurpose it by adding a handwritten message, decorative twine and a few sprigs of rosemary. This makes for a personalized kitchen accent and thoughtful 60th wedding anniversary present.

12. EO Diffuser Bracelet

eo diffuser bracelet

Source: Hello Glow

This lovely handmade gift double as jewelry and a source of relaxation. Thread hand-rolled and painted clay beads onto an elastic band and drip your choice of relaxing essential oils onto each ball. Alternate with gemstones of the same color for an elegant touch.

13. Gemstone Jewelry Boxes

Ideal for the diamond anniversary, attach a gemstone to the top of a small, wooden jewelry box and paint each box top white for a clean look. Create a set of three boxes and gift with additional DIY earrings and bracelets.

14. Photo Collage Tray

photo collage tray

Source: Shutterfly

Fill this versatile Lucite tray with a collection of up to four photos, a monogram and your wedding date to both serve breakfast in bed and display in your dining room.

15. Handmade Leather Clutch

Versatile for an afternoon lunch or a summer wedding, this handmade clutch is composed of white leather, gold metallic paint and a magnetic bag clasp. This gift idea is both easy to make and fit for any personal style.

16. Solid Perfume Locket

Personalize a perfume for a loved one with beeswax and essential oil. Fill a large, vintage locket with the mixture and let harden. The scent can be kept by her dresser or even worn as an accent jewelry piece.

17. Agate Stone Napkin Rings

Attach a collection of multi-colored gem and agate stones to a coil of thick craft wire to make a collection of napkin rings. Though each one is unique, choose a color theme and pair with a new monogrammed napkin set.

18. Live-Edge Platter

Choose a slice of natural wood—preferably of a unique shape—and finish the top surface with two shades of craft paint. Use painter’s tape to create unique shapes and clean designs. Keep the wooden edge unsanded and live for a natural home accent.

19. Framed Heart of Diamonds

Create a simple, framed craft that reminds them every day of your diamond anniversary. Glue a collection of small, faux diamonds and a triangle of gold foil to your choice of scrapbook paper. Mount in a delicate frame to display at home.

20. Customized Cutting Board

customized cutting board

Source: Shutterfly

Ideal for the avid chef, add a personalized message to a round or rectangular wooden cutting board. Choose the carved heart and initials option for a truly sentimental 60th anniversary gift. This can be used as a party cheese board or daily cutting surface.

21. Home Sweet Home Throw Pillow

Personalize your 60th anniversary gift with this simple embroidery project. Add a colorful “home sweet home” message to a white throw pillow to further celebrate the cozy home the married couple has made together over the past six decades.

22. Anniversary Advent Calendar

By attaching a series of test tubes to a festive branch, build a countdown calendar with love notes inside each container. Though this is designed for Advent, the calendar can easily be adapted for your 60th wedding anniversary month.

23. Floating Photo Collage

Photo wall collages can transform a room. Curate a collection of wedding and family photos from over the decades secure inside a frameless sheet of plexiglass with glue dots to give the appearance of floating images.

24. Patterned Coasters

Explore the endless choices of scrapbooking paper at your local craft store and choose the patterns that match your loved one’s style and personality. Coat each circle of paper with resin with the use of a rubber mold. Mix and match styles for a gift set.

25. Wood Bead Keychain

wood bead keychain

Source: Story Piece

This gift reminds your loved one of their anniversary every time they leave the house. Dip wooden beads into Easter egg dye and string together in the pattern of your choice. Add the group of beads to a gold keychain with their initials and a brightly colored tassel.

26. Anniversary Glass Vase

anniversary glass vase

Source: Shutterfly

Ornately etched with your 60th wedding diamond anniversary information, initial and wedding date, fill this elegant vase with an anniversary bouquet and countless arrangements for years ahead.

27. DIY Kintsugi Planters

Transform a simple ceramic planter by breaking it into several pieces and reconnecting it with glue and golden paint. This Japanese tradition makes for meaningful and elegant decor. Fill with their favorite flowers or plants for a year-round gift.

28. Dream Catcher of Lace

dream catcher of lace

Source: Kreativ K

Weave thin twine into the edges of a hand-cut circle of lace and attach it to the center of an embroidery hoop. Line the bottom of the hoop with flowing ribbons of your recipients favorite color.

29. Handmade Macrame Hanging

Reflecting the diamond pattern of the 60th wedding anniversary theme, follow this simple pattern for hand-weaving a stylish macrame wall hanging. This timeless look blends with any home style and adds a softness to a living room or office.

Celebrate your favorite couple’s diamond anniversary by designing homemade presents with personalized care. Planning to throw a 60th wedding anniversary party? In addition to your DIY gift, design the invitations with happy anniversary messages that showcase their 60 amazing years together.