How to Design a Unique Personalized Calendar

At the start of the New Year, many often find themselves losing track of time. But with all the holiday celebrations, new goals, and other important events, losing track of time can mean missing out on special dates. We’re here to help. We want to help you manage your time and schedule with a unique and personalized calendar. If a personalized planner is more your style, you might want to design your own planner. Not only are these photo calendars helpful and decorative, they also double as keepsakes. So when you’re ready to start creating, simply jump to a section below.

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What is a Personalized Calendar?

A photo calendar is a calendar year format that features your favorite photos. The calendar traditionally starts with the New Year and ends with New Year’s Eve. These calendars are also customized with your own photos in a layout that you choose. These high-quality photos can include snapshots of the previous year, important events, and pictures of loved ones.

family wall calendar next to a candle

Types of Personalized Calendars

Whether you’re intending these calendars as photo gifts, for personal use, or even for your home office, it’s important to find the right calendar template for you. The following styles for personalized calendars will help you do just that. Pick your favorite calendar type from those below, or design them all.

1. Wall Calendar Designs 

This is the most traditional of all calendar designs. A wall calendar, as can be guessed by its name, is typically hung directly on a wall or door. The calendar usually measures at 12X12 inches and contains at least twelve pages, one for each month. With each new month, a new and unique photo layout is showcased.

Wall calendar on display in home decor

2. Tabletop or Desk Calendar Layouts

A desk calendar is a great option for those who have a dedicated office or working space. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a great gift for a co-worker this idea will do the trick. Utilizing a triangular design to stand freely on a flat surface, this photo calendar looks great on almost and desk style.

Desktop calendar on display on a desk

3. Cardstock Easel Calendar

This cute addition to your home decor as simple to display as it is to create. With each month displayed on fine 5X7 cardstock, an easel calendar is a great choice for those who want professional, modern, or minimalistic decor.

cardstock easel calendar

4. Making a Poster Calendar

Custom poster calendars come in two sizes: 16X20 or 20X30 inches in either glossy or matte photo paper. This wall art addition matches great with a decor layout including framed art, canvas prints, and more. Just make sure to measure everything out beforehand to make sure the design is balanced.

poster calendar5. Magnet Custom Calendar

Looking for a calendar design with a smaller and more convenient size? If so, a magnet calendar might be the best option for you. Customize a magnet with your favorite family photo or a picture from a special event in the last year. Then keep track of next year’s events on your fridge all year long.

magnet calendar

How to Create Custom Calendars in Six Steps

Ready to start designing? Once you’ve picked your calendar type from those above it’s time to get started. Just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Pick a design template. Choose from dozens of designs in our design library until you find one that matches your personal style or home decor. Once selected, move onto the next step.
  2. Pick a size and starting month. What fits best with your wall layout and timeline? Typically, most people like to start in January and end in December. However, if you’re creating a calendar for a school year or similar, you may want to start with a different month. Additionally, make sure your calendar isn’t too big or too small by measuring your wall space ahead of time.
  3. Upload your photos. Plan ahead and make sure all the photos you want to use are uploaded and high quality. This step will help save you headaches later down the road. Look through your smartphone library, Instagram or Facebook feed, or any online storage libraries where you may have saved important photos. Once you find all your favorite, simply upload them to your Shutterfly account. Once uploaded to your Shutterfly library, make sure to add them to your calendar project.
  4. Give it a personal touch. Time to start designing! Choose from a selection of layouts for each month’s design that fits your photos and style best. Additional customization options include photo editing, text formatting, and style selection. Make sure to add any captions, embellishments, or colors you want during this time.
  5. Preview. Once you’re done designing, preview your calendar to make sure everything looks just right. Now is also the time to choose any add-ons, such as stickers or a gift sleeve, to your order.
  6. Order away!

custom calendars

Tips for Designing a Personalized Calendar

Looking for a few last-minute tips before creating your unique calendar? If so, make sure to check out our advice and hints below:

  • Have you recently created a photo book? If so, consider utilizing some of your favorite photos from your photo book project in your new personalized calendar. This also goes for Christmas cards, photo prints, and your social media posts. Remember to search all your past projects for memorable photos that you might have missed.
  • Double-check your calendar before ordering. You don’t want your new calendar printing with any typos or low-quality photos that you might have easily caught through a review.
  • If you’re planning on sending personalized calendars to loved ones for the holidays, make sure to include your holiday card and matching address labels. The complete holiday package is guaranteed to “wow” friends and family.
  • Consider ordering customized stickers to match your calendar. You can then use these to mark important events like weddings, baby showers, and birthdays as they popup.

Final Thoughts on Creating Your Own Calendar

If you liked this resource on how to create a personalized calendar and you’re looking for more inspiration, we have you covered. Make sure to check out our resources on family calendar ideas and custom calendars.