Ideas for a Personal and Cozy Fall Picnic

This post was originally created by Decor8.

When it comes to having a picnic, there are plenty of ways to personalize your day with detailed touches. The team at Decor8 chose nature as their inspiration for all of their picnic decor, creating a cozy and greenery filled set-up with beautiful custom decor. Plates and coasters featured flowers and trees while custom mason jars were used to enjoy iced coffee. Setting up this autumn picnic was also made easy with a canvas tote bag, filled with all of their goods and decor.  Find inspiration for your next date or family gathering below.

Fast, Simple, Homemade: The first thing to do when you want to plan a quick picnic for two is to keep the food simple but homemade.

Add a pretty photo blanket: I love soft, warm blankets for picnics in the cooler months.

Pack only what you need. No more!

Melamine Plates: I love the idea of using melamine plates for picnics because then I’m not throwing away plastic and paper each time I picnic.

Have one, easy beverage. And a bottle of water.

Glassware: I never thought to use glassware at a picnic, but when I saw these thick and very sturdy glass mason jar mugs from Shutterfly, which you can customize with your own text, I was totally on board with glass.

Linen vs. Paper: Another nice tip is to bring linen napkins instead of paper.

Add ribbon, greenery, flowers: It’s so easy to make your blanket look pretty with next to nothing!

A sturdy tote: This is a must! Baskets are nice but for me, not practical.

Add a special gift or two: I love to give little gifts to people whom I care for deeply. I customized a memory game with photos that my husband and I took over the years of our little boy, Aidan, as a gift.

Photography: Holly Becker

Model: Lilly Oppitz