Complete Guide To The Best Metal Photo Prints

Transform your cherished memories into stunning works of art with metal photo prints. Known for their vibrant colors, sleek finish, and durability, metal prints offer a contemporary way to display your favorite photos. Whether you’re looking to decorate your home, office, or create a memorable gift, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the best metal photo prints available. Discover how to choose the right size, finish, and mounting options to bring your photos to life with unparalleled brilliance and style.

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What Are Metal Photo Prints?

A metal photo print, also known as a metallic print, is a modern, high definition art piece made of a sleek metal panel (usually aluminum), layered with an image of your choosing. While the selection of your artwork can be customized to your personal style, there are many other benefits to opting for metal art.

two metal prints hanging on the wall

Bright and colorful photos look stunning when printed on metal due to their vibrant and crisp quality. Photos look similar to when viewed on a screen or phone as metal accentuates the depth and brilliance of the photo.

Metal prints use a frameless design, giving photos a clean, shiny, and modern look. You won’t need to deal with matting or framing the piece — once uploaded and personalized, your art is ready in minutes! In terms of quality, you may be surprised to find how bold and brilliant your photograph will resonate on the metallic print. Because the image is infused into an aluminum sheet, rather than on top of it, your image will be clearer and more radiant. Continue reading for more benefits of using the best metal prints.

Benefits Of Custom Metal Prints

Metal photo prints make great photo gifts for any occasion and can turn any photographer into an artist! They’re valuable for busy households who want durable but bold pieces of art — plus, they come in many styles and finishes customizable to your ideal wall design. Because of their strong material and professional finish, metal prints have immense longevity. It looks as new in 20 years as it did upon arrival.

Woodsy metal wall art print mounted on a gray colored wall

Are Metal Photo Prints Waterproof?

Since metal prints are printed on aluminum, they’re also waterproof. They’re very durable and can be easily cleaned if smudged — just use a damp cloth to wipe clean. Metal prints are also scratch-resistant, so you can hang them anywhere without fear of damage. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind knowing your beloved art will remain immaculate over time.

Photo printing on metal only takes a few minutes and you can select from more than 90 options. All you have to do is upload your photo and click “personalize” to start making your masterpiece.

What To Consider When Designing Metal Prints

While the longevity and brilliance of metal prints make them a popular choice for home decor, ensure it’s the right option for the image you have in mind. Consider the following aspects when selecting a photo.

  • Select a photo with the highest resolution. This will allow your images to pop and appear crisp on the metal panel.
  • Be selective. Since this image will be printed into the aluminum there is no option to swap it out like you can with framed pictures. Make sure your photo is one you’ll admire for years to come.
  • Keep the finish in mind. Think about what type of finish will complement the image and style you’re going for.

When personalizing your metal print, next decide what surface type you would like. Metal prints experience less glare than framed art as there’s no glass for the light to reflect off of. In this way, metal prints work great indoors or outdoors, though it’s still recommended to not place your metal print in direct sunlight to minimize fading.

Explore our different types of finishes to begin personalizing your metal print!

Picture on table.

Types Of Finishes

There are a few options when it comes to your metal print finish. A brushed metal surface lets a silver basecoat peek through the image, enhancing the metallic elements and muting the image colors. This look is best for a rustic and darker style and look. On the other hand, a true color surface offers a white base coat to allow the vibrant colors of the image pop and resonate with the viewer. This option is best for a brighter and warmer style.

A glossy finish is available for both surface types and tends to give a more vibrant look to the image, and a matte finish is also available for both surface types and offers a more subdued, muted look.

Once you decide which finish is best for you, consider the desired size of your metal print based on available space and personal preference.

Metal Print Sizes

To decide on a metal print’s best size, take into consideration spacing, home or room decor, whether the artwork will be hung inside or outside, and your personal style. From mini to large metal prints, use your desired look to determine which size is best!

  • Mini: You can find mini metal prints in the form of metal photo tiles or metal tabletop prints. They are great for stacking and personalizing smaller spaces like in an office or bathroom. You’ll want to use images that are clear and will resonate based on their small size. Close-up and single shots work great for the best mini metal photo prints.
  • Small to Medium: Small to medium prints are available in 8×10, 10×14, 10×24, 12×12, and 12×36 sizing. They are commonly displayed above headboards, couches, or to make a stunning entryway display. Common prints are family portraits, wedding photos, and special memories with a group of people. Since these images are larger than mini, close-ups are not a must.
  • Large and Oversized: Oversized and large metal prints are a great way to turn photos you love into high definition art. These prints commonly showcase landscapes, bold scenery, action shots, or large groups of people. They are available in 16×16, 16×20, 20×30, and 24×36 and make a bold statement in any space due to their size and brilliance.

Types Of Metal Prints

Once you’ve decided on the sizing of your metal print, add your personal style to the print with a few of our personalization options. Pick a gallery style or collage to customize your artwork. Explore our options below:

  • Single Piece: For your favorite photo or moment, opt for a single image to be printed onto metal and customize through lettering or adding special borders. Upload your own design or use the templates available. Popular borders are brushes, fading, or prints.
  • Photo Gallery: If you can’t pick just one image or you have a few images from a special event or occasion use the gallery, collage, or montage option to include all of them in your art piece. Use thick or thin separators that can go horizontally or vertically.
  • Panoramic: For a landscape or wide view shot, use the panoramic print to make a jaw-dropping display perfect for a wide shot. Ensure you are using a high-resolution image to maintain brilliance from side to side!
  • Monogrammed: For a personal touch that says “home” use your family’s initials to create a monogram or add a date that is important to you. This style makes a great wedding or housewarming gift!
  • Multi-minis: For a stacked look, use multi-minis to make the ultimate collage on your wall. This style is perfect for many photos you’d like to enjoy and can be stacked in many shapes and styles!
  • Text personalization: Add memorable dates, names, or sayings to commemorate a special day or event. Print a beloved family photo with a positive affirmation or mantra they’ll love.

Group of tabletop metal prints on a table

How To Hang Metal Prints

Knowing how to hang metal photo prints is important for practicality and wall design. From hanging mini to large metal prints use the following best practices to successfully mount your art.

  • Consider Your Print’s Weight. Metal prints are typically heavier pieces however, whether you opt for a mini or oversized print could dictate your mounting strategy.
  • Opt for a Stud Finder. Avoid hanging metal photo prints on drywall or plaster by finding a stud that can support your art. Find a safe place by sliding your stud finder along the wall and wait for a light to appear locating a stud. Mark with a pencil and mount your art.
  • Measure Before Hand. To determine the hanger’s placement, measure the distance from the hook or wire to the top of the artwork.
  • Secure Your Screw Precisely. The screw you use to hang your art should be long enough to penetrate the stud in the wall and have enough leftover length for your hook or hanger to rest comfortably on the end. You may need to create a pilot hole using a drill.
  • Use a Level. To ensure perfect placement use a level to indicate that your art is straight. Adjust your piece to rest perfectly in place.

Outdoor Metal Wall Art

When hanging outdoor metal wall art, begin by choosing a place that’s not in direct sunlight. To ensure your outdoor metal wall art is mounted successfully and holds its brilliance, consider the following.

  1. Choose images that will be eye-catching in light or dark lighting. Vivid colors and high-quality shots will work best outside to leave a lasting impression on viewers.
  2. Although metal prints are waterproof, ensure your print won’t be hung somewhere rain or dirt could affect it.
  3. Clean surfaces before hanging outdoor wall decor.
  4. Make the print a focal point. Coordinate your wall art with surrounding furniture or appliances that will help you enjoy being outdoors.

Indoor Metal Wall Art

When hanging indoor metal wall art, considering surrounding furniture and home decor can be vital to creating the best look. Whether you want to create a relaxed or energized space, consider the following when mounting indoor metal wall art.

  1. Give thought to the height of your furniture before hanging. A best practice is to hang your metal art at eye level to allow for convenient viewing. This tip ensures your print doesn’t end up too high or low on your wall.
  2. Consider the room that you will be hanging your metal art in. Choose an image or design that coordinates with your room decor, furniture, or rugs!
  3. Use an image with your desired style. Decide whether you like warm or cool tones, active or relaxing shots, or candids or images that bring back fond memories.

Metal Prints In Comparison

When comparing metal prints to other printing styles, there are many things that set them apart. Use the below comparison to ensure creating art on metal prints is right for you!

canvas prints and metal print with pictures of a family hanging on a wall

Acrylic vs. Metal Prints

Acrylic prints involve pressing a print between acrylic sheets of plexiglass. When compared to metal prints, color on acrylic will be more accurate, vibrant, and can last much longer, thus being more expensive. These types of prints have vivid color and are also frameless, similar to metallic prints. They are great for lighting up a space and have a similar texture as glass whereas metal prints do not reflect light.

Canvas vs. Metal Prints

Metal prints and canvas prints differ largely by the material the photos are printed on. Canvas prints are printed directly onto cotton or linen material so they are lighter and easier to hang. While metal prints involve printing photos on thick metal panels to create a sleek, clean look, canvas prints are made from a softer material that gives off a vibrant, warm color.

Art Prints vs. Metal Prints

Art prints differ from metal prints by size, texture, thickness, and finish. Where a metal print is printed on aluminum, an art print is printed on cardstock. An art print also differs by price and is typically less expensive than a metal print. Art prints, while functional, will not provide the crisp and bright quality that metal prints offer.

Printing on Paper vs. Printing on Metal

Printing on photo paper is a traditional method of printing that many people trust. The smooth surface of the paper depicts sharper details, which is important when printing smaller images. Paper photo prints commonly have a glare and reflect the sunlight while metal prints don’t. They are not ideal when reproducing artwork since paper lacks enough texture and framing a paper print can be costly when printing large pieces.

Final Thoughts on Metal Photo Prints

Now that you’re well equipped with designing the best metal photo print, explore all of the styles and options you can create when designing a wall. You will love the vibrancy and brilliance metal printing can create for your photo and the joy it will bring to your home! For even more inspiration, explore all of our print styles that can be customized to fit your home From personalized calendars to office accessories, discover every way you can customize your space with prints.

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