Halloween Wedding Invitation Inspiration: Elegant and Spooky Selections

You’re eccentric and your fiancé shares your love for all things alternative – naturally a Halloween-themed wedding is in order!

Today’s Halloween-inspired weddings are elegant affairs ranging from black tie masquerade balls to classic Halloween parties.

“Couples who plan Halloween-themed weddings want a fun party, something different than the traditional wedding,” says Christine Zohrabians, event planner and designer at Fancy That Events.

The Los Angeles-based wedding planner has designed countless chic weddings with a masquerade or Halloween theme.

“Couples are usually comfortable and willing to get into ‘character’ which then puts their guests at ease to do the same thing,” says Christine.

One of the most unique events she’s planned had Cirque du Soleil style performers such as jugglers and acrobats.

“Guests were given a variety of beautiful masquerade masks to wear at the event,” she says.


Your Halloween Wedding Invitations

As you finalize your offbeat wedding style, remember that you will be infusing the theme and formality of the event into all aspects of the wedding day décor, starting with your invitations.

For formal and sophisticated events, Christine suggests describing the theme of the event using wording rather than incorporating photos or images. The type of paper you use for formal invitations also matters. Christine suggests giving off a formal vibe by choosing matte paper instead of paper featuring a pearl texture.

If you’re planning a casual Halloween-themed wedding, an invitation featuring a custom photograph is an easy and fun way to introduce the theme to your guests. You can also use a fun motif on a custom stamp on the mailing address label, she says.

Here’s a look at both formal and casual wedding invitations for your masquerade ball event or Halloween-inspired wedding.


Sophisticated Masquerade Wedding Invitations


Flourishing Corners

A masquerade-themed wedding invitation.

Elegant and contemporary, this custom invitation can be personalized with in image, like a simple image of a mask that tells your guests they’re invited to a classy masquerade-themed wedding.

Want a unique template you can use to create a sophisticated masquerade-themed wedding invitation? The Flourishing Corners wedding invitation lets you add your own image of a stylish mask or a photograph that captures your vision for your big day. Change the color palette to match your wedding day color scheme. Designed by Petite Lemon, the Flourishing Corners wedding stationery is available in navy blue, cream, and beige.

Create a custom masquerade-themed invitation using the Flourishing Corners wedding invitation.

Pergamino Antojadizo

A black and white masquerade wedding invitation.

This timeless black and white wedding invitation works well for a formal and traditional wedding with a masquerade theme.

This black and white wedding invitation is the ideal template for a masquerade ball wedding. With elegant script, the invitation features a lovely border of white swirls and delicate leaves, giving off a formal tone and chic vibe. Designed by Yours Truly, this wedding stationery is also available in purple and navy blue.

Bring to life your masquerade wedding theme with the Pergamino Antojadizo wedding invitation.



Chic Calligraphy

A black and white minimalist wedding invitation.

For a subtle and classy way to suggest a masquerade ball-themed wedding, consider the Chic Calligraphy wedding invitation designed by Yours Truly.

“I personally love black and white, says Christine. “It’s chic, timeless, and appropriate all at the same time.”

As the name implies, this stationery features elegant script and a simple design that’s ideal for formal weddings.

Personalize the Chic Calligraphy wedding invitation with your details.

Classic Swirls

A custom photo wedding invitation with a mask.

A custom-made masquerade wedding invitation featuring a festive mask tells your guests that they’re invited to a Mardi Gras-themed wedding.


For festive Mardi Gras wedding invitations, the Classic Swirls wedding stationery is a great place to start. Use this template with a black background to upload your own Mardi Gras image; next, customize the color palette to match your photograph, then add your wedding day details.

Design unique and festive Mardi Gras stationery using the Classic Swirls wedding invitation.


Halloween Wedding Invitations with Custom Images or Photographs

Your wedding day décor might be inspired by the spirit of Halloween, the spooky art of Edward Gorey, or the unique style of your favorite Tim Burton characters. Regardless of which creatures of the night you wish to conjure up, the following Shutterfly wedding stationery templates can be used to bring your unique Halloween-themed vision to life.

Poised Promise

A Halloween-themed wedding invitation.

Your Halloween-inspired wedding theme can be expressed in your invitation using a photograph of a pumpkin and bats.


The Poised Promise wedding invitation allows you to upload a custom image as the background of your invitation. Using an illustration of a carved pumkin surrounded by flying bats, we’ve created a Halloween-inspired wedding invitation that’s unique classy, and fun! Designed by Yours Truly, this invitation is also available in black script.

Customize the Poised Promise wedding invitation with your own image and details.

Elegant Ever After

A halloween wedding invitation.

A children’s book illustration of a skeleton, monster tree, and a spider web makes a Halloween-inspired wedding invitation featuring contemporary script.

The Elegant Ever After wedding invitation is graced by the words “Happily Ever After” in contemporary script that’s chic and lovely. Couples can upload a unique image as the background of the invitation to design the exact invitation they want. In this case, we’ve used a whimsical illustration of a skeleton playing a trumpet, a monster tree, and a spider web to create a fun and casual vibe that also reveals the Halloween theme.

Create unique Halloween wedding invitations using the Elegant Ever After invitation.

Classic Romance

A black and white wedding invitation with an image of a raven.

Design custom Halloween wedding invitations using an image of a raven with an orange background to convey your dark and unique wedding theme.

The Classic Romance wedding invitation has been given a midnight dreary makeover using an illustration of a raven with an orange background. The image instantly evokes a Halloween theme inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s famous poem “The Raven,” telling your guests that an unusual and dark wedding is around the corner. Designed by Yours Truly, this elegant wedding stationery can be further customized with your own color palette.


Personalize the Classic Romance wedding invitation using the image and color scheme of your choice.


Personalized Halloween Wedding Invitations

It’s fun and easy to create festive and memorable Halloween wedding invitations with Shutterfly. In addition to adding your own images and details, Shutterfly’s wedding stationery can be further customized with your choice of trim and type of paper. The end result is a stunning invitation that reflects your unique wedding in a masquerade ball, Mardi Gras or Halloween theme and your unique love story.

The Right Words to Request Their Presence

If you’re having trouble choosing “the one” among your favorite designs, get five free wedding invitation samples featuring your wedding day details. This complimentary and convenient offer is a chance for you to touch and see our quality products before making your final choice.

When you’ve got your designs in mind, our wedding invitation etiquette guide will help you craft your request of your guests’ presence. The right words and a design that’s uniquely you is sure to excite and delight your guests for your upcoming big day.