10 of the Best Coffee Mugs for 2022

Pouring yourself a hot cup of coffee in the morning is one of the best motivations for getting out of bed. Why not enjoy this peaceful part of the day with the best coffee mugs? Start your morning with a hot cup of joe in personalized coffee mugs to bring a smile to your face every time you glance at the photo memories on your ceramic coffee mugs or the motivational quotes on your travel coffee cups. Personalized coffee mugs add a special touch to any morning routine and will brighten up the start of your day.

We’ve rounded up 10 of the best coffee mugs sure to please any tea or coffee lover. Bring not only a jolt of caffeine but a spark of joy into your morning routine by adding one or more of these unique coffee mugs into your kitchen cabinet.

1. Personalized Coffee Mugs With Fun Designs

If your cupboard is a monochrome sea of lifeless coffee cups and forgotten glasses, perk up the insides of your cabinets with personalized coffee mugs that inject life into your kitchen and coffee break. Unique coffee mug designs, like colorful mugs with fun sayings and styles, will not only perk up cupboards but your perspective too. Shop personalized coffee mugs to refresh your mug collection and start the day with a sunny mindset.

different types of personalized coffee mugs

2. Personalized Coffee Tumblers for Iced Drinks

gallery of three stainless tumbler with straw with different pictures
On a drab winter morning or afternoon lull, nothing quite perks you up like a cup of tea or coffee. Make the most of your morning or afternoon caffeine boost with personalized coffee tumblers, ranking among some of our best coffee mugs for their ease of use. Ready for the indoors like working in your home office or the outdoors like dropping the kids off at soccer practice, stainless coffee tumblers and acrylic coffee tumblers make your iced coffee or iced tea easy to enjoy wherever your day takes you.

3. Photo Coffee Mugs

If you’re going the route of personalized coffee mugs, photo coffee mugs are a favorite. Great gift ideas for family, friends, and yourself, these custom coffee mugs can feature one or many pictures of your favorite memories. Add the picture of your family from the last trip you took to the beach, the one that transports you back to sunny days and sandy smiles every time you look at it. Or choose to commemorate your family Christmas card onto picture mugs along with the outtakes for photo coffee mugs with a collage of favorite memories. Shop photo coffee mugs to get some of the best coffee mugs for reliving memories again and again.

Ceramic photo coffee mug with couple in love

4. Versatile Color Changing Coffee Mugs

If you’re attached to the idea of matching coffee cups but still want the fun of personalized coffee mugs, there’s a solution for undecided minds: color changing coffee mugs. Their versatility is what makes them some of the best coffee mugs around, because you get the best of both worlds: black coffee cups when cold; and colorful, personalized coffee mugs when you add your hot beverage. Color changing coffee mugs let you add photos, text, and other custom mug designs while preserving a monochrome look amongst your coffee cup collection. Shop color changing coffee mugs now.

Color changing coffee mug.

5. Personalized Coffee Travel Mugs

When a busy schedule has you on the go, you need personalized coffee travel mugs to keep you fueled. Simply fill up your coffee cup in the morning and keep it warm as you go from getting the kids ready for school to answering emails to morning meetings. The large capacity of travel coffee mugs lets you fill up your mug for a long day of activities. When you don’t have time to stop for a refill, you won’t have to worry. Coffee travel mugs are built to withstand busy schedules and nonstop refueling.

personalized travel mug with different design and sizes

6. Disney Coffee Mugs for Friends & Family

rainbow heart love is love mug for disney mug

We all have friends and family who are Disney aficionados. Whether it’s your daughter who’s a Frozen fan or your cousin who is in love with the Disney classics—or you’re the Disney fanatic—make Disney coffee mugs with Shutterfly by personalizing coffee cups with pictures of your favorite Disney characters, names, and photos from your family vacation to Disneyland. Personalized Disney coffee mugs are wonderful keepsakes and gift ideas for Disney lovers of all ages.

7. Custom Latte Mugs For Your Morning Routine

Put a little pep in your step and a unique twist on your coffee cups collection with a set of custom latte mugs. The size and shape of latte mugs will help you enjoy your daily caffeine boost in the way lattes are meant to be enjoyed: short, round, and perfectly shaped for a coffee and foam concoction. If lattes are your beverage of choice, make personalized latte mugs to complete your coffee station.

stack of lattee mugs with different layouts for pet lovers

8. Don’t Forget About Tea Mugs

Coffee isn’t the only caffeine boost out there, and with plenty of delightful teas to choose from, tea mugs should be on your list to complete your tea collection. Make personalized tea mugs with photos and custom text, such as favorite sayings about tea, warmth, family, and home. You can create an entire personalized set of tea mugs or make individual custom tea mugs for yourself and others. Tea mugs are great gift ideas any time of year, so whether you’re shopping for gifts for friends or family, personalized tea mugs are a thoughtful and heartfelt gift.

Tea mug with collage of pictures

9. Get Ready to Go with Travel Mugs with Handles

There’s a comfort and security to holding your coffee mugs by the handle, and the same goes for travel coffee mugs. When you’re rushing out the door to get your kids to practice on time or holding one too many bags of groceries, your coffee will stay where it’s supposed to be—securely in your coffee cup—when you use travel mugs with handles. All the great perks of custom coffee mugs like photos, custom text, and designs are available in this style of coffee cups, so get started and make personalized travel mugs with handles now.

Travel coffee mug with handle and multiple photos

10. Share the Love with Monogram Mugs

First, they got engaged. Then  they said “I do.” Then they combined their kitchenware and home goods. Help the newlyweds settle into married life with monogram mugs proudly featuring their newly shared last initial. As the bride and groom combine home essentials and make upgrades to their kitchenware, elevate their coffee cup collection with a set of monogram mugs—a great wedding gift idea for couples that’s both sweet and practical. Shop custom monogram mugs in a variety of styles.

Monogram coffee mug with initial and photos

Wrapping Up

With so many coffee cups and coffee mugs to choose from, the best coffee mugs for you come down to function and style. Always consider how you or the gift recipient will use the coffee mugs: for lattes, for travel, for the office, and other ways. Next, what style of coffee mugs is best? The good news here: you can make custom coffee mugs for just about any style. Simply start with the type of coffee mug, add one or more pictures, choose your custom text, and get ready to start enjoying your cup of coffee or tea in personalized mugs.

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